Month: November 2017

Retraining SockBitchSlave, Part 2

Retraining SockBitchSlave, Part 2

So SockBitchSlave is cybering with me while he’s at work.  Which makes it even more fun to torment him…

He did leave for a bit, but wrote back not too much later… pretty ready to cum, by the sounds of things…

Disclaimer:  I do want to state that this is cyber play, which does involve an element of fantasy.  In real life, I would not seriously say to any slave “I’ll torture you however I want” unless it was pre-negotiated.  There are always limits that need to be respected.

Call Me By Your Name movie review (kinky perspective)

Call Me By Your Name movie review (kinky perspective)

If you haven’t heard, this is the breakout movie of the year, and I just saw it last night.  It’s a coming of age story of a boy’s first crush, and I was so moved, I’m writing about it right now for today’s post.  I’ll be splitting this into two parts:  a general and spoiler free-review, and a spoiler-free kinky perspective.

First, the spoiler-free review.  I can say that this movie takes you right back to the time in high school or college (or perhaps your current situation, depending on your age) where you pined for your first male crush, and all the confusing yet passionate feelings you experience that make your heart race.  The movie is very slow paced, but that’s intentional.    The performances are amazing all around, and you may have heard about a remarkable monologue by the father at the end.  It really is incredible.  Even more moving is the incredible ending shot that will stay with you a long time.

On the downside, I do feel the actors come across as older than the characters they play (17 and I believe 23, respectively… they both seem much older).  Also, a few have criticized the movie for note being more explicit in the love-making scenes.  I argue that the movie is more about the emotional passion than the physical one.  To me, the love scenes had enough of a sensuality that I was satisfied.  But your own opinion may vary. 

But really, these are very nit-picky points.  The movie overall is remarkable, and a fantastic telling of a first love.

Now, on the kinky side of things for you fellow perverts:  as I already stated, the love making scenes are more muted.  And there’s no bondage to speak of.  However, the famous peach scene is included, and is tastefully (no pun intended) done.  If you don’t know what I mean, you’ll enjoy a pleasant surprise when you see the movie.  It’s not really that kinky by our standards, but it is pretty kinky for a mainstream(ish), Oscar contender movie.

Fortunately, there is quite a bit of feet and bare chests.  The twink-ish lead, Timothee Chalamet (and while he plays 17, he’s actually 20 in real life) spends well over half the movie shirtless, in shorts only, and is frequently barefoot.  And you do even get a fair amount of sole shots–and most surprisingly, a foot massage from Arnie Hammer (while the feet are not front and center, he ends it by giving the top of his foot a quick peck kiss!).  As for Arnie Hammer, he’s not shirtless as often, but still quite an amount, and if he’s not shirtless, his shirt is either unbuttoned half-way down or open entirely.  He is barefoot a bit, but you don’t get as many good looks, especially his soles.  One okay shot, though there are a couple of good shots of his tops.  One is seen with his foot in the pool, and it lingers for quite a while.  Towards the end of the movie, they play footsie with their tops, and it’s actually quite sensual.  When this movie comes out on DVD, there will be quite a bit to screen cap.

I’m including the trailer below.  It’s more of a slow paced emotional journey… but if you’re patient with it, I think you’ll enjoy it.  And some good feet and shirtlessness as a bonus.


Kinky Halloween

Kinky Halloween

I know it’s nearly a month later and we’re pretty much headway into Christmas, but I’m a big fan of Halloween here and don’t quite want it to end yet. 

I’m in love with all those haunted house attractions.  This year, I’ve visited Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios.  I love them because I do enjoy horror, but also because many scenes verge on kinky and bondage.  I even spoke about how my experience in the haunt Alone last year changed me personally (sadly, they’re not performing in Los Angeles this year, but they have taken their show to Australia!).

Anyway, a few of my favorite bondage/torture pics appear below.  The first pics is from their Saw maze.  The feet are fake, but they look pretty damn real, don’t they?  The guy is pretty hot, too.  Pity about the flesh wound, haha.

img_8488 img_8540 img_8551 img_8552 photo-oct-21-8-42-47-pm photo-sep-28-4-35-22-pm img_1131 img_1145 img_1176BUtdMzsCYAErVt8

This final pic is not from a haunt, but the comic book version of Hellraiser.  But I’ve always like the image, and it fits the theme, so I thought I’d include it.



TFG’s subs:  JJEA, Part 2

TFG’s subs: JJEA, Part 2

After his initial chair bondage, I knew I wanted him to service my feet.  He took great pleasure in it, as you can see.  Boys are just so anxious to service me when collared and leashed.

I will add that these white sneaks I’m wearing absolutely stink.  The black Vans were his own.

Gear used:  Collar

More bondage coming up for him soon…