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My crush:  Mutt

My crush: Mutt

So Mutt and I have been talking off and on for years.  Sadly, since he’s in England and I’m in the USA, we’ve yet to meet in person.  But I fell in love with his super soft looking soles right away.  Even better that he’s into bondage and bastinado.

In the interest of his privacy, I’m not sharing direct face pics.  That said, he has full face pics out there, and he has posted a few on his own, but I’m leaving that for you to find.  This is not his main screen name, but it’s the first one I really knew of him, so I always associate it with him, even though he’s not actually into pup play.

He has actually sent me a pair of his socks, which stank wonderfully, and I gifted him the muzzle you see in the first pic.  Doesn’t he look sexy in it?  Some of these pics are quite old, but some are very recent.  Hope you enjoy as much as I do!

Friends & Fantasies of TFG Feet

Friends & Fantasies of TFG Feet

No fooling… I’d love to meet a few of these guys.

KBfeet, a fave of mine.

Restwalker, another classic to me.  Never really get tired of his feet.

Pup Whisper, one of CastroKink’s many slaves.

Tom Daley’s sole. It’s a bit orange, because he apparently had a mishap with a self tanner. But it’s still damn sexy to me.

Joey Mills, twink porn star

Justin Bieber.  Just look at that first pic.  Incredible, my mouth is watering!

Nico Tortorella



Reader Submission:  Socks (and feet) of a Straight Guy

Reader Submission: Socks (and feet) of a Straight Guy

Still talking with this straight guy, kev521.  We still hope to meet one day, but in the meantime, since he’s a bit more into socks, he sent me some pics of his socked feet that he said were fine for posting here.  Said they had been worn for a while, too.  So enjoy!  I hope to one day.   Size 9.5, super skinny guy.

UPDATE:  he sent me a few more pics that I posted to my twitter:


Fan Love, CastroKinky Update

Fan Love, CastroKinky Update

So first, some bad news.  The great CastroKiny (who I once featured here) had his very hot and also informative blog deleted by tumblr.  I’m sure he’ll find another way to post in the future, but in the meantime, perhaps follow his twitter for updates. 

On a much better note, I was traveling out of state to visit family, and while surfing Recon, I got these very kind messages.  They are being shared with their permission.  They were both okay with their names being shared, but not their profile pics.

So this guy is very into super smelly, reeking socks.  He doesn’t mind feet as well.  I asked him to share some more pics with me, and he sent these (again, posted with permission).  Did I mention he’s 19?

Also got this very kind message shortly after:

Naturally, I asked for pics again (haha), but she agreed.  Notice I said she… this was from a male to female transgender (21), which I think is very cool.  Still can be into smelly feet!  Again, all that info was shared with her blessing.  I love that I can reach a variety of kinksters!  Thanks to both of them for their support.

As you can see, I love hearing from fans!  Feel free to contact me any time here.

Hot real life reader experience

Hot real life reader experience

I have a reader (well, actually more than a few) who is into really stinky, rancid feet.  And he his this real life experience he shared with me (posted with his permission):

hey tfg–
it’s been too long, but i was thinking of you over the weekend, because i had an experience that’s too good not to share.
i was on a plane, flying from [redacted], and i was sitting there waiting for the plane to take off. i was tired and had a lot of work to do, and i was scrunched in the middle seat, and i wasn’t even paying attention to who was sitting on either side of me. so i’m sitting there, doing some reading, when all of a sudden, this kind of warm buttery scent hits my nose, and i know IMMEDIATELY what i’ve gotten myself into. i look over, and, yup, the dude next to me has taken off his work shoes for the three-hour long flight.
the dude was probably around my age, early 30s, and the business-y bro type. he had short dark hair and dark features and a don’t-give-a-fuck attitude. he kept his face turned away from me most of the flight, so i didn’t get a good look at him until after we deplaned, but he was definitely a cutie, and his feet could definitely kick up a smell, and it didn’t seem like he much cared. in fact, he even crossed his legs, so his socked foot was at my knee. since i was sitting in an exit row with extra leg room, there was extra space between my seat and the seat in front of me, where my bag was. so when i reached down to get something my from backpack, i bent waaaaaay over veeeeeery slowly to try to sniff the gorgeous bouquet of his warm, smelly feet. and he didn’t move them. i mean: if *I* knew they smelled, he MUST have known they smelled. and that though made me VERY hot. after a while, unfortunately, the smell died down, but i kept looking over at those feet. (i wish he’d been wearing white sport socks, but i’ll take his warm smelly brown socks, too)
to make matters better, the dude to my LEFT, who was an older guy, not terribly attractive, but not unattractive either, takes off HIS shoes. he was wearing Chuck Taylors, like, my least favorite sneakers and purple socks, but the guy was a straight daddy, and his feet had a funky smell, too. not the same kind of warm, comforting, smelly smell of the dude to my right, but a ranker kind of footstink that, if the guy had been hotter, would have totally slayed me.
so, there i was, between two dudes and their stinky feet on a plane for three hours. literally with no place to go. it was pretty awesome.
. . . 
i also had one other pretty sweet experience that’s been getitng me through where a hot blonde college football player actually–in good nature–took a friend’s stinky sneaker and tried to get me to smell it. i’m not sure i’m ready to share that experience, but it was pretty incredible. i didn’t get him to say “stinky” or “smelly,” which would have been too much for me. (I wanted to turn to the young guy on the plane and try to tease him/taunt him into saying his feet were “smelly,” but i didn’t have the courage.) there’s something about just HEARING a hot guy acknowledge that he’s got “stinky”/”smelly” feet that drives me absolutely INSANE.
Super hot, right?  Wish I could’ve smelled those feet!
Thief goes to work

Thief goes to work

And gets more than he bargained for!

We agreed on a POW type scene. He fit my jump suit nicely, but his 10.5 feet wouldn’t fit my 9.5 combat boots, so we weren’t able to get the 100% look. By the tracks was an abandoned gravel facility and we took advantage of it by tying Jay to one of the pieces of equipment.
Shortly after this, Jay left South Carolina and moved up north. I found his profile on Recon and discovered that he was interested in a lot more things that I would have liked to have tried with him.

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