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Hot real life reader experience

Hot real life reader experience

I have a reader (well, actually more than a few) who is into really stinky, rancid feet.  And he his this real life experience he shared with me (posted with his permission):

hey tfg–
it’s been too long, but i was thinking of you over the weekend, because i had an experience that’s too good not to share.
i was on a plane, flying from [redacted], and i was sitting there waiting for the plane to take off. i was tired and had a lot of work to do, and i was scrunched in the middle seat, and i wasn’t even paying attention to who was sitting on either side of me. so i’m sitting there, doing some reading, when all of a sudden, this kind of warm buttery scent hits my nose, and i know IMMEDIATELY what i’ve gotten myself into. i look over, and, yup, the dude next to me has taken off his work shoes for the three-hour long flight.
the dude was probably around my age, early 30s, and the business-y bro type. he had short dark hair and dark features and a don’t-give-a-fuck attitude. he kept his face turned away from me most of the flight, so i didn’t get a good look at him until after we deplaned, but he was definitely a cutie, and his feet could definitely kick up a smell, and it didn’t seem like he much cared. in fact, he even crossed his legs, so his socked foot was at my knee. since i was sitting in an exit row with extra leg room, there was extra space between my seat and the seat in front of me, where my bag was. so when i reached down to get something my from backpack, i bent waaaaaay over veeeeeery slowly to try to sniff the gorgeous bouquet of his warm, smelly feet. and he didn’t move them. i mean: if *I* knew they smelled, he MUST have known they smelled. and that though made me VERY hot. after a while, unfortunately, the smell died down, but i kept looking over at those feet. (i wish he’d been wearing white sport socks, but i’ll take his warm smelly brown socks, too)
to make matters better, the dude to my LEFT, who was an older guy, not terribly attractive, but not unattractive either, takes off HIS shoes. he was wearing Chuck Taylors, like, my least favorite sneakers and purple socks, but the guy was a straight daddy, and his feet had a funky smell, too. not the same kind of warm, comforting, smelly smell of the dude to my right, but a ranker kind of footstink that, if the guy had been hotter, would have totally slayed me.
so, there i was, between two dudes and their stinky feet on a plane for three hours. literally with no place to go. it was pretty awesome.
. . . 
i also had one other pretty sweet experience that’s been getitng me through where a hot blonde college football player actually–in good nature–took a friend’s stinky sneaker and tried to get me to smell it. i’m not sure i’m ready to share that experience, but it was pretty incredible. i didn’t get him to say “stinky” or “smelly,” which would have been too much for me. (I wanted to turn to the young guy on the plane and try to tease him/taunt him into saying his feet were “smelly,” but i didn’t have the courage.) there’s something about just HEARING a hot guy acknowledge that he’s got “stinky”/”smelly” feet that drives me absolutely INSANE.
Super hot, right?  Wish I could’ve smelled those feet!
TFG Exclusive:  Socksucker, Part 2

TFG Exclusive: Socksucker, Part 2

As you may recall, I had just finished hogtying SockSucker and teasing him with my stinky socks… but not quite letting him have them.  Yet.

After I was satisfied with his torment, I tied him to a chair and blindfolded him. I then pressed a shoe into his face, and forced him to guess if it was his shoe or mine based on smell.  He didn’t do so well as this game. So to make certain he’d get acquainted with my foot odor, I tied my shoe to face. I then proceed to teased his body and cock with my socked foot. He tried to resist and told me “fuck you” many times, but to no avail.  I continued on, mercilessly. I eventually removed the shoe, then wiped my rancid sock all over his face and mouth. I removed my other sock and placed it over his hard cock, jerking him lightly with it, him squirming and wriggling, helpless to do anything about it.

socksucker (6) socksucker (7) socksucker (8)

But I wasn’t finished with him yet. I tied him spread eagled, and further tortured him by rubbing my socked feet all over his body. I made him pull them off my feet with his mouth and teeth.  I immediately stuffed one sock into his mouth with my toes. And of course, I couldn’t forget… I balanced the cup of my spit on chest, then proceeded to rub my feet all over his dick.  I wanted his mouth full of smelly socks, so I stuffed his socks in his mouth along with one of mine, making sure they all covered his nose. He looked totally degraded with three different stinking socks shoved down his throat.  Surprisingly, he was quite good at being still… the cup didn’t move.  Which was no fun for me.

