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Sexiness in bad movies:  Blood Sand (aka The Sand)

Sexiness in bad movies: Blood Sand (aka The Sand)

So I do have a soft spot for terrible horror movies shown on the cable network Chiller.  They’re often pretty bad, but they also tend to include sexy people in them.  This movie, Blood Sand (aka The Sand) from 2015 is no exception.  It appears to be a remake of the 1970’s movie called Blood Beach, where people found themselves sucked under the beach sand, presumably by some sort of alien creature that lived under it.

To be honest, I never actually saw Blood Beach, but the image of being sucked under the sand is oddly sexy to me.  Perhaps related to my gunge fetish, I do find the premise of quicksand to be quite appealing.  As a kid, I remember being very fascinated by the mud scene in The Neverending Story (the guy there is young, but at the time, I was a similar age, so it was appropriate), as well as the quicksand scenes in Krull and King Solomon’s Mines (the 1985 version, with Sharon Stone(!)) and Richard Chamberlain–who later came out as gay).

In any case, I grabbed a few pics that seemed up the alley of the readers of this blog.  Don’t worry, there’s no gore here, although if you do see the full version of the movie, there is some (very, very fake computer generated) gore effects.

The guy in the first pic lying face down doesn’t last long, but the other guy is Dean Geyer.  Sorry the pics are fuzzy; I literally just held up my iPhone to the TV screen.


Society movie (1986)–a hot and gay(?) influence

Society movie (1986)–a hot and gay(?) influence

I’ve always been a big fan of horror movies, and used to subscribe to a magazine called Fangoria.  (It’s still around digitally, but not in print.)  Often, they would mention movies that were not in wide release, but noteworthy.

One was called Society, made in 1989.  I wanted to see it so badly, I bought a bootlegged video cassette of it at a sci-fi convention while in college.  At the time, I didn’t know what bootlegged meant, haha.  Interestingly, it wasn’t a terrible copy of the movie, but it did have Japanese subtitles for some reason.  Nevertheless, it allowed me to see the film.

Why am I even mentioning all this on this blog?  Well, it stared Billy Warlock… of Baywatch fame.  He was pretty hot.  He does get shirtless fairly often, and barefoot in the opening scene (though you don’t get much of a view other than his tops, and even that is a bit far away).  And while he doesn’t really get tied up, he does get led around on a leash.  But even more significant to me, it was one of the first male to male kisses I had even seen in a movie.  Seeing as this was 1989, and shlock horror movie, it was really unexpected and very hot.  More on that later.

Also surprising is that the movie is actually pretty good for what it is.  It has some wry commentary about class, as well as some intentionally comedic moments.  Without giving away spoilers, the plot involves Billy as the son of a wealthy family, and he never feels like he fits in.  And we later discover that he’s more right than he could’ve ever imagined–there may be some shape-shifters in his midst.

The effects of the movie manage to be graphic and campy at the same time, and the ending is a now infamous alien orgy that has to be seen to be believed, a screen cap of which is below.  It’s actually quite ahead of it’s time for how pansexual it was… men, women, old, and young.  Oh, and alien as well.  Gotta be inclusive.

The “gay” kiss comes in when Billy faces one of the aliens, pictured above.  It really amazed me at the time.  It was probably the first male to male kiss I had ever seen. 

What amazes me is that Billy Warlock was willing to film the scene in the first place.  Remember, around 1989, there wasn’t much gay content in mainstream media at all, let alone in a horror movie.  I suppose you can argue it’s not truly a gay kiss, but even so, at the time, there were very few actors that would be willing to film anything remotely gay, so it was a real shocker to me at the time.  It made a real impression on me, especially since the guys were pretty hot on top of it.

Note:  a bit of a spoiler ahead…. if you want to skip it, stop reading now above the line and go enjoy the movie.  It’s now reached a cult status, and is available on DVD.  If you like surrealist horror, with a hot guy peppered in, as well as a bit of comedy… go see it!  I actually still enjoy it.

Spoiler ahead, with video… though it does show the kiss.

Billy is about to be “shunted”, which is the equivalent of being eaten by the aliens, by the son of his nemesis.  So they lock lips.  Unfortunately for him, Billy manages to turn things around on him… quite literally.  I’ve found a low quality video of the scene below.  You can watch about the first 30 seconds of this before it gets too graphic (it does have a very gory ending, so if you are sensitive or squeamish, definitely stop watching at 30 seconds or less–and not a moment longer).




Shirtless Celebs

Shirtless Celebs

Gregg Sulkin

 James Paxton

Justin Bieber… still looking pretty hot.  And becoming less of an ass.  Slowly.

Cutie Grant Gustin, who’s not shirtless (or barefoot) nearly enough

Jean-luc Bilodeau, one of my underrated faves.  That face, those eyes!

Drew Scott

A few I’m not sure about, but they’re hot

Joe Jonas (and one Nick), looking amazing and barefoot



Right in your face.  I can almost smell it now.  And it includes a rare Ryan Seacrest sole pic!

Daniel Tosh

Zac Efron


Ryan Gosling

Incredible sole shots from Nev Schulman (who is rumored to have a foot fetish)

Justin Beiber and unknown friend (who also has hot feet himself)

Chris Hardwick

Christian Rolondo

Ryan Seacrest

Uriah Shelton (age 20)

John Stamos


Nico Tortorella, please call me

Nico Tortorella, please call me

If you haven’t heard of this guy, where have you been?  Super hot, and openly sexually fluid.  So, ah, Nico, if you read this blog… I will totally make an exception to my pics and posting rule for you.  I’d love to tie you up and play with your feet, and I’ll be very discrete.  Don’t we all think he’d look great in bondage?  Let’s not forget he was (briefly) tied and gagged in Scream 4.  To the best of my knowledge, that’s his only known bondage scene.

First off, a few links to articles about him discussing his sexuality:

And of course, some pics, with a focus on feet pics at the end.

If CastroKinky gives you a shoutout, you blog about it

If CastroKinky gives you a shoutout, you blog about it

The title kinda says it all.  All kinds of awesome to have CastroKinky mention me by name in one of his videos.  And seeing Whisper’s foot being tortured is just icing on the cake.  “Nuff said.


There is a chance there may be more to this… I’ll know by the end of the week.  Check my twitter if any updates happen sooner.

Friends & Fantasies of TFG Feet

Friends & Fantasies of TFG Feet

No fooling… I’d love to meet a few of these guys.

KBfeet, a fave of mine.

Restwalker, another classic to me.  Never really get tired of his feet.

Pup Whisper, one of CastroKink’s many slaves.

Tom Daley’s sole. It’s a bit orange, because he apparently had a mishap with a self tanner. But it’s still damn sexy to me.

Joey Mills, twink porn star

Justin Bieber.  Just look at that first pic.  Incredible, my mouth is watering!

Nico Tortorella