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TFG’s subs:  EstrellaBoyToy, Part 4

TFG’s subs: EstrellaBoyToy, Part 4

More Spiderman torment for him.  Oh, and I should add that he was tape gagged under that mask, and he may have found one of his own smelly socks shoved up into his mask.  Just to torment him.

Poor Spiderman was moaning a lot… and no one came to his rescue.  He was mine, all mine.

Gear used:  Adjustable Stocks

TFG’s subs:  EstrellaBoyToy, Part 3

TFG’s subs: EstrellaBoyToy, Part 3

As he’s into gear, I got him in my Spiderman lycra.  But since he wanted primarily foot play, I made sure the feet were removable…

I must say, this make for a pretty damn sexy Spidey, doesn’t it?

And as you can see, because of my adjustable stocks, he really isn’t going anywhere, is he?  And just look at those soft, smelly feet… begging to be abused and worshiped…

Gear used:  Ultra Blindfold, Adjustable Stocks

The hot artwork of Final-Fantaisies

The hot artwork of Final-Fantaisies

I ran into this profile on DeviantArt, and it’s one of the hottest things I’ve run across.  He’s based in France, and draws mostly superheros and Princes barefoot, and sometimes engaging in foot fetish activities.

I’ve posted many of his pics on my other blog,, but I’ll share a few faves of mine here as well.

batman_and_robin_enjoying_feet_by_final_fantaisies-d72ycbn BdyvrQXCEAATJ-A.jpg large lunch_time_for_prince_philip_by_final_fantaisies-d8h047a philip_self_lick_by_final_fantaisies-d9avsbd aladdin_by_final_fantaisies-d8fitrp disney_trio_by_final_fantaisies-d71sv1m robin_tickled_by_final_fantaisies-d747y54 spider_man_captured_2_by_final_fantaisies-d78nci8 spider_man_captured_by_final_fantaisies-d78mz02 the_royal_treatment_by_final_fantaisies-d5hlunk welcome_to_prince_hans_from_frozen_by_final_fantaisies-d7ebtl3

Insanely hot, right?  He uses Princes a lot, especially my personal fave, Prince Philip (from Sleeping Beauty).  I started thinking about him, because I actually ran into this photo online:

Cjrf1h4UYAEAlpd.jpg large

And I realized it was the same pose as the Aladdin pic (another fave of mine!  I have a lot from him).


I actually contacted Final-Fantaisies, and he gave me his permission to post about all his pics and this discovery of mine.  He also said he not only knows both of my blogs, but often searches them for inspiration!  If you want to see more of his work, visit his DeviantArt profile here, and tell him I sent you!

Robin vs. TheUAJock previews & More

Robin vs. TheUAJock previews & More

So I actually got to have a meeting with TheUAJock a while ago.  I had a total of three scenes done.  The first two were done in my Robin gear.  Because of this, I’ll be posting the full sets to my other blog,, which is slanted more towards gear and superheroes.  One set was me saran wrapped to a bench, and the other had me barefoot and hogtied.  There are over 150+ pics, so they’ll be going up on Saturdays for a while!  Thought I’d give a small preview here, so you can see what’ll be going up.  Feel free to visit there to see more, full sets will begin next Saturday on my other blog.

Something that will interest most of you here… those black socks of his had been worn for a year without being washed.  You can read about it here.  He also let me keep them.  That was pretty awesome.

Oh, that 3rd set?  A full ducttape mummification.  I’ll post that here, later.


I actually have quite a few pics and scenes to catch up here.  A young Latin newbie gets tied up, a blonde college twink services me in bondage, an update from LL_slavej, more torment for PAW_ss, and, ahem a foot three-some with some well-known foot guys.  Not to mention a few original sets from yours truly.  Lots of good stuff on the horizon!  So much so that I will be posting exclusive content on both Saturdays and Sundays until I run out of content.  Something to make you enjoy your weekends a little bit more!

Play 008 Play 011 Play 034 Play 058 Play 061 Play 073 Play 093 Play 105 Play 110 Play 116 Play 120 Play 128 Play 151 Play 160 Play 162


Burt Ward Barefoot (sort of)

Burt Ward Barefoot (sort of)

So if you’ve been following my Captured Heroes Blog, I’ve been posting some bondage caps of the classic Batman 66 TV series.  I have to admit, they are one of the main reasons I discovered an interest in bondage, and I thought Robin was hot then (still do now).

Being a product of the time, though, he never seems to be shirtless or barefoot.  While I haven’t yet gotten through the entire series yet, I’m about 75% done, and this is the best of what I’ve seen so far in terms of feet.

First off, Robin does remove his shoe in one episode.  He is still wearing footed tights, however, but we’ll take what we can get.  (A more true barefoot image follows.)  The following is a cut and paste of my post at Captured Heroes Blog post of the event:

Once escaped from the giant hourglass, Robin takes off his boot to let the sand out. So far, it’s as close to a barefoot shot as we get from him.

Episode: The Clock King Gets Crowned.

