Day: December 24, 2017

Please help CastroKinky & Pup Whisper!

Please help CastroKinky & Pup Whisper!

Over the last few months, I’ve had the privilege of slowing getting to know CastroKinky, who I’ve featured him and his slaves on this blog before (many times, but prominently featured here).  Not only from his amazing twitter account, where he posts pics and vids of his times with super hot twinks servicing him, but also as a person behind the scenes.  He really seems to put a lot of care and thought into his relationship with his slaves, and does a great deal of community service for the BDSM community in the San Fransisco area.  I have great respect for him.

However, if you weren’t aware, both he and Pup Whisper have recently encountered some major medical issues–Castro with a shattered femur from a fall at IML, and Pup Whisper with a cyst in his brain that is yet to be fully diagnosed–a lot to handle for anyone, even more so as a 19 yo setting out in a new life away from his family.  Even more unfortunate, due to their community work, they are uninsured, and are now facing incredibly large medical bills.

If each of his twitter followers gave just $10, his bills would be covered.  And for all the content he’s given, I feel that’s more than a fair amount.  He’s given so much… do the right thing and give back.  I put my money where my mouth is, and gave $50.

Read more about their situation in Pup Whisper’s own words and then donate here.

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