Working on a new blog look, previews

Over the years, my blog has undergone quite a few different looks.  I really enjoy the look and features of this current incarnation a lot, except for one thing… it doesn’t allow for people to comment on anything.  It’s just something this theme doesn’t really allow, and it can get frustrating.  When I was on blogspot, it was fun to see people immediately respond, react, or just show appreciation for a certain post.  And while I can be emailed directly, it’s often not the most convenient thing, so I don’t get the feedback I’d often like to get.

So behind the scenes, I’ve been playing with a few new blog themes, and I’m settling down on one.  I hope to be fine tuning it and debuting it in either June or July.  Not sure it’ll solve the comments problem, but even if it doesn’t, I’m really liking the new look, which is demonstrated here.  It has a bit more of a tumblr feel.  I do intend to alter and customize it, so that you can still view entire posts, and have the sidebar at the right with archievs, categories, and links.  I hope you’ll like it.

Do you have any thoughts?  So please email me instead.  Or tweet.

Oh, and because we all love original sexy pics, here’s some original content that’ll be getting posted in the future.  To keep you coming back…

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