Breaking down the new blog look

So by now, you’ve noticed there’s a new look to the blog!  A few new features I hope you’ve already noticed that are different:

  • There are now multiple posts on a page.  This should make it easier for those of you who only visit infrequently to see what you’ve missed, and if you’re a daily visitor, be easily reminded of older posts.
  • You can leave comments!  It’s the text at the bottom of each post.  They do need to all be approved by me, but that’s mainly so it doesn’t get spammed.  I’ll basically approve any comment that doesn’t look like an ad or spam.
  • If you don’t like seeing so many posts, you can still click the heading or header picture of an individual post to isolate it.
  • There’s no more lightbox feature.  That was something exclusive to the old blog template… but really, while I liked that, I like being able to see multiple posts better.  And being able to leave comments!
  • Updated pics in the slider (along with some classics).  The first pic is me, the rest are slaves/subs that I’ve worked with as a Dom.

I have done some minor updates to my FAQ page, mostly about my favorite scenes and changing all references about my boyfriend to husband, lol.  And a few minor pic updates in the About TFG page.

Things that haven’t changed:  There’s still a search box to find your favorite posts, categories and tags, an archived list, and highlight galleries.

Hope you enjoy!  Let me know your thoughts, and feel free to comment below or contact me!

And in the meantime, how about a preview of some pics and sets to come?


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