So I took my final sock and soaked it in the spit up. It was totally drenched and sopping with my spit, making squishing noises. I held it over his head, teasing him with its messy, disgusting potential. I know he wanted it, and didn’t want it. And had absolutely no control over it. The suspense was terrible. But in a swift movement, I removed all three socks from his mouth, and before he could close it, I rammed the sopping sock into his mouth and make him suck the juices out of it. I think I saw some of it foaming past his lips.

I was hard as a rock at the sight of this. I released him and ordered him to put his smelly feet in my face while I jerked off. They really stank, and I loved it. I shot on my chest, reached to his mouth and grabbed the still drenched sock from his mouth, wiped up my load with it, and crammed it back into his mouth to suck on until his shot his load.

socksucker (5)
Notice the rope marks around his ankles. Love that, don’t you?
Yet another straight guy

Yet another straight guy

I feel that because I’m in a committed relationship, where I do like to play but am not interested in outside sex (in the oral or anal sense), it makes me a relatively safe contact for straight guys.  Got this email (posted with permission, name redacted):

Hello there, TFG!
I’m reading your blog since a while, and in all honestly, the latest posts made me write an email for you.
Catch’s that I’m straight. In my 20’s. I get really aroused by men being in dominance, also from male feet. I can get off on it. While I never did this before, hope you could teach me the basics and make me submit.

I replied as follows:

Hey, glad to hear from you!  Thanks for being a reader of the blog.  You are definitely not the first straight guy to write me.  I have a entire tag dedicated to all the straight guys who have written me before, and I’m beginning to think it’s more common that most realize.  Feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

But you wrote me because you know you need to be put in your place, don’t you?  That you secretly know that being told what to do is your lot in life.  And that you’re not as alpha as most other think.  What you really crave is being made to grovel at a man’s feet, and be forced to sniff and lick them.  Isn’t that right?  Gave you boner, didn’t it?  If so, then I guess you belong to me…

So it’s time for you to tell me more about yourself, lowly slave.  Where are you located?  And can you send me any pics of yourself?  Doesn’t have to be face, but body and feet would be hot.  This way I will know exactly what I get to abuse…

Thanks for the reply. I’ve noticed some straight guys write to you, so I decided to do the same.
You can post my email, sure.
I honestly did get get a boner, reading it and most likely everyone would be shocked around me to hear how I would be turned on by feet and humiliation. And the pics you post guyd being tied up, gagged etc. Just really hot.
I’m from J—, actually. I can make pics. I attached my boner.


Sadly, I haven’t yet heard back from him.  This does sometimes happen with straight guys.  I think they can often get skittish, have self-doubt, or become busy–or any combination.  I don’t take it personally, and think it’s very cool they even write in the first place.  I always wish them the best!

Speaking of which, there is another straight guy I have been talking with for a few months now.  While we haven’t met yet, we hope to in the future.  I’ll be posting more about him later, but in the meantime, if you think of any questions you may have of a straight guy into being tied up or an interest in feet (this particular guy likes smelly socks better, but close enough), you’ll have an opportunity to ask soon.


TFG Exclusive:  SockSucker, Part 1

TFG Exclusive: SockSucker, Part 1

SocksSucker is a 23 yo guy with size 10 feet who’s actually been a longtime fan of this blog.  It was very cool to meet up with someone so well versed in my work!  And as his name implies, he’s very much into rancid, nasty, very used smelling socks.  And since my feet can get pretty putrid, it seemed like a good match.

He didn’t want his face shown in any pics, but he didn’t mind pics of his feet, nor a brief description of our scene.  It should be noted that we did chat and meet in person first to discuss our interests and limits, so it was all discussed beforehand, and I did do frequent checks during the scene.  I don’t include them in my description below to maintain the hotness of the story, but rest assured they did happen.

