TFG fan love

Every once in a while, I get some messages that really inspire me.  As you well know, I engage in quite a bit of slave cyber play.  One of my cyber slaves (who wishes to remain anon) messaged me with this out of the blue:

That was so amazing for me to hear!  And I can share that this particular cyber slave has now become a bit of a cyber Dom himself, and now runs his own tumblr blog that is doing quite well.  Of course, behind the scenes, I still have to take him down a notch or two, to remind him of what a faggot slave he really is.  ๐Ÿ™‚  But in all seriousness, this meant a great deal to me.

I also was talking with a slave that I’ve posted here before.  He was about to make his first trip to San Francisco, and he was such an amazing slave, I recommended that he try to work with CastroKinky (I had already discussed this with CastroKinky himself).  I had a feeling they’d be a great match.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to connect with him, but after telling me he did have an amazing (though sadly non-kinky) trip, he did send me this very hot text (my reply is first in the dark blue):

We had never really previously discussed him being my property, and I do know he plays with others occasionally–but it was still damn hot to hear him say.  Sadly, he lives pretty far away from me, and our schedules are difficult to sync up… but certainly hoping to meet him again in the future.  After all, he is now my property.  ๐Ÿ™‚

And on a separate day, he said:

He knows me so well. 

Lastly, I have a number of guys in the UK that I really want to work with, but my #1 wish list is this guy here, who I’ve actually been talking with for years… and he only gets hotter as he gets older.  He frequently shows me pics of his feet, but I was feeling a bit more ornery, and told him to shove a sock in his mouth and then tape his shoe over that.  He accommodated in spades, and told me he stayed like that for 20 minutes.  Sometimes it’s great to run this blog, lol.

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