Day: July 12, 2017

More from FratBoyFeet

More from FratBoyFeet

Don’t be confused, this is a different straight guy I chatted with a number of weeks ago!  See his original posts here.

Starts with a bit of kinky talk, but then gets a bit philosophic about why straight guys may be into smelly feet.  (In case you’ve forgotten, he’s a 25 yo straight guy into male smelly socks and feet.)

Since we last talked, I teased him with the fact he should tie a shoe to his face.  My texts are purple, his is white.


At this point, I did ask him if I could post this conversation.

It’s interesting to hear this from an actual straight guy.  It is a bit surprising to me, because most of the other straight guys that have contacted me about this have also expressed an interested in being tied up (as I mentioned in the story I told him… ahem, that really happened, but at his request, there were no pics taken.  Normally I would then not bother with the scene, but to tie up a straight guy into smelly feet and socks was too tempting to pass up, even without pics, haha).  Do you think he’s unusual in this regard?