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Dirty, Smelly & Worn

Dirty, Smelly & Worn

“Damn, just look at my socks.  Sorry I haven’t washed them in, like, a week.  Or has it been a month?  Actually, I’m not all that sorry.  Come over here and sniff ’em.  Sniff ’em before I make you sniff ’em.  Get on the floor like a sissy and put your nose right on them.  Bury your face in them.  And get that stink all over your face.  Here, let me rub them all over your face for you, and you sit there and take it like a bitch.  In fact, get your tongue out and start licking them.”

TFG’s subs:  BoyTrigger Overnight, Part 2

TFG’s subs: BoyTrigger Overnight, Part 2

His time in the stocks was far from over.  Had to reveal his soft boyfeet, you know.  And to continue to use his face and body for my personal foot rest and sock wash.  Stuffed them in his mouth and made sure he chewed until they were clean…

As you can see, he wanted my feet real bad, but they’re just out of his reach… making him beg and plead for them…

And the fun part is that he really doesn’t have that much of a foot fetish.  But he does have a fetish for doing whatever it takes to please his Master.  So he ends up getting quite into it.  Plus, you should recognize one of these pics in my new slideshow at the top of the blog.

Next week… out of the stocks, and into the sleepsack…

TFG Sockhead

TFG Sockhead

So what does one do when you have 6 pairs of unwashed, reeking socks? 

Well, if you’re me, you find a giant 2 gallon ziploc bag, pile them all inside, and then pull it over your head…

I think it’s safe to assume I shot quite the large load with this on me.  I know a few slaves that would enjoy this… and one straight guy in San Francisco…


TFG’s subs:  Utahboy, Part 1

TFG’s subs: Utahboy, Part 1

This 31 yo sub is someone I’ve actually chatted with on and off for years.  He originally wrote me via this blog, and we’ve stayed in touch ever since.  We once played very casually when I once made a trip to Utah.  But the visit was very quick, and at the time, he was relatively new to the scene, and didn’t want many pics or to go too far.

Well, he’s come a long way!  A big fan of ankle socks and gags, and a now a little more experienced and willing to go further.  And have some hot pics taken. 

He is quite private, and did insist all head shots were blurred by pixelation or cut off above the mouth.  Fortunately, you can still see his nicely gagged mouth.

As you can see, he got a nice taste of my worn sock.

Gear used:  Collar, Blindfold, Ballgag, Cordless Hitachi Magic Wand

Reader Submission:  Socks (and feet) of a Straight Guy

Reader Submission: Socks (and feet) of a Straight Guy

Still talking with this straight guy, kev521.  We still hope to meet one day, but in the meantime, since he’s a bit more into socks, he sent me some pics of his socked feet that he said were fine for posting here.  Said they had been worn for a while, too.  So enjoy!  I hope to one day.   Size 9.5, super skinny guy.

UPDATE:  he sent me a few more pics that I posted to my twitter: