TFG Thoughts: More experienced than I thought?

When I meet people for scenes, I actually prefer beginners and newbies.  It’s for two reasons.  One, I do honestly enjoy and get a charge out of seeing a guy go through his first kink experience.  It really makes me excited.  Two, I felt I was a relative newbie to Doming myself, and would feel awkward Doming a sub that had way more experience than I had.

But lately, I’ve noticed I’ve been getting contacted by guys that have some experience.  And for a few, when I talked with them, I even told them that I may not live up to their expectations, and I didn’t want them to be disappointed with a scene.  Many have said they didn’t mind, and went ahead with the scene anyway.  And guess what?  They actually enjoyed themselves (and me too, obviously).

I remember a scene many years ago with College Blonde Twink.  At the time, he had recently gotten out of a relationship, and was looking to explore his kinky side.  Also at the time, he was living in San Francisco… the heart of gay kinky West Coast (I believe he’s since moved).  When we hooked up, he wanted to try kink.  On reflection, I think he was looking for a step up from pink fuzzy handcuffs.  After the scene was over, he said it was way more intense than he thought it’d be (it a positive way).  Yet to me, we hadn’t do anything too extreme.  It was then I began to perhaps realize that I was improving my own skill.

I’ve also been chatting a bit with CastroKinky, and he’s not only been incredibly supportive of me and my work here, but he’s also given me his blessing to one day work with some of his subs.  Which is even more amazing because we actually haven’t even met in person yet.  (For the record, I would only fully feel comfortable if I met him and his subs in person first before proceeding with a scene… but that’s one of the reasons he seems to respect me, because I don’t rush into things and am sensible about things.)

By now, I have played with some people who have done quite a bit, and then tell me they had a great time and want to meet with me again.  It’s given me a bit of pause, but I now think that in my own way, I have gained quite a bit of experience.  And that maybe I’m underestimating myself.

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