Magic Mike Live tips

As you may recall last week, I talked about seeing the Magic Mike Live show in Las Vegas (Hard Rock Hotel, off the Strip).  This time, I’ll give a few more details, and help you find the seat you want.

So the pic below is their seating chart.  Prices vary according to both location and the date, so your pricing may vary a bit.  But for us (seeing this at the 8pm early show on a weeknight), the seats I circled in the upper left corner of the map below were the cheapest at about $45.  All the rest were about $100 or $125.  Since we were a bit shy, we were actually fine being in this back corner of the balcony (all the outer seats on both sides, and above the bar, are balcony).

What we didn’t know is those seats were just barstools without a back.  So that kinda sucked.  (Most of the rest of the balcony are movie theater style seats).  But as soon as we were shown them, they offered to upgrade us to the VIP balcony area.  It was the top center row, just above the bar.  These particular seats were fully cushioned individual leather chairs, with a much better view.  So we took them.  We were lucky it was a slow enough night they were able to do this. 

Obviously, there’s no guarantee an upgrade will happen.  But in the chart, all the blue circles represent available seats.  Sold seats are in gray.  So you can get a sense of how crowded the show will be when you get your tickets.  If it’s this empty, there could be a good chance of an upgrade.  That said, I took this sample seating chart from a weeknight about 3 months ahead, so it’s not always this low.

Also something you should be aware of are the two black squares above and below the stage.  The actual ticket map doesn’t have them, but they are in fact rather large beams that could potentially obstruct your view.  You can sort of see one in the top left of the pic below, to the right in the pic after that.  Keep that in mind as you choose a seat.

We ended up liking the seat we got a lot, but I think if we saw it again, we’d want to be as close to the stage as possible.  While they do go up to the balcony a few times, most of the action is all over the main floor.  They dance in the aisles just as much as the stage.  So no matter where you sit, you will see a lot, as well as maybe miss at least one segment.  In our case, even though we had pretty dang good seats from the upgrade, it turned out one dance happened just below us on the bar, and we weren’t really able to see it.  However, we were able to see everything else.

Towards the end of the show, there were a few performers in our balcony, and the guy with the long hair in the first pic below on the motorcycle gave both myself, then my husband, a short individual personal dance.  He grabbed my hands and rubbed them on his chest as he grinded into me.  While I generally am not into guys with long hair, I wasn’t complaining.  It was also very cool they clearly didn’t care we were gay, which is an even bigger bonus.  My personal faves from the show are also below, pics mostly grabbed from the Magic Mike Live twitter page.  I really like that they’re built, but not over buff.

If you want to see more (and who doesn’t?), Ellen visited the show with Channing Tatum, and towards the end of the video, sits in the same area we were in!


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