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Yet another straight slave–this time, 19 yo

Yet another straight slave–this time, 19 yo

I was pleasantly surprised to see this email (posted with his permission):

I know you probably get lots of messages and maybe you won’t even read mine… But I just felt a huge urge to write you! So I’m *****and I’m a 19 years old straight guy. However, for a time now, I’ve been fantasising about doing something with a man. It really gets me aroused and I always picture myself as being submissive. I eventually found your blog and let me tell you… I have masturbated several times to your posts… I just love the idea of being controlled by a man, it gets me so turned on! I’d love to experience cum control and bondage… I love feeling used for pleasure by other men, I have even sometimes broadcasted myself masturbating for other people to watch. I wanted to share this with you… And I will not lie… I would be so happy if you were my master! Hopefully you’ll read this 🙂 Best regards, *****

What can I say, I just have straight guys begging to be abused by me.  A short reply from me got this response:

Hello Sir 🙂

My heart started racing and I got a boner when I saw you had replied to me!
Thank you so much!
I will tell you my name so you can add me if it please you [on KIK]: ******
I created it specially to be used with you.
It says 18 because I just recently turned 19 ahah
Oh I beg you Sir, please add me and send me a message! I can’t wait to talk to you!
I currently live in Spain.
And sure! You can definitely post the email! Thinking about seeing it on your blog turns me on… Ahaha
I am yours from now on if you are willing to take me, and I won’t ever cum again without your permission Sir!
I’ll send you a picture of my dick as an attachment 🙂
Hope to hear from you soon!

And here’s that pic of a 19 yo straight, hard cock, as well as some feet pics at my request.  Bet you can’t wait to see more, can you? He’ll be known as KinkyStr8Guy…

StinkyFootboy share some personal experiences

StinkyFootboy share some personal experiences

Sometimes I delve in a bit with my foot slaves.  But in the very brief time we had been talking (it was probably less than a week at this point), he had fully embraced his smelly male foot fetish and bisexuality, all in one fell swoop.  To me, that’s a pretty big set of revelations.  So I asked him a bit more about it, and he did allow me to share it here.

PAW_ss gunges himself while I’m busy

PAW_ss gunges himself while I’m busy

PAW_ss doesn’t always have time to do a scene, so when he’s free, he lets me know.  That doesn’t mean I’m always free myself.  But if I can, I’ll assign him something to do.

Also, it’s seeming we’ll be in the same geographic area this summer, and may actually meet up for real.  It’d be his first real life scene being Dommed by another guy.  Could be quite fun…

More from FratBoyFeet

More from FratBoyFeet

Don’t be confused, this is a different straight guy I chatted with a number of weeks ago!  See his original posts here.

Starts with a bit of kinky talk, but then gets a bit philosophic about why straight guys may be into smelly feet.  (In case you’ve forgotten, he’s a 25 yo straight guy into male smelly socks and feet.)

Since we last talked, I teased him with the fact he should tie a shoe to his face.  My texts are purple, his is white.


At this point, I did ask him if I could post this conversation.

It’s interesting to hear this from an actual straight guy.  It is a bit surprising to me, because most of the other straight guys that have contacted me about this have also expressed an interested in being tied up (as I mentioned in the story I told him… ahem, that really happened, but at his request, there were no pics taken.  Normally I would then not bother with the scene, but to tie up a straight guy into smelly feet and socks was too tempting to pass up, even without pics, haha).  Do you think he’s unusual in this regard?

Yet another straight guy:  StinkyFootBoy

Yet another straight guy: StinkyFootBoy

I just have a gift.  I got this email (phone number omitted for obvious reasons):

Hi I’m willing to talk about my love of male stinky feet with you and hope you write back my number is xxx-xxx-xxxx if you want to have some fun with me please contact me I’m a huge huge fan of your blog and read it everyday 
And after a short reply from me asking more about himself, he added:
hey well i weigh 165 pounds, 6 ft tall, 33 inch waist, ethnicity is white, shoe size is 10.5, i love the smell of male stinky feet. I absolutely love it. I also like the taste and look too. but mostly smell and look. Yes text me please, that is absolutely okay
Well, I began texting him, and he has since descended into exploring his smelly male foot fetish like you wouldn’t believe.  And he’s very open to sharing his story on the blog.
He had this to say about his first fantasy:
Pretty damn hot for a straight guy, right?  And I know what you’re all thinking… and yes, he sent me pics of his feet that can be shared.
I will say, this guy has shared so much content with me, it’ll be hard to keep up!  But that’s a good problem to have.  We’ll be hearing a lot more from him, I assure you…
Straight Guy:  Fratboyfeet, Part 2

Straight Guy: Fratboyfeet, Part 2

Quick site update:  If you haven’t noticed, I’ve now created a Galleries page in the main menu that hosts highlight pics of my work with subs, and myself tied up.  And I’ve updated the pics both there and on my Recon profile.  Take a look and enjoy!  All part of a slight upgrade when I hope to change the look of this blog in just a few weeks.

And now, more from a straight reader…

More from a young 25yo straight guy, talking to me about his passion for male feet.  This time, pics are sent and shown!  All posted with his permission.

Again, my replies are in purple, and his texts are in white.

His feet pics are seen below…

Curious, I asked him to send me some pics that he found hot. I then received these pics:

By the way, the guy he’s referring to at the end (the one I had a session with) is Davi13.

And of course, you can find James T Medak’s fine tickling books on Amazon.  I actually once even gave him a cover quote for one of them, so I fully support them.


heterobrieffag shoes me feet & pre-cums for me in Superman briefs

heterobrieffag shoes me feet & pre-cums for me in Superman briefs

heterobreiffag is in the process of creating a new uniform, which will be a pair of brief with my name written across them.  He had one, but it accidentally tore.  So he’s getting another one ready, which is what he’s referring to in the first message.  I’ve also ordered him to send me pics of his feet.

Straight Guy:  Fratboyfeet, Part 1

Straight Guy: Fratboyfeet, Part 1

Got this message from a straight guy, who had many questions about his growing interest in smelly male feet.  It’s not a cyber slave session, more of a Q&A.  But who around here don’t like hearing from a straight guy?

With his permission, I’m positing it here, as I feel it could be helpful for other straight (or bi) guys to see and be educated and inspired by… you are not alone.

A few items are blurred for privacy.

His texts are in white, my replies are in purple.



This was not the end of our conversation, and we’ll hear more from him next week.  And of course, you know me… I can’t help but resist but to ask for some feet pics.  Which he did send, and said I can share.  So you have something to look forward to later.