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Movie Review:  Salo, or 120 Days of Sodom

Movie Review: Salo, or 120 Days of Sodom

Made in 1975, this is considered by many the most unpleasant and disturbing movie in the world. It tells the story of 18 kidnapped youths, 9 men and 9 women.  They are utterly degraded, humiliated, raped and tortured for the simple pleasure of 4 aristocratic men.

The structure of the movie is usual, alternating from the mundane to the extreme.  Once kidnapped, each day begins with a story being told by one of the wives of the aristocrats while the rest sit around and listen.  These stories are the vile and sexually degrading, and yet are told rather matter of factually, even humorously.  The stories often lead to ideas for the aristocrats for their torture, which is when the more physically graphic scenes occur.  It’s all very intense, and these is a very disturbing and extended scatological scene.  (Do note that none of my pics in this post have scatological content, save for a bit in the video preview.)


Even in this preview, there are some scatological scenes and naked women, as well as one relatively unpleasant scene physical torture scene.  So if this trailer is too much for you, this movie is definitely not your thing, because it only gets more intense from there.


Strangely, the movie is beautifully shot.  And since I saw this on a DVD with a extras, there were a few that were mini-documentaries about the film.  They expressed that much of the teen cast couldn’t stop laughing during filming, and it was only later they saw how intense the film was.  Also, the director was killed before the movie actually got released (in an incident that as far as I could tell, had nothing to do with the film itself).

As I watched, I as amazed that so much of the young cast had seemingly no issues with being fully naked.  I suppose being Italian may have made that a bit easier… there’s not as much shame about nudity in Europe in general, at least not as much as there is in United States, which is (unfortunately) much more puritan about that.  I was also shocked at the amount of gay and transgender content.  The men kiss the boys just as much as the girls, and at many points cross dress.  At first I believed this to be incredibly and unusually enlightened, until my husband did remind me that at that time, such activities were seen as further proof of perversion, and not socially acceptable.  It’s a good point, so maybe “enlightened” is not the correct word… but even so, I find it remarkable in 1975.

I do think what’s a bit interesting is that some of these same things are seen in the gay kink community. Being leashed and collared, and being forced to eat out of a dog bowl… that’s nearly par for the course on most kink blogs. But the obvious main difference is consent. When it’s done in the gay kinky community, it is (or at least should be) done with complete consent on all sides. In the context of this movie, there is no consent, and that makes it horrifying.


Why would anyone want to watch a movie like this?  Well, to be completely shallow, some of the guys are pretty hot.  And if the scenes had been contextually consensual, many of them would frankly be pretty damn sexy (big if here, of course).  At the end of the day, it’s good to remember this is just a film, not a documentary (although that can be easy to forget, because it does have a bit of a documentary feel).  And films like this are also seen as a bit of a dare… you often find yourself asking, can I get through this?  Sometimes we stare at a car accident, no matter how graphic it may be, and that tells us a lot about our own human psyche.  Lastly, on a serious side, there is a very political message here about power corrupting.  And despite all the atrocities that are depicted in the film, the final shot is one of hope.

salo-flower-boys salo

For me personally, I wasn’t as shocked when I watched the film because I did a thorough reading of it beforehand (mostly Wikipedia) so I could prepare myself.  For once, I really didn’t want to be spoiler free, so I could be prepared psychologically for what I was about to witness.  But if I had seen this film knowing nothing beforehand, it would have been quite unpleasant.  It’s not for everyone, but I was glad to see it.

Nico Tortorella, please call me

Nico Tortorella, please call me

If you haven’t heard of this guy, where have you been?  Super hot, and openly sexually fluid.  So, ah, Nico, if you read this blog… I will totally make an exception to my pics and posting rule for you.  I’d love to tie you up and play with your feet, and I’ll be very discrete.  Don’t we all think he’d look great in bondage?  Let’s not forget he was (briefly) tied and gagged in Scream 4.  To the best of my knowledge, that’s his only known bondage scene.

First off, a few links to articles about him discussing his sexuality:

And of course, some pics, with a focus on feet pics at the end.

Still kicking at over 12 years old!

Still kicking at over 12 years old!

I’m talking about this blog!  The first post was done on July 9, 2005!  It wasn’t an exciting post… at the time, I was trying to run an amateur male foot bondage website (it wasn’t the greatest, but I did what I could with limited resources at the time… find out more about my history here) , and all it did was announce that I had restructured the website.  Below are some of the pictures from that original website, all my feet of course.  My, digital cameras have come a long way since them.

