Day: November 4, 2017

TFG’s subs:  ThreeStripes, Part 2

TFG’s subs: ThreeStripes, Part 2

He really wasn’t going anywhere.  I just kept layering it on him, until he couldn’t move.

Gear used:  ultra blindfold, restraints, collar, bondage belts, and plug gag.

He spent some time in that position, before I then got him geared up in some Superman action.

You may notice a bump on his right leg… that’s a medical device, nothing kinky about it.  Hood is a new addition, acquired at a sale.  Notice the clamped tits in a few pics.  He said his tits were wired to his cock.  Of course, I had to exploit that weakness.  My hands did quite a number on them as well.

As you can imagine, I had more in store for this poor captured hero…