PAW_ss gunges himself while I’m busy

PAW_ss gunges himself while I’m busy

PAW_ss doesn’t always have time to do a scene, so when he’s free, he lets me know.  That doesn’t mean I’m always free myself.  But if I can, I’ll assign him something to do.

Also, it’s seeming we’ll be in the same geographic area this summer, and may actually meet up for real.  It’d be his first real life scene being Dommed by another guy.  Could be quite fun…

Additional torments for PAW_ss

Additional torments for PAW_ss

Sadly, due to some iPhone issues, I’ve lost a few pics, but I did manage to get a few caps of the orders I gave to PAW_ss as a follow up to his purchase and wearing of some panties.

He did send me pics, but because of my iPhone issues, I’m unable to post them.  Even so, it took him quite a while to finish his task.  But eventually he did, as you can see…

Fortunately, I did manage to save a few pics from a separate gunge that he did to himself earlier with some custard.

For a proclaimed straight guy, he sure looks like a pussy to me, doesn’t he?  But what do you suggest I have him do as a punishment for his delay?  I’ll take ideas…

PAW_ss creams himself, in more ways than one

PAW_ss creams himself, in more ways than one

PAW_ss get more humiliation that he bargained for.  In what he thought would be a simple pie gunging turned into much, much more…

We begin with him telling that he was able to do his punishment soon, and telling me what gear he had with him.

img_1061 img_1062 img_1063 img_1064 img_1066img_1065 img_1070 img_1067img_1071 img_1072 img_1073 img_1068img_1074 img_1076 img_1077 img_1078 img_1079

He did so, and sent me a pic, but the full version is for my eyes only.


I was quite please overall.  Hope you were too!

TFG Gunges PAW_ss with pudding

TFG Gunges PAW_ss with pudding

When PAW_ss tells me he has some vanilla pudding cups to use against him, I don’t waste that opportunity. See how I punish and thoroughly humiliate him below.

VanillaPudding (1) VanillaPudding (2) VanillaPudding (3)VanillaPudding (1)VanillaPudding (4)VanillaPudding (2)VanillaPudding (5)VanillaPudding (6)VanillaPudding (7)VanillaPudding (3)VanillaPudding (4)

He was also told to mash his feet together to smear the pudding all over them…

VanillaPudding (5)

VanillaPudding (8) VanillaPudding (9)VanillaPudding (7) VanillaPudding (6)VanillaPudding (10)

The next few pics are redacted at his request… but I then instructed him to smash the cups down with his hands, splattering his chest.  He did so.

VanillaPudding (11)VanillaPudding (12)VanillaPudding (13)VanillaPudding (14)VanillaPudding (15)VanillaPudding (16)VanillaPudding (17)VanillaPudding (11)VanillaPudding (12)VanillaPudding (18)VanillaPudding (19)VanillaPudding (20)VanillaPudding (21)

He certainly does…

TFG Exclusive:  PAW_ss gunged and abused, Part 1

TFG Exclusive: PAW_ss gunged and abused, Part 1

PAW_ss is quite the good little slave.  In case you don’t know, his name stands for Pathetic And Worthless straight slave.  Yes, this guy is straight.  But he craves punishments and humiliations from other guys.  And who am I do deny that?  Enjoy as I torture him, just as he asks for.

IMG_9858 IMG_9859 IMG_9860 IMG_9861IMG_9862IMG_9887 IMG_9863IMG_9864IMG_9865IMG_9867IMG_9888IMG_9868IMG_9866

What do I have in store for him?  Well, let’s just say it’s about to get painful for him… and messy.