First off, we talked a bit via text about our specific interests and limits.  During the course of those texts, he wrote me with this:

It’s safe to say I was intrigued, and quite turned on.  Sadly, I didn’t have time to make the cup as full as I would’ve liked, but I did have a cup that was about 1/2 inch full of my spit.  I can also say that we ended up meeting about 3-4 days later, so my socks were a week old and were out all day in the heat, so they were pretty bad.

When he first came into my hotel room, I immediately force him to stand with his hands against the door.  I frisked and fondled him a bit, and then took off my shoe (which had been percolating for about a week) and made him sniff shoe.  To make it even more humiliating for him, I then ordered him to hold shoe against door with face, similar to the pic below.  Then I removed the shoe and held the spit cup up to his nose to make him sniff it.  It stank, and he moaned.

I then had him remove his shoes, and I hogtied him in his socks.  We both liked smelly socks, and his didn’t disappoint.  He really wanted to sniff mine, but I didn’t make it easy for him.  While he was hogtied face down on his stomach, I stood over his head, with one stinking socked foot on each side of his face.  So close to his face, but not quite able to bury his face in him.  It was agony for him, and he was nearly begging to sniff them.  But I wanted him on the edge, so instead I took off one of his own socks socks and  made him sniff it and stuff it in his mouth.  It also took the chance to enjoy his feet a bit, which did stink, which you can see below…

socksucker (1)socksucker (2)socksucker (3)socksucker (4)

But am I finished with him?  Of course not!  See and read more next time…

TFG meets BrieflyGagged

TFG meets BrieflyGagged

A true life story.

So BrieflyGagged is someone I’ve been talking to off and on for a very long time.  That is not his real screen name, but I use it because he is into gags and classic white briefs.  Which I happen to enjoy in my regular life, so that’s pretty easy for me to accommodate.  And I do love gags, so it’s a pretty good match all around.  Sadly, though, he’s based in New York, and I’m in Los Angeles, and neither one of us had any plans to head to the opposite coast.

Fortunes changed when BG had a weekend job in LA.  He was also staying at a hotel I’ve been wanting to visit a long time, the new but already trendy ACE Hotel in downtown.  So I was pretty eager to visit.  We finally met and took a few pics, but he didn’t want them posted.  He did, however, say I could write about it, so here goes…

BG met me in the lobby and took me up to his room.  I must say, he was quite hot, and a bit younger than I recalled.  For some reason, I had him pegged to be in his mid to late 20s, but he was actually 23.  Very thin and lithe, and very sexy eyes.  I wasn’t complaining.  We chatted a bit, and I did have some personal questions for him.  One thing that caught me a bit off guard is that he was open to some daddy/son play, which I didn’t know about him, and I didn’t have any experience with.  Though I was game.  As I was explaining that, he said, “You talk a lot,” (which I do, lol) and covered my mouth with his hand.  It was quite sexy and unexpected, and I “mmmmpppphhh”ed accordingly.

Eventually, I pulled away and grabbed my gear.  He was anxious to try out a number of the gags I had brought, and he did a quick sample.  But eventually I wanted him tied.  “Naughty boy,” I said, putting a collar on him that also connected his hands behind his back.  I then plug gagged him, pulled down his pants to expose his own tighty whities, and pushed him face down on the bed.  Since he was already barefoot, I tied his big toes together and pulled them to a hook on the collar, effectively hogtying him.


I enjoyed watching him squirm.  I believe I spanked him a couple of times, and told him daddy was pleased to see him put in his place.  But I underestimated how naughty this guy was.  He actually escaped from the restraint, playfully threw me on my back on the bed, and hand gagged me again.  “I’m going to gag you like you showed me, daddy,” he said, taping my mouth shut with microfoam tape.  I moaned quite a bit… I honestly wasn’t expecting to be Dommed, but it was kinda hot.  Even more so when he kissed me over the tape.  He pulled off my pants and took a few pics with me in my briefs (which I’m not posting either… such a tease, I know!  Maybe if you beg for it…).  I did moan through the gag that “You’re going to get it, son,” but it was to no avail.

