About TFG



Basic Stats

Height: 5’9″
Weight: 150 lbs.
Waist: 32
Shoe Size: 8 (US)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Brown
Age: 47

Doesn’t smoke, drink (no alcohol whatsoever), or do drugs. I’m a very clean cut guy. =P

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Status: Gay and married. Perhaps open to meeting up with guys for foot/bondage play or pics, provided we agree on boundaries (no sex, for instance).  See FAQ for details.

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Fetish Interests

My Feet:   Small, but I think very well proportioned.   The ball of the foot is meaty, and the soles are generally smooth and tender. They were a bit calloused, but daily lotion is solving that.   Fairly high arches.   Generally clean and can be odor free, but give me the right pair of shoes and/or socks, and they can raise up a stink.   Basically hairless, save for a few strands on the big toe.   They are not ticklish whatsoever, nor do I have any real interest being tickled  (sorry, guys).    However, I could be talked into tickling someone else, and I actually have been.  This pic was taken after a long day walking around outside.  You can see how tender, soft, and smelly they can get!

93624cFeet I Like:   I prefer any sized foot, large or small, provided it is soft, tender, and smelly (but clean).   Proportion means more to me than size.   Meaty is preferred, but I don’t have anything against skinny feet either.   I tend to like short toes, but I’m open to longer toes as well.   Not a bit fan of hairy or rough feet–smooth and supple!   My absolute favorite spot is the ball of the foot, directly underneath the toes.   I can bury my nose into that space all day and inhale.  Love those footpads, yum!  And yes, I love my feet to smell!  The stinkier, the better.   Slurp slurp, sniff sniff!



Bondage:   My favorite position to be in is mummified.  Saran wrap, duct tape, or a sleepsack.  Especially when gagged and blindfolded.  Put a sock, shoe, or smelly foot in my face on top of that, and I can be there all day!  Hogtied is my next favorite, and in terms to being a Dom, it’s the #1 position I like to see subs in.  I like plain ropes the best, but find a combination of leather restraints and rope can be more comfortable in longer term situations.   The last fantasy I have yet to realize would be to have another guys feet tied to my face.   Or to perhaps be mummified with another guy.  Either would seem to require a 3rd person to successfully work, and I don’t think my BF is generally up for that… though there may be a few exceptions, so there may be some hope later on…



TFGrobinstanding (3)Other Fetish:   Socks and sneakers, unsurprisingly.   White cotton socks (crew, no show, and everything in between).    All need to be used and smelly.  I like clothespins, especially on and all over my feet, as well as wax.   I also get very turned on by CBT.   Tightly tied balls that are then weighted down really gets me going.   Gags are great.  My boyfriend has extremely responsive nipples, and I can play with them for hours, but mine are too sensitive for much play, other than getting sucked (they can take occasional clamps, if set fairly light).   Not into being tickled, but I am getting into the idea of tying down and tickling others.

I do like playing with food on my feet, but more as a masturbation technique.  Although gunging is something I’m looking into exploring (that’s like getting slimed, for you newbies).  I also love Superhero bondage (specifically Spiderman and Robin) as well as other gear, (wetsuit and latex catsuit), and I think it turns me on more than I like to admit.  See more of this at my other blog, Captured Heroes.



zac efron gaggedIdeal Guys:   This list changes so much.   Nowadays, new hotties cum out faster than you can keep up.   But some of my more timeless faves (some of which are somewhat obscure, so don’t feel bad if you haven’t heard of them):  Austin North, Tom Daley, Tyler Posey, Nick Jonas, Ross Lynch, Grant Gustin, Liam Hemsworth, Gregg Sulkin, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Charlie McDermott, David Henrie, Jordan Rodigues, James Marsden, Chad Allen, Zac Efron, Curtis Stone, Brian Austin Green, Sean William Scott, David Gahallager, Sean Farris, Ryan Reynolds–just to name a few.








The History of Baring My Sole

This blog first began around 2005 as a personal website on Tripod, which was a free website builder like GeoCities.  At the time, I was just discovering fetish porn online.  I had found bondage sites, and I had found foot sites, but I really didn’t feel as if there was a site that combined the two.  Frustrated, I began taking pics of my own bound feet and began posting them.  Eventually, I outgrew the Tripod site.  I went to a retail store and bought some web building software (remember that?) to create my own.  Since I wasn’t really a strong programmer, the site was rewarding, but a lot of work to maintain–figuring out how to just indent a line of text wasn’t simple for me, as I had no programming experience other than trial and error.

After a few years of this, blogs began to appear and really take off, so I started one.  Initially, it was to announce when I made updates to my site.  (If you check very old posts, you’ll find frequent references to this.)

But as time grew on, I realized that I was enjoying the blog way more than the site–and it was much easier to update and post.  So I eventually got rid of the site, and just decided to blog.  I post net finds, as well as my own original content, and I now frequently get readers who send me their own pics for posting.  (Do you want to be one of them?  Email them to me here!)

