TFG Pics

Since I’ve been doing this blog for a while, I have quite a few pics of myself.  This a selection of some of my personal favorites.  All the pics are of me, and they are generally in order from recent to oldest.  Some of the pics at the end are the very first pics I ever posted online.  Some are self bondage, but most are the handiwork of my BF.

If you want to see more of my work, visit the TFG’s subs page.  Selected pics have some background info captioned underneath.  Hope you enjoy.

Still want to see more?   There are two options to see various pics of me:

  • Visit my Flickr page to see a “best of” selection of my past pics.
  • Search the blog with the TFG category.

You can also visit my tumblr page, where I mix some net pics with my own classics… and the occasional preview or humorous pic.

 Updated:  5/29/17

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