Being so into gags, BG gagged himself with the tape as well, and we made out a bit over the tape.  We also used the double duty gag for a bit, which I figured he’d enjoy.


He then found another one of my toys, the travel jack master (basically a budget Fleshjack, but a bit smaller, more affordable and just as good if you ask me).  Still gagged (I believe back to the microfoam tape at this point), he used it on himself and came pretty quickly.  One of my favorite things about the travel jack is it’s clear, and you can see their cock and cum shoot inside it.

I wanted to enjoy myself a bit as well, and I knew from pics he’d sent me, he had sexy feet.  I told him I wanted them in my face.  I was lying face up on the bed, and he stood over me and lowered his foot into my face, mashing it around.  It smelled, and it was super sexy.  He really ground it, and I got to taste every morsel of his sole.  I came pretty quickly.

Sadly, his work then called, and we had to end relatively quickly.  I only wish we had gotten to do more, but I did enjoy the little time we did have.  Hopefully one day, we’ll get to explore more.


A Vegas Bus Ride…

A Vegas Bus Ride…

Got this great message from a fan.  Part true, and part fantasy.  But let’s just have it speak for itself…


Let’s call me James and my ‘friend’ Robert. I was on vacation in Las Vegas with my friend last week and felt inspired by an incident that happened which sent my imagination racing. I thought I’d put it into words and you might want to post it on your fabulous blog. The first part is true then the fantasy follows…

Robert and I boarded the bus on a sunny afternoon in Las Vegas, heading back to our hotel for an afternoon nap and sat on the back seat. There were two other passengers and a middle aged male driver. The journey was quiet for a couple of stops, then a beautiful young tall male boarded the bus; he was aged around 25, baseball cap concealing some of his dark long hair, tanktop and shorts with flip-flops (sandals) exposing his beautiful feet. My eyes were immediately drawn to the stunningly perfect feet which I estimated were around size 14/15. I was quietly delighted that he chose to sit at the back so I had a great view of his amazing feet. He obviously looked after them well, perhaps better than you’d expect a ‘jock’ like him to.

The guy was very loud and manly, irritating the other passengers on the bus; he was talking on his cell phone very loudly, occasionally swearing. The other two passengers and Robert were rolling their eyes and complaining about his loudness. I was glancing over, pretending to be annoyed but really just wanting to stare at his beautiful feet and admire his masculinity. He was putting his feet up on the back of the seat in front giving me an amazing view of his tops, then he proceeded to place them on the floor and continuously push his feet in and out of his flip flops, I was rock hard.

That was all true, here’s where the fantasy begins…

The other two passengers got off the bus and our stop was coming up, Robert pressed the ‘Stop Request’ button. I said “I’ll stay on to the next stop and grab some sodas and snacks from the store, you go start your nap and I’ll be back at the hotel soon”. Robert agreed and departed the bus, leaving just me, the stud and his amazing feet. He continued to talk loudly on his cell-phone but now that only he and I were aboard the bus he took advantage of the extra room on the back seat and put his feet up, now effectively laying on the back seat, resting his back on the window. His soles were now in full view and just inches away from me, I couldn’t stop staring. He kept putting one leg over the other and switching, I was trying so hard to conceal my rock hard cock and the fact that I was staring.

He ended his cell-phone conversation and appeared to be looking at me. I looked away for a minute or so before looking back at his feet.

“What the fuck have you been staring at fag?”

I said nothing and looked straight ahead.

“Don’t fuckin’ ignore me”

I turned to look at him. “Hey man I don’t want any trouble”.

“Then you’d better fuckin’ answer me”.

“Look I’m sorry man”.

“Answer me fag”. He lifted his arms and bended them to show his muscles. “You like that pussy boy?”

“Look man I’m sorry”.

“You will be if you fuckin’ stare at me again”.

I looked straight ahead, a little scared but turned on. I couldn’t help but keep taking a peek at his beautiful feet that were so close by.

