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TieGuyUK closing next year

TieGuyUK closing next year

If you haven’t already heard, TieGuyUK will be shutting down his blog for the next year.  While I’m disappointed, I totally understand his case.  There have been times I’ve shut down my blog  (here and here) for similar reasons.  He and his site have been a big influence on me, and will be missed very much.  I wish him all the best.  It’s sadly the closing of a major bondage chapter.
His own words below (copied from his tumblr):
Thank you and goodbye.

So, as the saying goes, all good things come to an end and with a heavy heart this post is to tell you all that will be closing it’s doors in 2018. This is a long post but I think after 16 years online I owe the members that. For the most part I’ve had a blast but truth be told, the last couple of years have just been a constant battle. Censors, new rules and regulations, idiocracy from small minded people has all just ground me down. I’ve had emails from people informing me they’re telling all their local schools about my site (because all gay guys are paedos apparently). I think that says more about the people that have an issue with it than it does about my site. A never ending fight with our increasing nanny state over what can and can’t be shown and believe me, it’s only going to get worse. Add to that the constant battle with people sharing passwords and posting my stuff online and it’s just not fun anymore. I put my heart and soul into tieguyuk for years because it was a passion, it was exciting, it was fun. Now unfortunately it is none of those things.

I never had any interested in creating a porn site and so I always steered clear of nudity and kept everything playful. As most of you probably know it was a free site for years but it got so popular I was forced to create a members area to help pay for the hosting, bandwidth, sessions etc and for a long while it was perfect. A great, fun hobby that was paying for itself. That’s all I ever wanted from the site but I was always lumped in with these huge big commercial sites, run by corporations that have staff and legal teams and I’m expected to abide by the same rules and pay the same rates as them. I can’t. It’s just me and a PC. I just can’t do it all anymore.

One Christmas eve at 5pm I received an email from Epoch informing me that my site wasn’t compliant and changes had to be made. They demanded those changes at 5pm Christmas eve and threatened to stop taking payments unless I made them immediately. The site barely covers costs as it is. So there I was, while everyone else was out enjoying themselves working on the site but did I complain? No. So I started to wonder what I was getting out of the site. Was it what I wanted? Is it what I want? And the answer is no, not anymore. I’ve tried to keep it going best I can for the last couple of years because I know how much some people enjoy it but I’m just going through the motions.

You may be surprised to hear I haven’t tied anyone for years now and I never will again. It’s not me, it was never me, I just enjoyed seeing pics of clothed guys tied up and at the time (remember this was nearly 20 years ago) the only way for that to happen was for me to make them myself and it just snowballed. The more I was exposed to people in the ‘scene’ the more I realised I just wasn’t interested in being a part of it. I wasn’t a ‘dom’ or a ‘top’, I wasn’t into leather or rubber and PVC was a turn off. I didn’t consider myself a ‘slave’, a ‘bottom’, a ‘dog’ or a ‘pig’ and found it all to be very stereotyped and a bit cringe. You would think that gay men would be more accepting of minorities considering we are one ourselves but they really aren’t. The reality is very black and white. You have to choose a box to fit in and so tieguyuk became somewhat of a persona. A persona I slowly started to resent.

It became harder and harder, people assumed I lived and breathed tying guys when I didn’t. People wanted to be my friend because I was tieguyuk but I wasn’t. I became distant from anyone I’d met via the site because of it. I felt like a fraud but didn’t want to let people down that enjoyed the site so I tried to carry on. Well 16 years on I think it’s time to start thinking about what I want instead of what everyone else wants from me and it wasn’t an easy decision to make. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it immensely, I did, especially the photography side of things. I took pride in creating what I considered to be exciting images, they weren’t just randomly taken. I always took time to try and create exciting pictures. I got a kick out of posting something on my blog that I knew would get a good reaction but now we live in a world where it is just not worth even posting a clothed, fun, consensual bondage image in a free area for fear of backlash. Another nail in the coffin.

I’d like to thank every guy I ever had a session with. I never had a bad one and I always enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you to anyone that has helped or contributed in any way over the years, there’s too many to mention. You are all amazing for helping tieguyuk become the site that it is, every single one of you and I wish you all every success in everything you do. And last but by no means least thank you to all the loyal members for your support over the years. Without you the site wouldn’t have flourished. I wish it could continue and I hope you don’t hold it against me for moving on but my decision is final. It’s time to say goodbye.

The site will no longer update with new content. It will remain open until the new year so that those of you with an active subscription can continue to enjoy the huge amount of content currently available. Those of you with recurring memberships please cancel the next rebill. From here on in I will not be answering emails, I need to enjoy the holidays too guys. It’s time for me to put myself first for a change.

