Breaking News: No Safe Word does Foot Fetish, finally!

With a gentle nudge from yours truly, the NoSafeWord has finally done an episode on foot fetishism!  It’s been long overdue.  And with fabulous representation from the incredible James T Medak, nonetheless.  Seek out episode number 215 “Foot in Mouth, Please.”  I’ve already given it a listen, and it’s a great episode! 

For those of you who don’t know (and if you follow this blog, you should), James T Medak is a major foot pig.  I’ve interviewed him here at my blog, and been fortunate enough to meet him in person (along with one of his friends, SaltLakeFootman).  He’s also the author of numerous foot, bondage, and tickling books which are for sale on Amazon.  Congrats to his great work on the show.

I will confess this was done a bit at my nudging.  I did write the show requesting them to hit this topic, and I very much appreciate seeing my name credited, and to the show for indulging me and all us foot fetishists.  It’s a bit surreal to see my name on iTunes, but it’s also pretty freakin’ damn cool.  🙂  Go support!

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