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TFG Tips:  My nipple play techniques

TFG Tips: My nipple play techniques

My husband is one whose nips are hard wired to his cock.  Fortunately for him, I seem to never get tired playing with tits.  He likes some fairly intense play, and when I’ve done scenes with others, many have commented that my nipple play can be quite intense.  I thought I’d share a few of my techniques.

My husband is camera shy, so I’m demonstrating with a wooden dowel.  Not as sexy, but on the other hand, it does allow to see from a good angle.

  1.  It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.  When one thinks of nipple play with hands, obviously, one’s first instinct is to pinch between the thumb and forefinger–which is fine (although I feel there is a better way below).  One secret is to add as much variety as possible: 
  • Pinch in rhythms… both random and in patterns. 
  • Or keep a long, sustained squeeze that doesn’t let up.  Alternately, maybe let up gradually, only to suddenly get intense. 
  • With two nips, the tendency is to squeeze both the same… but you can play with each one in different patterns.
  • Change the angle.  If you’ve pinching them flat, release them, then pinch them vertically.  And don’t forget diagonally/45 degree angles!

In addition to pinching and squeezing, don’t forget to add tugging/pulling, and twisting.  Using the first two fingers and thumb is ideal for both.

Twist and twirl… although check in with you sub to make sure he’s responding to it positively.

2.  There’s something better than fingers.  My favorite technique, and the one that gets the most response from my husband, is when I squeeze his nipples between my knuckles.  Using the first knuckle tends to be a bit more gentle, but if you use the second knuckle, the intensity amps up.  I’ve also found it seems easier to control when using the knuckles to pinch, especially the second knuckle.

Pinching the nipple between the first knuckles.
Pinching the nipple between the second knuckles.

Keep in mind all the varieties mentioned above:  pinch in rhythms, patterns, random, sustained, and tug. But in addition:

  • You can knead them, like a ball of clay or dough trying to make a ball.  If the nipples are small, that may be more difficult, but my husband’s nipples are on the larger side, so they are ripe for kneading… and his moans indicate his enjoys it a lot.
  • Rub them back forth, as if rolling or twirling them.
  • It’s so important, I’m going to state it again:  Change the angle.  If you’ve pinching them flat, release them, then pinch them vertically.  And don’t forget diagonally/45 degree angles.  It seems even more effective with knuckle pinching.

3.  Less is more.  The other best tip:  sometimes releasing them and giving them a rest period makes the next time you play with them even more sensitive.  Between my nip abuse, I often will massage them by pressing my thumbs into them and rubbing, or running the backs of my fingernails back and forth across them rapidly.  Having a rest period lets the blood seep back into them, meaning any future work will feel even more intense with less effort, as they will be more sensitive.  Pacing can be everything.

4.  Fun with clamps.  Obviously, using tit clamps is an option.  Some fun you can have with clamps:

  • Pull on the chain (if connected).  Pull at various angles: out, down, up.
  • Add weights to the chain.  Standard sized padlocks are ideal.
  • Connect the chain to something.  One of the most intense experiences my husband told me I did to him is once I had him tied standing up, facing a pole.  And I put the tit clamps around the pole, so if he leaned back, it’d only pull them harder.  They can also be connected to a gag or a chest harness.
  • Pull them with a vibrator, such as a Hitachi Magic Wand.  Or put the vibrator right on the tits, clamped or not!
  • As stated above, take them off from time to time, let them rest, then reapply them.  Preferably at a different angle.  Really, this can create more intensity than just leaving them on for an extended period.  Trust me.

Keep in mind that tolerance will vary from person to person, so be watching the sub carefully for their response and/or check in with them from time to time and see what they’ve enjoyed the most (and least!).   Some can take a lot, and some not as much.

Hope that gives you some ideas!  I have an entire tag on my blog called “tips” if you want to see other ideas I have or have run across over the years.  It’s a small list so far, but I’m hoping to increase it!  And if you have other ideas for creative nipple abuse, let me know!