I will update the blog with a proposed closing date when I am able.

Thanks for the memories,


Graham H is back!

Graham H is back!

I’ve never mentioned on here before, but if you like to check out male feet on YouTube, he was your guy. 

In case you weren’t aware of his work, he would approach hot guys just out and about, and get them to show their feet.  No nudity at all, just real guys showing their feet.  I still don’t know exactly how he does it (my suspicion is he tells guys he works for a shoe company, and needs to see the shape of men’s feet to see how the shoes would fit), but it’s a pretty great service. And whatever technique he’s using, he’s got it mastered.

Despite there being no nudity or sexual content at all (other than seeing men’s socks and bare feet), his channel has been flagged a lot.  But at last, he’s decided to create his own webpage.  So give it a visit!

Below are just a few screen caps I took of his vids, so you get an idea of what you’ll see.  Soles are my favorite, so I focused on those, but it should be noted he gets feet from every angle:  feet straight out, ankles crossed, tops, heels, and sitting and standing.  He also spends a good time on the guys in socks, so you sock lovers aren’t left out.

Breaking News:  No Safe Word does Foot Fetish, finally!

Breaking News: No Safe Word does Foot Fetish, finally!

With a gentle nudge from yours truly, the NoSafeWord has finally done an episode on foot fetishism!  It’s been long overdue.  And with fabulous representation from the incredible James T Medak, nonetheless.  Seek out episode number 215 “Foot in Mouth, Please.”  I’ve already given it a listen, and it’s a great episode! 

For those of you who don’t know (and if you follow this blog, you should), James T Medak is a major foot pig.  I’ve interviewed him here at my blog, and been fortunate enough to meet him in person (along with one of his friends, SaltLakeFootman).  He’s also the author of numerous foot, bondage, and tickling books which are for sale on Amazon.  Congrats to his great work on the show.

I will confess this was done a bit at my nudging.  I did write the show requesting them to hit this topic, and I very much appreciate seeing my name credited, and to the show for indulging me and all us foot fetishists.  It’s a bit surreal to see my name on iTunes, but it’s also pretty freakin’ damn cool.  🙂  Go support!

Dore Alley Dungeon Bed for sale… last call!

Dore Alley Dungeon Bed for sale… last call!

Updated with new pics.  We are getting rid of this.  If interested, and would be available to pick it up, let me know.

So my husband and I got ourselves the Dore Alley Dungeon Bed for rather obvious reasons. We totally love it, but he’s starting to think he wants a King bed, and right now we have a Queen. This would mean not only would we have to get an entire new bed and mattress (and to be honest, we’d probably get another Dore Alley Bed… we really do like it), but we’d also have to figure out what to do with the old one.

Since it’s a bed with very distinctive bondage uses, it seems only fair it should go to someone in the kink community. But it’s very expensive, and not easy to mail. So you’d have to be in the Los Angeles area, and be willing to pick it up and transport (it does come apart)–unless you are willing to pay shipping, but that would be at least a couple hundred dollars.

Note our bed already comes with: top rail restraints (the bars across the top), and votive candle holders. This make the current retail total value of the bed well over $4000 according to, and that is not including tax or shipping costs. We do not have a sling extender, which we understand to be a very common purchase with this bed, but I’m quite certain you can still get one and attach it if desired.

Obviously it’s used, and the transportation factors in. That said, it’s in excellent shape–we take care of our stuff. We’d like to ask $3000 for it, but are open to other offers. Here’s some pics so you can see it (sheet not included, but that could possibly be negotiated as well).

TFG vs GayComicGeek!  The trailer

TFG vs GayComicGeek! The trailer

So I posted a few tweets about a fairly well-known internet celebrity that I got to meet.

A few of your figured it out.  And yes, I got to meet, tie up, and see the feet of the GayComicGeek!


If you don’t know him, I’ve included some pics below (not mine, just from his site) so you can see what you’ve been missing out on.  A true comic geek based in Miami, he’s been looking to experience a bit more bondage.  And while he doesn’t have a foot fetish of his own, he’s acknowledged that many of his fans (like me!) have been wanting to see his 10.5 sized feet.  I did, and it was awesome.

And for those of you who may have forgotten, but I do have a thing for superhero bondage.  So much so, I began a second blog called  So this was quite a thrill for me.

