Day: August 6, 2017

TFG Thoughts:  Getting Called Daddy

TFG Thoughts: Getting Called Daddy

So I’ve always been a guy into twinks, even when I was younger myself.  My interests haven’t changed, but obviously I’ve gotten older.  And believe it or not, but I do not lie about my age.  As I write this now, I am 46.  I suppose it’s a bit easier for me to admit my real age, because when people meet me in person, I’m often mistaken for much, much younger (typically mid or late 30s).  Not sure how long that’s going to last, but I’m certainly not going to argue it while it does, lol.

To prove it, these are all pics of me taken about two months ago as I write this.  I think many of you would probably agree that it’s not necessarily the body your would imagine for a 46 year old, but there it is.  Not saying I’m a gym rat or super fit, but not the typical “dad bod” either.  Not that either of those are bad things, by the way!

Nevertheless, I’ve had quite a few of my younger slaves recently address me as “Daddy”.  In a way, it’s caught me a bit off guard, because I haven’t been called that before, not even in my cyber scenes, nor have I asked for it.  Though on reflection, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise… generally, if most younger subs are willing to meet a person in my age range, they do have a bit of an age play or son/daddy fantasy.

I can imagine some guys would take offense to it, especially if said without being asked.  But I have to confess, at least for me, it was a bit of a thrill to hear it.  While I don’t feel like the typical “Daddy” image, I do find the designation quite hot.  It means I’m a bit of a mentor, a role model, and a disciplinarian.  And if a hot son is willing to please Daddy, and be punished sometimes, I’m all for it.  But in the end, a Daddy must take care of his son.

On a recent scene with a 19 yo who called me Daddy nearly right away, he told me later at the end of the scene that not only was it one of the first times he had been hard for 3 hours straight, but that I was a good mix of Dominant and affectionate.  I think that’s a pretty accurate call, and a fair summation of what a good Daddy should be as well.  I was actually quite flattered.  While I still enjoy being called Sir or Master, I can now wear Daddy with pride.