“Oh my fuckin’ god, I just worked it out, it’s not my guns you’re staring at, it’s my fuckin’ feet, you’re one of those foot fags”, he laughed seemingly uncontrollably. I said nothing.

He put his feet back on the floor and into his flip flops and nudged closer and closer to me until our sides were touching each other. “So you like my fuckin’ feet huh?” he said in my ear. “You don’t need to answer; your dick’s answering for you”.

I was so turned on but so scared at the same time, this gorgeous man was literally touching me, but he’d figured me out and I had nowhere else to turn, I wasn’t sure I wanted to leave the situation either.

“Right then you little fuckin’ pervert, you better get on the floor under my feet where you belong”. I looked at him and glanced at the driver. “He won’t see you, if you don’t do it, I’ll go and tell him you’re a fag who likes real men’s feet”, he laughed hysterically.

I slowly eased myself on to the floor and lay on my back just in front of the back seat. He placed his feet, in his flip flops on me as though I were a foot rest, constantly crossing his legs and switching them. He placed a foot on my rock hard cock and pressed firmly. “I can’t believe your little fag dick is getting off on this”.

“You’d better clean my flip flops while you’re down there”. He placed one of his flip flops on my face and glared at me. I licked clean every inch of it as he laughed, then I had to move on to the next. “I can’t believe you fuckin’ did that”.

He placed the flip flops on the seat and firmly parked his bare feet on my face. “You make a good fag-rest boy, haha, you’d better clean my feet too”. I proceeded to lick every inch of his feet and suck all of his toes clean, they were so sweaty, I was in heaven, almost forgetting where I was and not caring that someone could board the bus at any minute and see this.

“Well this is my stop, that was fun bitch boy”, he laughed as he pressed the ‘Stop Request’ button. “Maybe I’ll see you again, I love putting a fag in his place”. He stood up and was about to head to the front of the bus when he stopped for a moment and turned, looked down at me on the floor staring up at him. He said “A little parting gift for you bitch boy” and spat on my face. He departed the bus. I could hear some others getting on so quickly sat up and wiped my face, I could see the guy point and laughing at me from outside and telling his friend, but I too couldn’t have been more satisfied with my journey.

Fun Teasing Cyber Slaves

Fun Teasing Cyber Slaves

I have a few guys I enjoy tormenting online, but this guy (from England… seems like the hottest guys are always in England) is one of my faves.  He knows how he deserves to be treated.

As you will see, he has many kinks with feet and being a slave, but Spiderman is one of them, as well as a bit of vore, which is the fantasy of being swallowed whole.  I don’t quite have that myself, but I can see it.  It’s not unlike being encased in a lubed up sleepsack.  And I can see how that’d be hot.  So I did want to indulge him a bit.

IMG_7771 IMG_7772 IMG_7773 IMG_7774 IMG_7801 IMG_7802 IMG_7808 IMG_7809

More Straight Guys asking for bondage/slavery

More Straight Guys asking for bondage/slavery

It’s been a while, but recently a couple of straight guys have communicated with me.  First, I got this email (posted with permission):


I’m preoccupied with bondage. I want to try it and I think about it a lot. I have enjoyed much of your site for offering me a glimpse of it.

I tried to Google the names listed on some of the Hogtie images in your blog. I was hoping to reach out to them to see if they would tie me. Each page I viewed as a search result showed me that much more than bondage occurs. I’m hoping to find a really skilled rope tying aficionado that just wants to tie a guy non-sexually. (Unless he would just like the satisfaction of artfully tying a guy, or if he would find a way to find it to be a good use of his time- practicing knots, maybe making up something we can agree on, honestly this is the toughest part of it all!)

I want to be tied firmly, tightly, inescapably for 30minutes or longer in each position I think. I’d like to be gagged so effectively that I can barely make a noise. Of course blindfolded. I’d enjoy trying multiple positions and I’m fine to wear almost nothing or be fully dressed.

I would be comfortable being tied on a balcony, in a backyard, living room, garage, tent, bondage store -that’s not needing me to buy gear- or wherever. I don’t need privacy because I don’t want anything beyond the restraints. I’d work as a member of a group being tied or be tied by a group of guys. I’m not really interested in being photographed, though I’m very curious what I looked like versus how it felt.

