Month: July 2017

Cyber improved my verbal

Cyber improved my verbal

So as many of you know, I do often enjoy engaging in cyber play.  I imagine much of the active kink community may generally look down upon this, assuming a real life experience is superior.  To a certain degree, I do agree, and I have found that many cyber play sessions do ultimately die off for just that reason… eventually, a guy wants a real life experience.  And I can’t really blame them.  Ultimately, a real life experience is the ideal situation.

But there are many cases where that’s not just possible, or maybe a guy actually prefers cyber.  It works well for me, because it allows me to “play” while maintaining my current real life relationship.

Recently, however, I’m come to realize an interesting–and quite obvious–side effect.  It’s made my verbal play stronger. 

Many guys are very into verbal humiliation:  name calling, being told they’re inferior, weak, useless, etc.  But like anything else, it’s a skill that can be built over time and practice.  And when you come to think of it, cyber play is essentially all verbal. 

I’m often surprised at how many guys write and tell me how much they enjoy reading my cyber scenes.  And I think it’s because I have become quite good at the verbal play.  So even if you do prefer a real life scene, give cyber a try, and see if it helps you in this regard.

Now see this stinky foot, slave?

Lick it.

Get your tongue out as I wipe my sole against it.  It want it wet.  You hear me?

Now moan.  And drool.

Kiss it. 

And thank me for the privilege while it’s pressed against your faggot lips.

Your dick is hard?  That’s what I thought, bitch.

TFG’s subs:  BoyTrigger Overnight, Part 4

TFG’s subs: BoyTrigger Overnight, Part 4

After his sleepsack ordeal, I had to take a piss… so I ordered him to kneel in front of the toilet, where I unloaded a stream of piss on top of his head. It didn’t get washed off.  But doesn’t he look like a sexy slut?

After I relived myself, I had another surprise for him:  a dog cage.  He went it willingly like the little bitch he knows he is.

It’s at this point I had a little game for him.  As you can see, he was still locked up in his very sissy boi pink chastity cage.  And he was begging to cum.  So I decided to make it interesting.  I put a blindfold hood on him, and placed the key on the floor just outside the cage, but where he could reach it with his hands. In the first pic below, you can barely make it out on the floor on the left side of the picture, about 6 inches from corner of the cage.  If he could find the key and unlock himself in 10 minutes, I’d allow him to cum. 

Of course, as he searched, I repeatedly spit on him, which is what you see on his back in the next pic.

As you can see in the third pic, he did find it and was able to unlock himself.  So I gave him the cordless Hitachi Magic Wand to use on his dick and cum.  I loved how he put his feet up on the cage as he pleased himself.  He told me later he didn’t plan on that just for me, it was a natural instinct for him.  What a whore.

Lastly, to make things interesting for him, I placed a bag over his head that contained 6 pairs of unwashed socks that were all at least 2 weeks old.  Let me tell you, the stench of that bag is incredible.  But just as incredible (and remember, he doesn’t even really have a smelly foot fetish), is that he didn’t mind it and was able to shoot after all.

This was the end of the night… but there was more to come, if you can believe it…



Right in your face.  I can almost smell it now.  And it includes a rare Ryan Seacrest sole pic!

Daniel Tosh

Zac Efron


Ryan Gosling

Incredible sole shots from Nev Schulman (who is rumored to have a foot fetish)

Justin Beiber and unknown friend (who also has hot feet himself)

Chris Hardwick

Christian Rolondo

Ryan Seacrest

Uriah Shelton (age 20)

John Stamos




“Don’t like the way that smells?  I don’t think you have much choice, boi…”

Enjoy this megapost, along with soemthing rather rare for me… a video!  One of my favorite shoe tied videos I’ve found on the net.  Not sure of its origins, if anyone knows, please pass along the info!  He really starts moaning quite a bit at 1:46, which really gets me off.

Standing Cock Out

Standing Cock Out

Nice and hard, too.  Unless locked up…

Quick side note:  I’m actually out of town for the next two weeks.  I’ve already set up posts to go up in my absence, but it does mean if you send me any contacts, comments, or email, it could take me a while to get back to them.  Your patience is appreciated.  I can still check twitter pretty regularly, so try there.

TFG Thoughts:  Kissing

TFG Thoughts: Kissing

I’m not sure if I’m unusual or not, but when I Dom, I really enjoy kissing.  It’s even listed on my Recon profile.  That said, I always check with the sub to see if it’s okay with them.  And maybe surprisingly, about 2/3 of the time, they’d rather not.

Part of me does find it a bit ironic that one would be willing to strip, be tied, gagged, teased, and perhaps edged… but kissing is drawing a line.  But after some thought, it does make some sense.  Kissing is a different sort of intimacy, often implying more of a romantic connection.  While the sub may only be looking for the immediate experience.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but it does make me wonder how often other Doms want to kiss.  I seem to get a sense not all that many.  But the few subs I have met that enjoy kissing during a scene really enjoy kissing during a scene.  A few even need it as an integral part of a scene, perhaps to put them in a safe space.  To be given assurance that while, yes, I have you tied up and at my mercy, I’m going to take care of you.  And to me, that makes it even hotter.

It may not be for everyone, but if you allow it, it may make a scene even sexier.  Assuming all parties consent, give it a try!

TFG’s subs:  BoyTrigger Overnight, Part 3

TFG’s subs: BoyTrigger Overnight, Part 3

So this boi loves being used.  And let’s just say that I wanted to take advantage of that for a top load…

I must say, that ring gag does have it’s uses.  I did mention that he’s been locked up all this time, and for about a week prior to our meet?  Believe he was still locked when this happened.

And as it turns out, he’s the perfect size to fit into my custom leather sleepsack with foot access.  It was quite the good time.  And as you can see, I can’t help putting my foot on his face…

Gear used:  Spandex hood, ball gag, deluxe leather sleepsack, tit clamps