Day: February 4, 2018

New gear!

New gear!

Got myself a few new toys.

First off, a silicone ball/dildo gag.  Can’t wait to use this one!  The penis can be worn inside the sub’s mouth, to remind him of his place, or outside, so that you can ride a sub’s mouth and make him face fuck you in an entirely new way.

Now, I know many of you will complain the dildo part is small.  I do like that it’s just large enough to still fit in a sub’s mouth where it’s tolerable, but just enough discomfort to know it’s in there.  And for me personally, I have a medical conditional that makes it very difficult and painful (in a bad way) for me to take a large dildo… so for me personally, this is actually ideal!

For those who would want a larger dildo, while I don’t have this item yet, it is on my wish list.

In and Out gag from The Stockroom, for those of you who’d like a larger dildo.

I’ve also taken the Ring gag from Mr. S, and found a way to customize a funnel gag with it using some parts from a local hardware store.  There’s a version with an “L” joint if the sub is upright, and one were the funnel just goes straight down if the sub is lying down.  It’s just a standard funnel held in place with some styrofoam pipe insulation.  Admittedly, in the “L” joint one, the funnel is a loose fit, so I’d also use some black electrical tape to keep it in place.  But I’ve tested it on myself, and it works great!

My next item will be ideal when I’m stuck in a hotel room without adequate tie down points.  I’ll just bring them myself!  Plus I love how a sub can now be tied down on their knees.  First pic is the box cover with position ideas, and the next is the actual product unfolded.  It’s about 2 ft wide and 4 ft long (estimated).  Not huge, but it would do!  Could also be fun to tightly restrain an upper body, or just the lower body for tickling and/or bastinado.  Since it folds up (the two halfs fold together, and there is a carrying handle), it could also possibly be set to a right angle for sitting bondage.  It can’t be locked in that position, so it’d have to be braced against something, but it is an option.

If you do get this, note that the restraints are not included.  You have to get those separately.  Fortunately, I have enough. 🙂

And last but not least, I do love getting rimmed.  And lately, I’ve been running into subs that love rimming.  So this seemed like a good item.  Rim chair from FortTroff.  Height can be adjusted. 

I hope to have a lot of fun with this one!  And maybe even use both (this and the bondage board) at the same time.  🙂