Re-reading this I feel very self absorbed and assuming, please read past that – and tell me how you think I am coming across. I’m spoke this way to be as focused as possible with you – assuming you’re The expert and that you are Very busy!

Based on what I’ve seen on the web I’m an anomaly and I don’t that this is an itch I’ll get to scratch. Thank you for reading this, I hope it has not been a waste of your time. Maybe you know of someone to share this with, if you forward this on to anybody please let them know that I find most aspects of bondage fascinating, but no aspects of male on male sex even remotely interesting. I will respect them even if they don’t respect me, but the more common ground we share in respecting each others preferences the better for each of us. (that’s my wordy way of saying I don’t want to give my consent to be hogtied in gym shorts and find myself naked, spread eagle and in chastity- with my lack of experience I have no idea how things could end up.)

I did write him back, and we’re seeing what can be worked out.  It can be tricky, because my schedule is busy, and this guy is about 90 minutes away from me.  So while I hope it pans out, it’s tough to say.  But at the very least, he didn’t mind me sharing his email to help out other straight guys and make them feel less alone.  Believe me, this does seem to come fairly often.

On another note, I had this fun text exchange with a surprise at the end.  Again, I had permission to post as long as I didn’t use his screen name.  I first asked him to show me his chest:

ASS (1)ASS (1)ASS (5) ASS (2) ASS (2) ASS (3) ASS (3) ASS (4)


Reader Response:  Faggot Foot stories

Reader Response: Faggot Foot stories

I actually have two replies for you.  A while ago, a reader responded to one of my “faggot” posts with a fantasy story he wrote about being a faggot foot slave.  That brought this response:


I still enjoy reading your blog a whole lot, and I am glad that you returned after not posting for a while earlier this year.

Your reader comment from today 4/19 was great. His locker room fantasy is very similar to one of mine which I wrote out in a short story (fictional) at in case anyone reading your site is interested.

I no longer update my site and I am not trying to self-promote, but I think it’s great that others have similar fantasies.

I encourage you to click the link.  It’s quite a fun, hot little story.  Even more so when you realize the guy who wrote it is actually straight.  I have discussed straight guys having a male foot fetish before… there seem to be quite a few  (see here, here, here, and here).  They’re all pretty fascinating–and hot.  If you’re a straight guy who visits this blog, feel free to write me and tell me about your experiences.  And send me a few pics of your feet while you’re at it.  🙂

In any case, I said there was a second reply.  And that was from the original poster himself.  I’ll let him put it all in his own words:


It’s the Fagot again LOL.
Thanks for posting the fantasy on your blog. I have written another, but don’t worry I am not going to be writing these every 5 minutes, I am just putting into writing a couple of genuine fantasies I’ve had in my sexually fucked up head over the years!
I wondered if you’d be interested in posting this as a follow up or might just enjoy reading it yourself:

‘Faggot’ Fantasy 2 – Lost Youth.

You may recall a while ago I posted my Ultimate Faggot fantasy, well here is a prequal!

The background – It was the year 2000, let’s call me James and my friend Steve – when I was 17, I was in the closet, though I had seen a few men in private. I had a group of straight friends who were, not homophobic per say, but quite masculine, the hottest of which, Steve, I had a MAJOR crush on! Steve and I were good friends and spent quite a lot of time hanging out at each other’s homes, as well as going out as part of a group of male friends; he was very sexy and attractive with beautiful feet which he looked after very well, they were size 9 and he often walked around or would be sitting around barefoot. Steve would often leave his gym shoes in the doorway at his home or mine and I would try my best to get an opportunity to go and have a sniff whenever I could.

The above is true, here is my fantasy…..

One evening Steve came over to my house,  straight from the gym, my parents were out so we were home alone; he arrived, wearing only his shorts and vest set down his gym bag and took off his gym shoes. I could immediately smell the sweat from the exercise session that had only just ended, Steve even apologised for it, I said “Don’t worry mate”. The shoes and gym bag lay in the door way, Steve and I went to the kitchen and grabbed some drinks and took them up to my room to hang out.

