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SockBitchSlave begs for more

SockBitchSlave begs for more

Being tormented by LL_slavej wasn’t enough for him.  He needed more from yours truly.

With vids!

It’s no secret he likes socks.  The more used, smelly, and rancid, the better for him.  He not only chewed on it, but sent a vid on how much he liked sucking on it.

Then he’s ordered to show me how hard he is.

As well as tell me, “I’m a useless faggot, Master” with the sock still shoved in his mouth.  (vid below)


He had a bucket of ice.  He shoved a few cubes up his ass, then I ordered him to do this:

Piss ice.

Which he then dunked his socks into.  And then wore them… one on his foot, the other back into his mouth to suck on.  To suck the foot sweat, stink, and now cold piss.  Being the fag he is, he liked it.

Didn’t want that piss ice to go to waste, so I had him take a nice, long gulp.  Then, now wearing both disgusting socks, he had to shove all his fingers into his mouth and choke on them.

But I’m not entirely unkind.  He was allowed to jerk off… as long as he showed me.

Controlling LL_slavej remotely

Controlling LL_slavej remotely

So LL_slavej acquired a vibrating butt plug that can be controlled via an app.  So even though we’re hundreds of miles away, I can control the intensity.  It was a fun experience.

First, him showing me it’s inside his slutty ass.

While we were at it, I ordered him to gag himself.  He chose a sock he’s cummed into before.  Even better.  He had to chew it and swallow any old cum, foot sweat, and stink.

To make sure he didn’t go anywhere, I had him sit in a chair and chain up his feet and cuff his hand.  The sock gag is still in, as is the remote vibrating butt plug.

His dick seems to like it.

The plug in action.  I love that it looks like his ass is trying to eat it.

Didn’t want him enjoying himself too much, so I told him to lock up.  That said, he was able to cum anyway.  He’s punished with chastity for the rest of the week.


KinkyStr8Guy humilates and fingers himself for the first time

KinkyStr8Guy humilates and fingers himself for the first time

More from our 19 yo straight guy in Spain… his first time being owned, dominated, and humiliated by a man.  As it should be.

I am too nice to him, aren’t I?  Somehow, I doubt it’s the first time he’s had a finger up his ass… but happy to have him send me a pic of it regardless.  I’m sure a lot more will be going up his ass later…