To say this blog is 12 years old is accurate, but also a bit misleading.  I didn’t begin daily posts as I have it now until about the end 2010.  But still, over 7 years of nearly daily blogging–unpaid mind you–is a not insignificant achievement in my opinion.  I think about all the other blogs I used to follow that are now either gone or no longer updated, and I do look at the ones that remain, and realize I am humbled by my company.

I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for as long as I have.  This blog has seen me go from a boyfriend, to being single, to dating, to being in a relationship, and eventually getting married.  And am still happily married, thank you very much.  And this blog gets about an average of 1,500-2,000 page views a day.  Not too shabby for a niche market, so to speak!

It’s also given me terrific opportunities to hear from all kinds of people, meet and connect with people–many of which are well-known names in the community, and have experiences I couldn’t have imagined just a few years ago.  Just look at all the subs I’ve had a chance to play with!

So thank you, dear readers, for being a part of this!  The best way to celebrate would be to send me pics of your own bound feet for me to post.  Or I can keep them to myself if you don’t want to be public.  Or just say hi!

Current rankings

Current rankings

Every once in a while, I like to check the rankings of this site via Alexa.  I was recently surprised to see these stats in mid-June, when I last checked:

First of all, I have to say that everytime I check my stats over the years, I seem to be a celebrity in Canada.  There must be a lot of you perverts out there!  I’ve been in the top 100,000-150,000 over there for a long time.

But I’m just as happy to now include the UK as pretty highly ranked.  If any of you in the UK would like to sponsor me for a visit out there, I’m game!  There’s actually quite a few guys in England I’ve been wanting to meet for a while.  I’d be more than happy to begin my worldwide tour there, haha.

Even Russia and the USA are relatively high, especially when you consider this is out of all possible websites in the world. 

So just wanted to send out a great big thank you to all of you who visit!  I put a lot of work, time, effort, and money into this blog, but at the same time, it’s allowed me to meet, talk, and connect with all kinds of amazing people.  Please keep spreading the word!

Breaking down the new blog look

Breaking down the new blog look

So by now, you’ve noticed there’s a new look to the blog!  A few new features I hope you’ve already noticed that are different:

  • There are now multiple posts on a page.  This should make it easier for those of you who only visit infrequently to see what you’ve missed, and if you’re a daily visitor, be easily reminded of older posts.
  • You can leave comments!  It’s the text at the bottom of each post.  They do need to all be approved by me, but that’s mainly so it doesn’t get spammed.  I’ll basically approve any comment that doesn’t look like an ad or spam.
  • If you don’t like seeing so many posts, you can still click the heading or header picture of an individual post to isolate it.
  • There’s no more lightbox feature.  That was something exclusive to the old blog template… but really, while I liked that, I like being able to see multiple posts better.  And being able to leave comments!
  • Updated pics in the slider (along with some classics).  The first pic is me, the rest are slaves/subs that I’ve worked with as a Dom.

I have done some minor updates to my FAQ page, mostly about my favorite scenes and changing all references about my boyfriend to husband, lol.  And a few minor pic updates in the About TFG page.

Things that haven’t changed:  There’s still a search box to find your favorite posts, categories and tags, an archived list, and highlight galleries.

Hope you enjoy!  Let me know your thoughts, and feel free to comment below or contact me!

And in the meantime, how about a preview of some pics and sets to come?


Working on a new blog look, previews

Working on a new blog look, previews

Over the years, my blog has undergone quite a few different looks.  I really enjoy the look and features of this current incarnation a lot, except for one thing… it doesn’t allow for people to comment on anything.  It’s just something this theme doesn’t really allow, and it can get frustrating.  When I was on blogspot, it was fun to see people immediately respond, react, or just show appreciation for a certain post.  And while I can be emailed directly, it’s often not the most convenient thing, so I don’t get the feedback I’d often like to get.

So behind the scenes, I’ve been playing with a few new blog themes, and I’m settling down on one.  I hope to be fine tuning it and debuting it in either June or July.  Not sure it’ll solve the comments problem, but even if it doesn’t, I’m really liking the new look, which is demonstrated here.  It has a bit more of a tumblr feel.  I do intend to alter and customize it, so that you can still view entire posts, and have the sidebar at the right with archievs, categories, and links.  I hope you’ll like it.

