ll_slavej chokes on his unwashed uniform

As you may have seen, ll_slavej now has a uniform dedicated to me.  He is to wear it as often as possible, and never wash it without permission.  This was one of our first sessions to use it, and this even includes not one, not two, not three, but four (short) videos!  All posted with his permission.

Beginning the session naked and with my collar on.

First, I wanted to train his mouth some more, so he had to suck, gag, and moan on his own fingers.

Then I ordered him to put the used, unwashed underwear on his head.

I quickly demanded the underwear off his body and into his mouth to chew on.  You can hear how much he enjoyed it. 

After some thorough eating, he had to put them back on his body.

After doing this for a full 5 minutes, he took them back off.

He didn’t stay naked for long. They went right back on his head, skid marks and all.


He ended the session with some series tit torture.  First the suckers, then the clamps.  It was nearly too much to bear for him, but I didn’t really care.  It’s his lot in life to do what I say, and take it like the bitch he was born to be.

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