Month: January 2018

Magic Mike Live in Las Vegas!  Review

Magic Mike Live in Las Vegas! Review

So I recently took a trip to Las Vegas, where the show Magic Mike Live is currently playing at the Hard Rock Hotel (off the strip).

To be honest, neither my husband nor I had ever seen a true male revue show (excluding things like go-go boys in nightclubs and video porn).  We’ve never really been interested in Chippendales, as they are notorious for not being friendly to their gay audience.  There is Thunder From Down Under, which is based with Australian guys and is reportedly more gay/male inclusive.  But it’s really something about very gay friendly Channing Tatum that sparked our interest, as well as the fact that the guys in the show don’t seem overbuilt (which is actually a bit of a turn off for both of us).

Amazingly enough, they do allow you to take pictures as long as you don’t use a flash.  So the pics are blurry, but they’re mostly mine (with one grabbed from online for clarity).  We were also happily surprised to see at least two other gay couples there, as well as a few men who clearly seemed straight but were there with their wives or girlfriends (cheers for their open mindedness!).

I was joking with my husband that I should get my singles ready to make it rain, but to my surprise, they give every seat about $20 in fake pink bills so you can, indeed, make it rain anytime you wish.

What’s really great about the show is that it’s very sex positive.  And the emcee does acknowledge the “5 guys” in the audience in light hearted and positive ways, so they clearly don’t mind men seeing the show.  Naturally, the show does primarily cater to women, so there’s a lot of talk about vaginas, haha.  But there’s also a lot of talk about permission, which seems unusually progressive for a strip show.  At one point, they pulled a woman from the audience for a stage dance, and at the end, the emcee went up to them, put the microphone in his face and said, “Say something to make her feel sexy.”  At which point he spoke in romantically in French, and everyone (including me) wet their pants. 

The show does have an unusual beginning that seems to make no sense (unicorns are mentioned–it’s a bit random)… but does all pull together not long after.  I had to say, the emcee was fantastic and very entertaining.  After reading a bit more about it after the fact, the show was designed by asking women what they thought was sexy, rather than having men decide what women should feel is sexy.  Even the costumes and choreography were all done by women.  So it lends a distinctive, inclusive, and sensitive yet powerful touch that I didn’t really expect in a strip revue.

There are some actual surprises about the show that I don’t want to give away, but I can say there is an aerial act (the closest you get to bondage–the performer wears a harness), as well as a rain dance that’s pretty incredible.  And in a fairly unexpected turn, they don’t go to their underwear all that often.  The few times they do are the only times they’re barefoot.  The cast is also very racially diverse, so no matter what you’re into, your type is likely represented.  There’s even a segment where they dance in stylish business suits, and against expectation, stay in them for a while.  It’s oddly sexy, even though there’s not much skin in that section at all… so you guys with a suit fetish, take serious note.


This one is from their twitter.

I had to say, I had a great time, and would even see the show again.  It runs about 90 minutes without an intermission.  Next week, a few more details and up close pics, as well as some tips on tickets and seats.

Recon for a year!

Recon for a year!

So I decided to splurge a bit, and treat myself to a year of Premium membership on Recon.

It may surprise you to know that I wasn’t a Premium member already.  Generally, I don’t visit an excessive number of profiles a day, and when I needed to see more pics, I just asked nicely.

But I did think it’d be fun to see more and have unlimited profile views, as well as finally be eligible for their Top 100 lists.  So give me a few views and cruises! 

With that upgrade, I’ve decided to make my Friends list on Recon comprised solely of people I have met in person, to build my reputation and credibility.  There are two exceptions to that list:  Restwalker and Foot-lad.  Both are in England, and while I have’t yet met them in person, I’ve also talked to them for literally years, and they know me very well.  Plus, they are both high on my “to meet” list should I ever make it back to England.  So I gave them an exception.

It’s a bit surprising to me as I’ve accumulated this list to see how many people I have meet!  There’s even a few I haven’t added because I’ve either lost touch with them, they’ve deleted their profile, or they didn’t have a Recon profile in the first place.  It’s a bit wild to see them all in one place, but also very cool.  Any of them can vouch for me.

For the record, while I do sometimes take screen caps pics from profiles for personal use, I don’t post them online unless the member has given me permission to do so.