He was in San Diego for this small event called Comic Con.  Obviously if you’re a geek, that’s going to keep you pretty damn busy.  So I was amazed he was able to fit a meet into his schedule at all.  Our time was short, but we made the most of it with pics of him in:

  • Spiderman caught and tied in a web
  • Battled scarred Spiderman (torn up costume) standing up spread-eagled
  • Nightwing in both a rope body harness and yoke
  • And… well… *ahem* just underwear.  Spiderman boxer briefs.  He may have been hogtied, ballgagged, and barefoot as well.


So now I know you’re dying to see the pics.  They are being worked on by a friend of his to include some graphic, comic details.  This was a different sort of shoot.  I will have to confess these pics were done with an intentional bit of tongue-in-cheek feel.  It was not an intense, serious, slave style bondage scene.  Since his passion is comics, not to mention our time constraints (we only had 2 hours) we kept it very light, and did our best to honor the comic feel.  I we attempted to recreate the look of this famous Spiderman pic.


Once the pics are ready–and keep in mind, it may be a while, there were a lot to go through–I will be posting highlights both here and at CapturedHeroesBlog.  But I will say that I have donated the bulk of these pics to his Patreon site, which he created to help support himself.  If you weren’t aware, some time ago, he actually lost his job as a direct result of his blog (he openly reviews porn, and they didn’t like that), and he’s primary using the site to support himself.  I felt it was important to help him do so.

Hope you’ll visit his site once they’re up!  I will say that I did not let the foot guys down… I made certain his bare feet showed in a good number of pics.  So you’d definitely get your monies worth.  Remember, none of pics below are mine, but it will give you an idea of what I had in mind as we worked.

13257157_238613249852583_855304339_n 13388719_709321272552435_1534311372_n 13392730_1091134877646583_476947065_n 13432291_1117357438336617_5651298089136877052_n 13776044_1147892631949764_7385987723105564626_n

His tops. This was taken from his profile. I got to see his soles.

And yes, he is just as hot and nice as you’d expect him to be in person.  😀

We’ll keep you posted as to when the pics will be ready!  I may be posting teasers to my twitter, so keep an eye on that just in case.

Did you write and never get a reply from me?

Did you write and never get a reply from me?

I only recently found out that many of my emails from my other blog were going to my spam folder.  For all I know, it may have been happening here, too.

I’ve since fixed it, but I actually have no idea how long this was happening for–it may have been a while.  So if you wrote me and never heard a reply, that may have been the case, and I apologize.  Feel free to write again, I do love hearing from fans!


Reorganizing the posts, updated Galleries

Reorganizing the posts, updated Galleries

NOTE:  New posts below, just scroll down!

As my content around here is increasing, I thought I’d make it easier to find what you may be looking for.  All categories are listed in a sidebar at the right, making it easy to find what interests you.  I imagine most of you want to see my bondage/feet work of the hot guys I’ve had a chance to tie up.  Some of you may want to see the sexy ropework my husband does on me.  Others greatly enjoy my cyber work.  So I’ve separated it all out.

If you want to see:

  • All the pics/posts where I’ve worked with and tied up different guys, use the new TFG’s subs category.  If you just want to see the “best of” of my sub work, visit my TFG’s subs page and gallery.
  • All the posts where I’m the one tied up (usually by my husband, but occasionally others), use the TFG category.  Again, a “best of” is on my TFG Pics page.
  • If you want to see all my cyber slave work, use the cyber category.
  • I occasionally get submissions from readers, which goes under the reader submission category.
  • Want to see it all?  Collectively, all of the above is under the Exclusive category, as all of it is original content that isn’t found anywhere else (until it gets reposted to tumblr, lol).

Taken as a whole, there are over  280 exclusive posts, 52 of which are just my work with subs!  I’ve noticed that I’ve been working with a lot more people in recent years.  Even I was surprised!  It’s been a huge thrill to work with so many hot guys.

Speaking of my Gallery pages, in other news, I’ve recently updated both my TFG Pic Gallery and TFG’s subs Gallery.  I had quite a few pics to catch up with in the latter, and there are a few pics in there that I’ve yet to post–consider it a preview!  I’ve been meeting quite a few hot guys.  Go see and enjoy.

Blog Birthday/Tickled Movie/New “Cyber” tag for cyber Doming post

Blog Birthday/Tickled Movie/New “Cyber” tag for cyber Doming post

So incredibly enough, as of this week, I have been blogging for 11 years.  Let’s say that again.

Eleven years.

Admittedly, the first few were pretty dry.  At the time, I had a fledgling website, and because my programming skills were pretty week, it was easier to blog about updates I did to the site than to actually add them to the site itself.  I’d occasionally talk about my life and guys I was dating, but that was about it.  As times and formats changed, I realized it’d be easier to just put all my content into a blog format.  This allowed me to post daily (despite a few breaks) since about 2009/2010.

