TFG’s subs: EstrellaBoyToy, Part 5

Time to truly own this slave’s feet.  I claimed both him and his feet as fully my property, with a slight riff off his own slave name, and forced him to put on a small foot show for me.

Then I tied him to the floor, feet up in the air.  This is how he spent about the next 45 minutes.  He was dealt with more tickling, clips, worship, ice, a hair dryer, bastinado, and wartenberg wheels. And as you can see, there was really no escaping it.  He had to take it all.  Even gagged, he made a lot of noise.  It was pretty damn sexy.

Gear used:  Spandex blindfold hood, wrist and ankle restraints, plug gag, wartneberg wheel (not seen, but used)

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