Day: October 8, 2017

My crush:  Mutt

My crush: Mutt

So Mutt and I have been talking off and on for years.  Sadly, since he’s in England and I’m in the USA, we’ve yet to meet in person.  But I fell in love with his super soft looking soles right away.  Even better that he’s into bondage and bastinado.

In the interest of his privacy, I’m not sharing direct face pics.  That said, he has full face pics out there, and he has posted a few on his own, but I’m leaving that for you to find.  This is not his main screen name, but it’s the first one I really knew of him, so I always associate it with him, even though he’s not actually into pup play.

He has actually sent me a pair of his socks, which stank wonderfully, and I gifted him the muzzle you see in the first pic.  Doesn’t he look sexy in it?  Some of these pics are quite old, but some are very recent.  Hope you enjoy as much as I do!