The cyber posts seem to be doing well!

I must say, I’m quite surprised at how popular my Wednesday cyber posts have been.  I now have quite an army of cyber slaves, all willing, able, and begging to do my bidding.  Seems I’ve really tapped into something here.  I even now have multiple straight guys doing my bidding!

Honestly, I’m very flattered so many of you have told me that you find those posts hot.  I do as well, of course (or else I wouldn’t do it).  But it really seems to have resonated with a large number of you, even those of you who are just reading about it passively–and that’s also been a surprise for me.  In a way, I now have more cyber slaves than I can keep track.  I do enjoy tormenting and abusing all of them, but unfortunately I can’t really abuse all of them full time, so it goes in stages.  Generally, the same goes for many of the cyber slaves themselves, so it typically works out.

I will note that while I wasn’t initially sure, I believe I’ll be having cyber slave content for some time to come.  And I’m thrilled so many of you are enjoying it.

To celebrate, here’s a few of my fav cyber slave pics.

First, PAW_ss, one of my straight slaves.  He enjoys a bit of gunge play, so I made him cram a Twinkie into his face and mouth.  And once while he was traveling, I made him wrap up his head in toilet paper… which I then made him put inside a toilet and flush.  And those piss soaked underwear at the end?  He had to then wear those over his head.

Wouldn’t be complete without LL_slavej, the Lowest of the Low.  He’s been my most dedicated faggot, and knows how he should be treated.

SockBitchSlave, a true worthless fag.  Love putting his mouth to use.  And getting it trained to suck cock.

Brett, one of my very first cyber slaves.  Before it was even called that, in fact.  The pics from the session below lasted 3 hours, and he was hard the entire time.  In the last pic, he had to bury his face in a shoe, have another shoe on his crotch, stick a finger up his hole, and then spank himself, and thank me each time.  Oh, and he said the entire room stank of his rancid feet.

And this is just scratching the surface, there’s so many more!  Be sure to check out my cyber tag to see them all.


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