This page is dedicated to my own work as a Dom, so you can get a sense of my style.  Keep in mind I often try to work with each sub individually to see what they enjoy.  Some prefer bondage, tickling, superhero lycra, verbal and humiliation, and some aren’t even all that into feet.  I do my best to accommodate, which can lead to a wide range of scenes.

Since I do love feet, nearly every sub gets pics of their feet taken.  Very carefully.

All the guys pictured below have had their own post here on the blog, so these are just selected highlights.  To find out more about a particular slave, click the pic, and the description will give their screen name.  You can then search for them with the search feature on this blog.  All pics are posted with permission.

If you want to see all examples of my work, I’ve created a new TFG’s subs category.  Click it and enjoy the full sets of all the guys I’ve worked with.

Looking for pics of me as a sub?  My husband ties me up quite often.  His ropework has a meticulous, intricate style that many people often mistake as my own.  Find it here.

“Cyber” category for Cyber Slave/Doming posts

Looking for examples of my Cyber Doming?  I have an extensive library of real life, real time sessions done via text or KIK. I’ve pretty much been updating my cyber slaving adventures each Wednesday, and they are quite numerous. I’ve updated this blog with a category for all my cyber posts, which you can click on or at the sidebar on the right.

Some of my more noted cyber slaves:  I’ve had lots of fun times abusing LL_slavej (Lowest of the Low), PAW_ss (Pathetic And Worthless straight slave), SockBitchSlave, Freezeman, and classics like S & M slave (a Straight & Married guy–he was fascinating to work with), another straight slave heterobrieffag, Restwalker, and SBS_justin (Slave Bitch Slut), even though I’ve lost touch with some of them.

There are actually a few other guys I’ve tied up as well, but they were mostly lycra guys, so I didn’t include them here.  One day I’ll make a gallery just for them at Captured Heroes.

 Updated:  7/19/16

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