Do you have any thoughts?  So please email me instead.  Or tweet.

Oh, and because we all love original sexy pics, here’s some original content that’ll be getting posted in the future.  To keep you coming back…

That time I was young and desparate

That time I was young and desparate

Growing up, I was incredibly shy and quiet.  You young’uns, please recall a time when no one had a cell phone or access to the internet.  Incredible as it may seem, many of us grew up like that.  All you knew was what you saw on TV, read in books or magazines, or what your friends and family told you.  And when that’s all you have, and you’re struggling with the fact you may be gay in a world where no one else ever says the word gay, it’s a very confusing time.

By my late teens, I was beginning to realize I was probably gay, but still very unsure how to act upon it.  I was too young for the club/bar scene (not that I would have even known it existed at that point), so just the idea of meeting another guy, added to the fact that I was painfully shy, was nearly overwhelming.

At this time, I entered a surf store in Huntington Beach, an area I didn’t get to often.  I was not a surfer by any means, but the clothes were the fashion then, and I did need some clothes.  While shopping, this very hot, probably early to mid twenties (but very twink looking) guy who worked at the store came up to help me and then began a conversation.  Floppy blonde hair, which was my weakness then as now.  Looked very much like these James Paxton pics (from the US version of the show Eyewitness) I’m posting here.  That first pic is almost exactly how I remember him, it’s a bit uncanny.

Put yourself in my shoes… it was flattering, hot, and nerve-wreaking all at the same time.  But the guy was very at ease, striking up a conversation (the store was not crowded at the time), and before I knew it, the topics were going into our own lives.  We probably talked for about 15-20 minutes.  I was trying some performing classes at the time, and shared that with him to sort of feel him out (my gaydar was very dysfunctional then as now, lol).   To my surprise, he said that was cool, and that he actually played the cello.  I thought that was very cool personally (and also remember “cool” was the word du jour back then, haha), but in terms of gaydar, I had no idea where that put him.

I don’t remember quite how the conversation ended, but I do remember that I didn’t end up buying anything, and I left wondering if I really missed some sort of chance with him.  I didn’t get a phone number or anything from him, but we had chatted so long… that had to count for something, right?  I came home really pining for what I may have missed.

It was at that moment I took a pretty huge and very uncharacteristic gamble.  Remembering his name was James (it wasn’t, but it seems fitting now to call him that), I decided to actually call the store back and ask for him.  For someone like me, it was an incredibly gutsy move.  But I figured even if I was wrong, the worst that would happen is he’d say no.

I still have a very vivid memory of how it went.  Remember, I was calling this store maybe an hour after I was just there.  When they picked up, it was a woman.  I asked for James.  “James?” she said.  On retrospect, she had a tone that may have known exactly what I was doing, and knew it was about to end badly.  But she said, “Hold on,” and put the phone down to get him.  When he picked up, I explained I was they guy just in the store talking to him, if he remembered me.  He said “Yeah,” but in a very offhanded and dismissive tone that already sank at my heart.  But I had already come so far, I figured there was no going back, so I asked him if he wanted to grab a coffee or something.  That’s when he very abruptly and irritably said, “Man, I don’t do that,” and hung up.

I was pretty crushed, but at the same time, proud that I had the courage to try it.  It’s not exactly my most shining moment, but it was one in which I grew up emotionally.  I didn’t really lose anything, but I did gain some confidence about myself.

A strange coda to this story… many, many years later, I was performing in a show (those classes paid off, go figure).  In the final rehearsals, we had a cast of live musicians, and lo and behold… I’m convinced James was the cello player. 

I’m quite sure he did not recognize me, and I never got to talk to him, but I knew him almost immediately on sight.  Small world, right?  Although this time, I had the sense not to hit on him.  But boy, that was a very surreal moment.  And I had to say, he still looked pretty damn hot.

TFG fan love

TFG fan love

Every once in a while, I get some messages that really inspire me.  As you well know, I engage in quite a bit of slave cyber play.  One of my cyber slaves (who wishes to remain anon) messaged me with this out of the blue:

That was so amazing for me to hear!  And I can share that this particular cyber slave has now become a bit of a cyber Dom himself, and now runs his own tumblr blog that is doing quite well.  Of course, behind the scenes, I still have to take him down a notch or two, to remind him of what a faggot slave he really is.  🙂  But in all seriousness, this meant a great deal to me.

