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StinkyFootBoy cumes twice

StinkyFootBoy cumes twice

This is a pretty hot scene.  Had a small chat with StinkyFootBoy, and he suddenly surprised me with this:

I hardly knew I had said enough to him to make him shoot a load, but that was obviously hot.  I ordered he remove the cum stained shorts and rub them into his face.  But then he further surprised me even more as follows below.

(Note, he did show me that, but as promised, that’s not for here… and neither is my dick pic, haha)

This is from a straight/bi guy who perhaps just a week before couldn’t have imagined doing anything like this before.  So hot!

Sexiness in bad movies:  Blood Sand (aka The Sand)

Sexiness in bad movies: Blood Sand (aka The Sand)

So I do have a soft spot for terrible horror movies shown on the cable network Chiller.  They’re often pretty bad, but they also tend to include sexy people in them.  This movie, Blood Sand (aka The Sand) from 2015 is no exception.  It appears to be a remake of the 1970’s movie called Blood Beach, where people found themselves sucked under the beach sand, presumably by some sort of alien creature that lived under it.

To be honest, I never actually saw Blood Beach, but the image of being sucked under the sand is oddly sexy to me.  Perhaps related to my gunge fetish, I do find the premise of quicksand to be quite appealing.  As a kid, I remember being very fascinated by the mud scene in The Neverending Story (the guy there is young, but at the time, I was a similar age, so it was appropriate), as well as the quicksand scenes in Krull and King Solomon’s Mines (the 1985 version, with Sharon Stone(!)) and Richard Chamberlain–who later came out as gay).

In any case, I grabbed a few pics that seemed up the alley of the readers of this blog.  Don’t worry, there’s no gore here, although if you do see the full version of the movie, there is some (very, very fake computer generated) gore effects.

The guy in the first pic lying face down doesn’t last long, but the other guy is Dean Geyer.  Sorry the pics are fuzzy; I literally just held up my iPhone to the TV screen.


TFG’s subs:  ThreeStripes, Part 3

TFG’s subs: ThreeStripes, Part 3

Our poor hero gets snugly wrapped up and then tortured with the Cordless Hitachi Magic Wand. A ball gag finished him off.


This is where a confession must be made.  At the beginning of the session, I asked him if he was interested in cumming.  He said he could go either way, but that typically, it takes him a very long time to cum, and seeing as we only had a few hours, he wasn’t necessarily expecting it.

Well, to both of our surprise, between the wand and my torture of his tits, he did shoot his load into the Superman outfit.  I was honestly quite flattered.

But it was a bit of a bummer as we had been only going at it for less than two hours, and he really wanted to try my neoprene sleepsack.  After a bit of rest, I did offer to put him inside.  As well as a bit of a spread eagle.  And while he didn’t cum again, you can see pre-cum staining his underwear… that was not part of the cum from before, so he did enjoy himself.  (Remember, the blue bit on his thigh is a necessarily medical device, and not kink related.)  With the open mouth hood, he did get a taste of my ass, as he was very into rimming.  No complaints from me.

I couldn’t resist this final pic… it’s his sweatmark.  From under the sheet you see above!  So yes, you could say he had a good time.  We actually both did, and he definitely hope to get together again in the future.