One of my old logos from the site.

In a way, the first four and half years of the blog don’t count for as much.   I rarely posted, and it was typically either unkinky life stories (although if you dig a bit, you can find the posts where I first met and fell in love with my current wonderful husband–as well as read about some of the mixed dates I had before then) or a teaser update to my original site (which is now defunct… this blog sort of took it over) rather than pics.  It’s only been since about 2009/2010 that I’ve been posting mostly pics daily, and it really took off to where it is now.  I’ve sort of even settled into a bit of a schedule, if you haven’t noticed:

  • Sundays are usually life stories, news, or kinky observations
  • Monday-Fridays are assorted kinky pic posts with different
    themes each day, often with feet being highlighted on Fridays (although
    not always–gotta change it up sometimes), with Cyber posts often on Wednesdays
  • Saturdays are typically original posts from me or original reader contributions


I vary it occasionally, but that’s the gist of it.

As time wore on, I entered a fantastic relationship with my partner, who also loves bondage.  He’s not really into feet, but he certainly enjoys feeding my foot fetish in any way he can.  He’s also very private, which is why you never see him here on the blog.  But if you see bondage pics of me here, it’s going to be his work unless otherwise indicated.  Because of his ropework, which does have its own intricate yet minimal style, he’s even gained a few fans of his own, and has even been asked to teach his techniques (which, while he was flattered, he won’t do.  Sorry.)  I’ve also discovered kinks I didn’t even know I had, such as slaving, lycra, gear, superheroes, and a bit of gunge/WAM play.  My lycra and gear fetish has grown so much, I’ve started a second blog that focuses more on that at Captured Heroes.

As a whole, I’ve come to enjoy blogging a great deal, and it’s allowed me to chat and meet some very interesting people, many of which I would now call friends.  And it’s been cool, and a bit scary, to see this blog mentioned in other more prominent blogs.  Some people are starting to think of me as a minor internet celebrity.  I’m not so sure about that. I just post what interests me.  However, if so many other guys find it hot too, I certainly won’t argue.

But as they say, with great power comes great responsibility.  This blog has sort of taken over my life.  I spend quite a bit of time sitting in front of my computer, gathering pics and prepping posts.  It can take hours, and it can get grueling, tiring, and a bit like a job sometimes–except I don’t get paid (unless you do some shopping here).  And it’s on top of my regular day job.  But I have to admit… I get a lot of satisfaction from it, too.  Especially when hearing from fans, getting questions, and meeting and talking with various people such as Attloki , TheUAJock, Tynan Fox, Fossil9, Metalbond, Kevin [Bondage Jeopary], James T. Medak, SaltLakeFootman, TheSideKink (more of him on my other blog, CapturedHeroes), and even GayComicGeek, just to name a few.  And especially Restwalker, who also created my current logo..  I love hearing from you guys, so feel free to write me anytime.  It gives me the motivation to continue.

It also helps me if you click the links at the right or on my Shopping page and buy stuff.  It doesn’t cost you any extra, but a portion of your purchase will be donated back to me. So buy much and buy often, lol.  I’d use the money to purchase more items, gear, and equipment to for usage  here.  Broke or can’t afford to buy anything?  Then take just a quick minute and vote for my blog at Best Male Blogs.  You don’t need to sign up, and it’s fast and free.  Although hopefully only 4 or 5 stars only, please.  😉



Non-Fetish Interests

In case you were dying to know more… wow, it’s starting to sound like a personals ad.   Remember, though, I am taken.   This is just FYI–although if you want to know more, don’t be afraid to ask.  It’s always nice making friends.  


Movies:   Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Heavenly Creatures, Six Degrees of Separation, Limelight, Noises Off, Spider Baby, Trust, Spirited Away

Music:   Eurythmics/Annie Lennox, Ani DiFranco, Kate Bush, Cyndi Lauper, NIN, Laurie Anderson, Syd Straw, and lots of avant guard, weird, obscure stuff you’ve never heard of–my tastes are all over the map (just generally no rap)

Books:   The Chocolate War (Robert Cormier), Dance on My Grave (Aiden Chambers), Hero (Perry Moore), Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You (Peter Cameron), Once Around the Bloch (An Unauthorized Autobiography by Robert Bloch), Sprout (Dale Peck), and any by:   Jay Bennett, Robert Bloch, Clive Barker, Martin Gardner, or Raymond Smullyan

TV:    American Horror Story, Tosh.0, I Love Lucy, The Simpsons, Archer, Solitary, Keeping Up Appearances, Absolutely Fabulous, Kids in the Hall, Penn & Teller’s BullShit!, Seconds from Disaster, The Twilight Zone, 1,000 Ways to Die, Bargain Hunt, Clean House (my BF looks and acts like Mark Brunetz!)

Hobbies:    Amusement Parks/Roller Coasters (especially Disneyland), Mazes/Puzzles, Dancing, NPR (National Public Radio), and wasting time on the internet–like everyone else.


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