I actually posted about this before, but I felt an update was in order after discovering a few more vids of hot guys stuck in quicksand.

To me, the fantasy of quicksand is a combination of gunge and encasement bondage.  It should be noted in real life, quicksand is relatively easy to get out of… if you don’t struggle, you eventually float to the surface.  It’s only when you struggle you get pulled under.  Which, in terms of bondage fantasy, is pretty damn hot.  That said, this is not an endorsement to go out and get stuck in real quicksand.  Be safe and use common sense.

Enjoy these scenes from various movies and TV shows with sexy guys getting stuck.

For me, it sort of began with this Flash Gordon scene.


The 1985 movie Krull also got my then young body tingling in ways I didn’t understand at the time.

The Beastmaster

I don’t know anything about this one, but a hot teen shirtless blonde? Sign me up!

And I also have the super cute twink David Henrie caught in quicksand in a comedy.

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