As we were hanging out I could smell Steve’s feet through his sweaty gym socks and thinking about how wonderful the shoes must still smell.

“Listen mate, I should’ve gone home first, these socks are rank, I’m sorry to put you through this” Steve laughed. “Take them off if it’s bothering you but I don’t mind” I responded. Steve pulled off the socks to reveal his beautiful feel and threw them into the corner of the room, naturally his feet smelled anyway and now I had sight in addition to smell to drive me insane!

Several minutes later I excused myself to get us some more sodas, picked up the socks and said I’d put them with the gym bag on my way past. “Your funeral” Steve joked. I suggested he play a computer game to keep him busy. “Back in a minute.”

I reached the doorway with Steve’s sweaty stinky socks in my hands and his stinky trainers just a matter of minutes post gym workout on the mat; my cock was throbbing, I knew it was risky but I also knew I would be ‘coming’ in seconds if I allowed myself to. I kneeled down, sniffed the socks then buried my head in one of the shoes and started to wank my cock hard. Suddenly I heard Steve’s voice behind me “What the FUCK????”

Back in my room, I am silent, “So are you going to say anything then James?” Steve asked. I just tremble. “OK, here’s what I think then, stop me if I’m wrong! First of all, You’re a fuckin faggot! Right?!” I say nothing. “Right?!” Steve says angrily. I nod and look away. “And as well as being a faggot, you like the smell of my fuckin’ smelly dirty feet, you fuckin get off on it?!” I nod again. Steve glances at my throbbing cock through my trousers; “Oh my god you’re even getting off on this now you fuckin pervert”.  Steve raised his hand and said, “You better start answering my questions fag or I’m going to fuckin hit you”.

Steve is standing, still barefoot, I am seated on my bed, occasional tears falling; “So tell me what exactly you like about my feet then, what turns you on?”

“The look…..shape……smell”

“Oh my fuckin’ god, you fuckin freak. Is that the first time you’ve wanked over my shoes?”


“This is unbelievable, do you think about things you want to do to my feet, and don’t you fuckin lie to me fag!”

“Kiss them…..lick them….suck your toes… kicked by them….have them walk on me, my face, my cock”

“HAHAHA This is fuckin hilarious. What about my cock you fuckin pussyboy, bet you dream about having that inside you too don’t you?”


“Don’t you?!”


“Well you never will. HAHAHA.”

Steve lifted his left leg and pressed his foot against my hard cock. “Fuckin’ hell you love it bum boy!!”

He sat on the chair put his legs up on the bed and asked “Do they look nice tonight then queer boy?”

“Please Steve”



“Well then, you’d better start massaging them then, my feet worked hard in the gym, since you like them so much, make them feel better.”

I began to massage them and it went on for several minutes, Steve was clearly enjoying it and so was I, I had always wanted to be dominated in this way but was very scared, while excited at the same time.

“That feels good faggot, but I think they need to be cleaned, they seem a little dirty and sweaty to me”

I looked at him.

“Get on your fuckin knees queer”

I complied.

He pushed his feet on my face very firmly, forcing me to lick them and suck his toes for several minutes, he seemed to be discovering dominance he didn’t know he had. When he’d had enough he grabbed me by the hair and threw me across the room. I sat on the floor, not knowing what to say or do next.

Steve stood and looked down on me. “I’ve certainly learned a lot about you tonight haven’t I?” he said more calmly.

“Are you going to tell the others?” I asked.

He looked down on me and laughed.

“No, here’s how it’s going to go down. You were my friend, now you’re my faggot. When the two of us are alone I call you Faggot and you call me Sir. You do what I say, when I say it. If I tell you to drive me somewhere you’ll do it. If I decide at 4am I want a milkshake, you’ll drive to McDonalds, get it and deliver it to me, got that boy?!”

I nodded.

