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Shirtless Celebs

Shirtless Celebs

Gregg Sulkin

 James Paxton

Justin Bieber… still looking pretty hot.  And becoming less of an ass.  Slowly.

Cutie Grant Gustin, who’s not shirtless (or barefoot) nearly enough

Jean-luc Bilodeau, one of my underrated faves.  That face, those eyes!

Drew Scott

A few I’m not sure about, but they’re hot

Joe Jonas (and one Nick), looking amazing and barefoot



Right in your face.  I can almost smell it now.  And it includes a rare Ryan Seacrest sole pic!

Daniel Tosh

Zac Efron


Ryan Gosling

Incredible sole shots from Nev Schulman (who is rumored to have a foot fetish)

Justin Beiber and unknown friend (who also has hot feet himself)

Chris Hardwick

Christian Rolondo

Ryan Seacrest

Uriah Shelton (age 20)

John Stamos


Nico Tortorella, please call me

Nico Tortorella, please call me

If you haven’t heard of this guy, where have you been?  Super hot, and openly sexually fluid.  So, ah, Nico, if you read this blog… I will totally make an exception to my pics and posting rule for you.  I’d love to tie you up and play with your feet, and I’ll be very discrete.  Don’t we all think he’d look great in bondage?  Let’s not forget he was (briefly) tied and gagged in Scream 4.  To the best of my knowledge, that’s his only known bondage scene.

First off, a few links to articles about him discussing his sexuality:

And of course, some pics, with a focus on feet pics at the end.

If CastroKinky gives you a shoutout, you blog about it

If CastroKinky gives you a shoutout, you blog about it

The title kinda says it all.  All kinds of awesome to have CastroKinky mention me by name in one of his videos.  And seeing Whisper’s foot being tortured is just icing on the cake.  “Nuff said.


There is a chance there may be more to this… I’ll know by the end of the week.  Check my twitter if any updates happen sooner.

Friends & Fantasies of TFG Feet

Friends & Fantasies of TFG Feet

No fooling… I’d love to meet a few of these guys.

KBfeet, a fave of mine.

Restwalker, another classic to me.  Never really get tired of his feet.

Pup Whisper, one of CastroKink’s many slaves.

Tom Daley’s sole. It’s a bit orange, because he apparently had a mishap with a self tanner. But it’s still damn sexy to me.

Joey Mills, twink porn star

Justin Bieber.  Just look at that first pic.  Incredible, my mouth is watering!

Nico Tortorella



Solebrity Feet Caps

Solebrity Feet Caps

When hot male celebs show their feet on TV, you screen cap ’em.  A few are mine, but many came from FootBuddies.

Cast of reality show Below Deck.

below-deck-men-1 below-deck-men-2


Justin Timberlake, Friends With Benefits.

img_1039 img_1040 img_1041

Justin Hartley

justin-hartler-12121 justin-hartley


Tyler Posey, Teen Wolf.  So hot, I love his feet!

teen_wolf_s06e02_1080p__0705 teen_wolf_s06e02_1080p__0707 teen_wolf_s06e02_1080p__0708 teen_wolf_s06e02_1080p__0709

I believe this is Jared Padalecki


Nico Tortorella, another man crush of mine.


Unknown from Black Mirror, if I’m not mistaken