Like many great things, this wasn’t planned from the beginning.  It just sort of organically happened.  And because of it, I’ve had a great time talking with like minded kinky people from all over the world.  It’s been pretty incredible.

How many kinky blogs do you know that have been around this long?  Thanks to all of you for your support!

And if you want to read even more about the history of this blog, click here and scroll down.

Tickled Movie

Admittedly I’m a bit late to the party, but I finally got to see the Tickled movie.  Since this is primarily a kinky foot/bondage blog, I’ll get this out of the way right off the top:  there are a few scenes of tickling play where you get to see feet.  But it is not the focus of the movie, so you shouldn’t go in expecting that.  In fact, as the movie progresses, I actually began to feel sorry for the models, because much of what was posted was without their consent, which is a very different matter.  People who do this sort of this should be doing so willingly, and not blackmailed into it.  Which is the theme the movie explores, and it gets very strange and dark for most of the film.  I don’t have a lot more to say about the movie that hasn’t already been said, but I do very much appreciate that Rich from My Friend’s Feet is portrayed is a well deserved light.  And I say that having hardly talked with him much, but having much respect for his work.

I think the interesting part is that during the premier in Los Angeles, the two main subjects of the film were there at the Q & A that followed, and there was a rather heated confrontation.  They’ve also began their own site to try to discredit the film.  I haven’t delved into every aspect of it, but it seems to me like they can’t see the forest for the trees.  I almost felt sorry for them until they stated that what Rich does is pornography, and theirs isn’t.  And not gay.

As many of us know, Rich’s site is not pornography.  Erotic and fetish positive, yes.  But not explicit pornography.  No one gets naked, nor is there any sort of sex whatsoever.  Yes, they do take their shirts off.  But so do guys at the beach, and I wouldn’t call that pornography.  The fact they seem to so adamantly deny it’s gay or homoerotic at all is what’s so absolutely strange to me.  There seems to be some deeply seated self-loathing here, and in a way, it’s rather sad.

“Cyber” tag

I actually already reported this, but it was at the very bottom of a very large post, so I’m stating it again.

I have really been enjoying all my cyber slaving. If you are into verbal, I must say, I believe I’ve become quite good at it. And these are real life, real time sessions, which makes them even hotter to read. I’ve pretty much been updating my cyber slaving adventures each Wednesday, and they are quite numerous. Lots of fun times abusing LL_slavej (Lowest of the Low), PAW_ss (Pathetic And Worthless straight slave), SockBitchSlave, Freezeman, newbie JamesT, and classics like S & M slave (a Straight & Married guy–he was fascinating to work with) and SBS_justin (Slave Bitch Slut), even though I’ve lost touch with them.

I realized it was hard to find older posts, so I’ve updated this blog with a tag for all my cyber posts, which you can click on or at the sidebar on the right. Do keep in mind I have both Categories and Tags… so far, this is a Tag. Though if this keeps up (and I do believe it will… there’s quite a pool of cyber slaves out there), I may eventually upgrade it. But in the meantime, you can now find all the cyber posts in one click.

Stockroom Rummage Sale!

Stockroom Rummage Sale!

If you are in Los Angeles the weekend of April 23-24, be sure to stop by The Stockroom and their famous rummage sale (now called their Spring Cleaning Clearance Sale).  You can honestly get some amazing deals there!  My husband and I got their high quality spreader bars for $5 each… and they normally sell for about $60!  And no, nothing was wrong with them.  I also got an amazing chastity belt for $25, that also normally retails for about $125!

The deals can be incredible.  You can visit their site for more info, but it should be open from 11am-7pm both days.  A word of warning–if you wait towards the end of the day Sunday, you’ll likely find most of the good stuff has been picked through.  So the sooner you can get there, the better.

The event is held in an adjacent space literally next door to their retail location:  The Stockroom Hall, 2811 W. Sunset Blvd, LA, CA, 90026.  I’m not sure I can personally make it this year, but I have definitely attended in years past, and I highly recommend it!

More possible delays

More possible delays

So I have much of this week off, and I hope to be getting a new computer.  My current one is getting very, very slow, and it’s to a point where even just opening a webpage or a folder can take minutes on a bad day.  (It’s even taken up to 10 to 15 minutes just to open up a folder.)

But with this update may come some downtime.  I will try to keep up posts, but if the site does go quiet, please be patient. I will return.  Keep checking my twitter, which I can update by phone or iPad, for my current status.  Plus, I sometimes post hot pics, too.  🙂