Day: December 23, 2017

Treated myself…

Treated myself…

As a bit of an early Christmas gift to myself, I finally got my own pair of Sk8trboi socks.  Just can’t resist that “Sniff Me” on the bottoms.

Got two pair… one I’ll keep a bit more on the mild side, but the other… well, frankly, I never really intend on washing them.

Below, brand spakin’ new.

Next, I wore one pair for two days, while the other pair is still essentially unworn.  You can see the stink already setting in… those are not shadows, that’s my foot grime and stink getting implanted.  I will admit one of the two days was worn for 16 hours non-stop, walking around all day at a major theme park.  So they got a very heavy load right away.

I know many of you are begging to smell them, aren’t you?