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StinkyFootBoy gets off

StinkyFootBoy gets off

I love having so much control over straight guys…

It got me so hard when I convinced him to call me “Sir” so early on… it didn’t need much prompting, he must’ve wanted it pretty badly…

(On a side note, I’m going to be out of town for the rest of this weekend and the weekend.  Post will continue while I’m out, but I may be slow to reply to any messages.)

LL_slavej tastes cum

LL_slavej tastes cum

Something about LL_slavej… he doesn’t like eating cum.  It can make him gag and retch.

But I feel a good slave needs to be used to cum.  So I have been gradually training him to take it like a good little bitch.

First, I ordered him to tie himself up with duct tape.

Earlier, he shot a load onto a sock he had been wearing all day.  He was first forced to lick it up, and then stuff it into his faggot mouth for him to chew up every morsel of his cum.  To make sure he swallowed as much as possible, it wasn’t going to leave his mouth.  He duct taped it into place and was ordered to send a vid of him moaning and enjoying it in his slave mouth.  (posted with permission)

After staying like this for about 20-30 minutes, he was allowed to be released… but he had to immediately wear the sock on his foot. 

I should also add he’s shot a load on that sock and licked it up each day for a week.  And he’s gagging less and less.  He may turn into the whore he was meant to be after all…

heterobrieffag continues his decent

heterobrieffag continues his decent

No real pics to post on this one at his request, but I can tell you about it.  When he had some time to himself, I reminded him he owed me this task:

I can say that he accomplished this goal.  He did send me pics of his fingers in his mouth, and in mere moment, I saw his heavily creamed briefs.  And not a moment later, he was wearing them, with still wet piles of cum splattered all over it.

It really doesn’t take much to break some straight men, does it?

Yet another straight slave–this time, 19 yo

Yet another straight slave–this time, 19 yo

I was pleasantly surprised to see this email (posted with his permission):

I know you probably get lots of messages and maybe you won’t even read mine… But I just felt a huge urge to write you! So I’m *****and I’m a 19 years old straight guy. However, for a time now, I’ve been fantasising about doing something with a man. It really gets me aroused and I always picture myself as being submissive. I eventually found your blog and let me tell you… I have masturbated several times to your posts… I just love the idea of being controlled by a man, it gets me so turned on! I’d love to experience cum control and bondage… I love feeling used for pleasure by other men, I have even sometimes broadcasted myself masturbating for other people to watch. I wanted to share this with you… And I will not lie… I would be so happy if you were my master! Hopefully you’ll read this 🙂 Best regards, *****

What can I say, I just have straight guys begging to be abused by me.  A short reply from me got this response:

Hello Sir 🙂

My heart started racing and I got a boner when I saw you had replied to me!
Thank you so much!
I will tell you my name so you can add me if it please you [on KIK]: ******
I created it specially to be used with you.
It says 18 because I just recently turned 19 ahah
Oh I beg you Sir, please add me and send me a message! I can’t wait to talk to you!
I currently live in Spain.
And sure! You can definitely post the email! Thinking about seeing it on your blog turns me on… Ahaha
I am yours from now on if you are willing to take me, and I won’t ever cum again without your permission Sir!
I’ll send you a picture of my dick as an attachment 🙂
Hope to hear from you soon!

And here’s that pic of a 19 yo straight, hard cock, as well as some feet pics at my request.  Bet you can’t wait to see more, can you? He’ll be known as KinkyStr8Guy…