Day: January 10, 2018

Controlling LL_slavej remotely

Controlling LL_slavej remotely

So LL_slavej acquired a vibrating butt plug that can be controlled via an app.  So even though we’re hundreds of miles away, I can control the intensity.  It was a fun experience.

First, him showing me it’s inside his slutty ass.

While we were at it, I ordered him to gag himself.  He chose a sock he’s cummed into before.  Even better.  He had to chew it and swallow any old cum, foot sweat, and stink.

To make sure he didn’t go anywhere, I had him sit in a chair and chain up his feet and cuff his hand.  The sock gag is still in, as is the remote vibrating butt plug.

His dick seems to like it.

The plug in action.  I love that it looks like his ass is trying to eat it.

Didn’t want him enjoying himself too much, so I told him to lock up.  That said, he was able to cum anyway.  He’s punished with chastity for the rest of the week.