He leaned, slapped me and said “Good boy. You’ll be what I want you to be, when I want you to be it, sometimes you’ll hate it, sometimes you’ll love it. I own you now. If you’re a good little boy, the next time you’re licking masters feet I might even let you wank off that pathetic cock of yours”

Steve laughs.

“Right now what I need you to be is a urinal, so open wide”

I opened my mouth, he dropped his trousers. The sight of his cock was amazing and although I don’t like the taste of urine, I enjoy being pissed on and the feeling of humiliation and submission.

“You’re going to have to get better at catching all that in your mouth faggot, you got a lot of cleaning to do HAHAHA”.

“Bye Sir”

Hope you all enjoyed!  I know I did.

Reader Response:  Faggot Fantasy

Reader Response: Faggot Fantasy

So a couple of weeks ago, I posted my current thoughts about the word “faggot”.  A very kind reader tried to comment, but my comments don’t seem to be working.  (In the future, if you’d like to comment, just email me directly.)  So he sent me his thoughts, and with his permission and name redacted, here’s his response.  To me, it’s pretty hot.



In ‘real life’ I don’t like the word ‘faggot’, but my submissive side gets very turned on by the use of the word; this is for 2 reasons, 1 – It makes me feel very degraded and worthless and 2 – It feeds into my fantasy of being a slave to a straight guy (which is why I’ve never asked my husband to use the word, it’s more for fantasy/porn/internet masters).

To put this into context, here is my ultimate fantasy:

I’d be in the changing rooms at the local gym/leisure centre

The straight jocks would come in from football

Off come the socks

I’d be trying not to stare at their manly sweaty feet in shin pads

One would notice

Look over, I’d look away

They’d carry on their macho conversation

Then he’d spot me again

And would ask what I’m looking at

I’d deny

The others would now be paying attention

There’d be 5/6

All mid 20’s

Fit bodies

Big feet

All at this point in various states of undress

But all in shin pads

The ringleader would say to the others ‘I think we’ve got a faggot here lads, I’ve seen him staring at my feet!’

The others would laugh and shake their heads

Ringleader would come over and lift his foot to within an inch of my face

Then he’s say ‘you like that fag’

Then he’d spot my hardon

‘Fuckin ell lads he really does like it, he’s getting fuckin lob on’

He says ‘get on the floor’

I sit still like a statue

Then he grabs my hair and says ‘Lay on the fuckin floor’

I comply

He rubs his feet on my face and mocks my increasing hardon

‘If he likes them so much he can save the gym some water guys’

He instructs me to lick them clean

I comply, a little scared

The gang are laughing

Ringleader is pressing firmly on my face and telling me how pathetic I am for getting off on this

‘Come on guys, let him clean yours too’

They take it in turns at forcing me to lick their feet clean

All are enjoying the ridiculousness

Ringleader keeps telling me to lick harder and clean better

And kicks me with his bare foot

‘Look at his cock’

He presses his foot very firmly on my cock (I’m in my shorts)

All have now had their feet satisfactorily cleaned

‘This queer’s unbelievable’

‘Right guys into the showers’

Ringleader picks up all the sweaty football socks from the floor

He tells me to sit on the bench

He rams one of the socks into my mouth

Uses another to tie it round my face to keep it in

It’s intoxicating

He uses the other socks to tie my legs together, wrists together and tie me to the bench

I can‘t move

He rips my vest, shorts and underwear off,

They are now un-wearable

I’m naked tied to the bench with 12 stinky football socks

The guys are showering, I can hear them larking about

They come out

Drying themselves , laughing at the hilarity of me tied there

Especially my raging hardon

They are all so hot and I watch as they dry and dress.

‘Did you enjoy that?’

I can’t speak

They pack their gym bags

One of the guyss says ‘Are we going to leave him like that?’

Ringleader says ‘fuck yeh, serves him right for perving’

All laugh

Ringleader says, ‘come on guys let’s go’

They head towards the door, then the ringleader turns around and says ‘hang on I need a slash’.

He approaches me, drops his shorts and underwear, stands on the bench and pisses all over me, leaving me utterly humiliated. They all leave.

If you liked this, he has his own tumblr that you can visit here.