Recon for a year!

So I decided to splurge a bit, and treat myself to a year of Premium membership on Recon.

It may surprise you to know that I wasn’t a Premium member already.  Generally, I don’t visit an excessive number of profiles a day, and when I needed to see more pics, I just asked nicely.

But I did think it’d be fun to see more and have unlimited profile views, as well as finally be eligible for their Top 100 lists.  So give me a few views and cruises! 

With that upgrade, I’ve decided to make my Friends list on Recon comprised solely of people I have met in person, to build my reputation and credibility.  There are two exceptions to that list:  Restwalker and Foot-lad.  Both are in England, and while I have’t yet met them in person, I’ve also talked to them for literally years, and they know me very well.  Plus, they are both high on my “to meet” list should I ever make it back to England.  So I gave them an exception.

It’s a bit surprising to me as I’ve accumulated this list to see how many people I have meet!  There’s even a few I haven’t added because I’ve either lost touch with them, they’ve deleted their profile, or they didn’t have a Recon profile in the first place.  It’s a bit wild to see them all in one place, but also very cool.  Any of them can vouch for me.

For the record, while I do sometimes take screen caps pics from profiles for personal use, I don’t post them online unless the member has given me permission to do so.

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