Day: December 16, 2017

TFG’s subs:  JJEA, Part 5

TFG’s subs: JJEA, Part 5

Been wanting to see his bare feet, haven’t you?  Well here you go.  He does have small big toes, but I liked them otherwise.  Wished they could’ve been a bit more smelly, but he did the best he could.  I still enjoyed sniffing and worshiping them.

Gear used:  Ultra Blindfold, Collar, Restraints


He also loved being treated like a whore.  This was one of his favorite pics.

We did manage to make out while he was spread eagled, which is always hot.  At this point, it had been nearly three hours, and he confessed after that he had been hard for the entire time, which was a first for him.

He wanted to suck my cock so bad, and it was hot to see him beg for it.  I ultimately didn’t let him, but he may have ended up with a mouth full of jizz…

It was a great time with him, and interestingly enough, I think he and BoyTrigger would be a good fit.  If we can ever work it out (and scheduling would be difficult), a group meet could be in the cards.  They’ve already chatted a bit and there does seem to be some chemistry.  We’ll keep you updated if anything happens…