All kinds of kinks

A small sampling of pics that don’t quite fit any one category, aside from the fact they all turn me on a bit.

I can’t really explain why, but the Vault of Horror comic book cover really gets me going for some reason.  Actually, all the artwork in this post is intriguing to me:  the macro toe bondage, and the fantasy sock bondage are very sexy.

tumblr_oaot3dNAN71sxjxsgo1_500 tumblr_oby992udId1r2siauo1_1280 05_08_16_junglefooter_by_bdsmtoall-daejp64 a_small_slave_2_by_trumfire-d7r0umz.png CmKfSSEWIAAarnu CqSa-clXYAA-bi_.jpg large gal(2) IMG_9922 tumblr_njo47lWVtp1r7713to1_1280 tumblr_np2hh7n8U81r7713to1_1280 tumblr_nssvhkpxGV1u64tbko3_1280 tumblr_o9vvmshtUS1t236nno1_1280 tumblr_oan9w0TTfO1uvr73fo1_1280 tumblr_oaomuz3A9i1uvr73fo1_1280

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