I also was talking with a slave that I’ve posted here before.  He was about to make his first trip to San Francisco, and he was such an amazing slave, I recommended that he try to work with CastroKinky (I had already discussed this with CastroKinky himself).  I had a feeling they’d be a great match.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to connect with him, but after telling me he did have an amazing (though sadly non-kinky) trip, he did send me this very hot text (my reply is first in the dark blue):

We had never really previously discussed him being my property, and I do know he plays with others occasionally–but it was still damn hot to hear him say.  Sadly, he lives pretty far away from me, and our schedules are difficult to sync up… but certainly hoping to meet him again in the future.  After all, he is now my property.  🙂

And on a separate day, he said:

He knows me so well. 

Lastly, I have a number of guys in the UK that I really want to work with, but my #1 wish list is this guy here, who I’ve actually been talking with for years… and he only gets hotter as he gets older.  He frequently shows me pics of his feet, but I was feeling a bit more ornery, and told him to shove a sock in his mouth and then tape his shoe over that.  He accommodated in spades, and told me he stayed like that for 20 minutes.  Sometimes it’s great to run this blog, lol.

Movie Review:  In a Glass Cage (Tras el Cristal)

Movie Review: In a Glass Cage (Tras el Cristal)

I enjoy very intense films that aren’t for everyone.  I’m particularly fascinated when they were made a long time ago, and probably could not be made today due to their controversial themes.


This movie, In a Glass Cage (Tras el Cristal) is a prime example.  An Italian film made in 1987, as there are a lot of gay, kinky overtones.  And I personally find the lead teen guy pretty hot.  That said, there is also very graphic, violent and unsettling deaths of young children (I’m talking 9-12 year old range) that will be too intense and disturbing for many.  At the same time, if you can make it through, it is, at the end of the day, a beautifully shot film that really makes you question the cycle of violence in society. 

The trailer below does not contain anything graphic, but does give you a good sense of the mood.


The general plot centers around an ex-Nazi named Klaus who continues his murderous ways by torturing and ultimately killing young boys.  But wracked with guilt, he tries to kill himself by jumping off a building.  Unfortunately for him, he survives, and is now forced to exist with an iron lung (the glass cage of the title).

His wife now looks after him… until, that is, a mysterious young man volunteers to look after him as a nurse.  But it turns out the young man has some plans of his own, and may be looking for more of a mentor.  There is also a young girl, Klaus’s daughter, who may be on to the intentions of the supposed nurse.


The movie is a difficult one to watch, but I did find that after viewing it, I couldn’t get many of the images out of my head, as well as many of the social questions the movie presents.  There are also many sexual overtones between the teenaged male nurse and Klaus.

If you enjoy being challenged by films that could no longer be made today (I think it’d be safe to say this movie would never be remade), this is one to watch.  But be cautioned it is not for everyone… the movie frequently appears on lists of the most disturbing films ever made.  So you’ve been warned.


Hedwig:  Darren Criss

Hedwig: Darren Criss

I was lucky enough to recently see Darren Criss in Hewdig in Los Angeles.  I’m a huge fan of Hedwig, and it was awesome to see him in it.

If you’ve only seen the movie (as I have), the live version acts as if it were all one big, single show.  The band and Yitzhak are on stage, but it’s largely a one “man” show with Hedwig doing most of the talking.  The character of Tommy Gnosis is spoken about, but never actually seen.  Despite this, the musical is quite faithful to the movie (or really, the other way around, since the musical was first).  So it can be argued that the movie retains much of the spirit of the original, and expands storylines that don’t really appear on the live version (for instance, there’s nothing about Yitzhak wanting to do Rent, and there is no manager at all).

And much like Gilbert & Sullivan, the play has the flexibility to stay fresh and current, as there were many references to the current social and political climate.  Darren Criss, who is in fact straight, is a great gay supporter, and does a great job in the role both as the character and the singing.  It also doesn’t hurt that by the end of the show he appears barefoot and wearing only leather underwear (he wears the shoes at the encore).

While I’d still love to see Neil Patrick Harris do the role, Darren Criss was also a great choice.  I was lucky to see it.

maxresdefault1434618341137-cachedcriss27f-1-web tumblr_nnlxopwkcg1r4gxc3o3_1280