Graham H is back!

I’ve never mentioned on here before, but if you like to check out male feet on YouTube, he was your guy. 

In case you weren’t aware of his work, he would approach hot guys just out and about, and get them to show their feet.  No nudity at all, just real guys showing their feet.  I still don’t know exactly how he does it (my suspicion is he tells guys he works for a shoe company, and needs to see the shape of men’s feet to see how the shoes would fit), but it’s a pretty great service. And whatever technique he’s using, he’s got it mastered.

Despite there being no nudity or sexual content at all (other than seeing men’s socks and bare feet), his channel has been flagged a lot.  But at last, he’s decided to create his own webpage.  So give it a visit!

Below are just a few screen caps I took of his vids, so you get an idea of what you’ll see.  Soles are my favorite, so I focused on those, but it should be noted he gets feet from every angle:  feet straight out, ankles crossed, tops, heels, and sitting and standing.  He also spends a good time on the guys in socks, so you sock lovers aren’t left out.

One thought on “Graham H is back!

  1. Hi – thanks, I truly appreciate you putting my website out there via your site. Thank you very much. I see from the site metrics some visits are coming via your site. Good to be integrated in the foot community. I don’t approach guys with what you suggest, I never lie to guys (which saying I work for a shoe company would be). I don’t pay them either (a common rumour).

    Thanks again,
    Graham H

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