ClockKing2 (1) ClockKing2 (2) ClockKing2 (3) ClockKing2 (4) ClockKing2 (5) ClockKing2 (6) ClockKing2 (7)

But if you are looking for an actual barefoot shot, these next pics are the next closest I’ve ever seen.  He’s not totally barefoot, nor is he in costume.  He’s wearing lace up sandals in preparation for an Egyptian Gala Ball.  If you ask me, his feet appear very pale, but back then, they probably weren’t exactly looked after with the same care we’d give it today.

vlcsnap-2015-06-29-14h44m47s027 vlcsnap-2015-06-29-14h45m03s165 vlcsnap-2015-06-29-14h45m28s874

TFG & Bondage Jeopardy

TFG & Bondage Jeopardy

So not too long ago, I heard that Kevin, the creator of the website Bondage Jeopardy, was going to be visiting Los Angeles to do some filming. I decided to reach out to him.  He was very understanding when I told him I can’t be in his movies directly, and was still willing to meet with me.  He often likes to tie up people just for fun (obviously), without the added constraints of filming.  Sounded good to me!  I did request he take just a few pics, for my own records (he did give me permission to share them).

Imagine my surprise when I found out that his film star, Mikey, was there as well!  So it became a bit of a group session.  Kevin had also requested from me that I bring along some of my hero lycra, so that’s us in them later on.  This is by far not a complete pic list, but this meet wasn’t primarily about pics.  But I hope you enjoy what you do get to see!

For the record, I’m the barefoot one, and later on, Spiderman.

BJMjan15 (1) BJMjan15 (2) BJMjan15 (3) BJMjan15 (4) BJMjan15 (5) BJMjan15 (6) BJMjan15 (7) BJMjan15 (8) BJMjan15 (9)

Mikey also gave his permission to allow me to post these pics.  It was fun to meet him!

A preview of what’s to come when I return

So I keep teasing you with some very hot pics that I have.  Well, to prove it to you, I’m going to post a select few, just to keep you dick nice and hard while I finish up all my work.  Some of these sets have about 40 pics in them.  It’s a mix of original content of my own, and reader submissions.  Either way, it’s all original, and guaranteed to make you shoot.

Preview #1

Toe Tied Twink #1

Can we now say Toe Tied Twink #2?

 Ticklish Twink #1 + Ticklish Twink #2/ Tied Together =Fun for All

Twink #1 + Twink #2 + Double Duty Gag = Even More Fun for All

This set will have over 40 pics between the two twinks, each alone and together.  They were both into bondage and tickling, and it was everybody’s first time at a group scene.  Quite an experience…

Preview #2

Twink #3:  Kiss my feet, slave.

In my clutches, ready for abuse.

Twink #3 is more of a lycra guy.  Because of that, many of these pics may appear in my Captured Heroes blog.

Roll over, pup…

This set will also have almost 40 pics, but many of them ill be presented at my other blog, so that the lycra/gear people can have their fun, too.

Preview #3

Could this be yours truly in his first vac cube experience?
I can’t stand it…

Do the feet give it away?

I’ll keep this one mysterious… but there are about well over 30 pics to this set as well.

As you can see, it’ll all be worth the wait!  I also have some other very hot reader submissions to post that I didn’t even get to here!  As well as a new cyber slave that’ll soon be publicly humiliated here as well. Where else can you get some much new content without paying for it?

Various Reader Contributions; Black Friday Shopping

A couple of random pics.  First, in reference to my Halloween Torture post, a reader sent me some pics of medieval shoes that were used for torture and humiliation.

Next, I got a very flattering email from fan Joe.  Not only is he an amazing and dedicated fan who basically told me that after viewing my blog, I’ve gotten him more into feet even though that wasn’t something that turned him on before.  Always love converting!  😉  He saw a pic in the new about the flooding in Italy, and thought it’d be good to send my way.  To be honest, I had seen this pic myself, and while I did find it rather hot, I also felt a bit bad for all the people who are genuinely going through any hardships at this time.  Obviously my heart and well wishes go out to them.  But on the plus side… look at those feet.  And shoes.  I was amused that Joe was able to identify a pair of Classic White Exofit Hi-Top Leather Sneakers.  I’m not so much of a shoe fan to know if that’s accurate, but if not, I’m sure Mr. Mitchell will correct us.

Next, I have to admit I do get a bit of a thrill when I’m sent a pic via Twitter.  HunterGreenee had teased me before, but I finally have a real foot pic from this pup, taken while he was drumming.

Lastly, a different sort of pic sent to me by TheUAJock.  He’s not saying who’s in the Spiderman outfit, but I have my guesses.

Thanks to all who send items my way.  It’s all appreciated, please keep it up!

Oh, and today’s Black Friday, isn’t it?  Get a head start on all your kinky shopping by visiting my own Shopping page and visiting my favorite sites through my links!  I may be getting an item or two myself…

Happy Birthday to the Blog! Let’s have a fetish party!

So it was 7 years ago today that I started this blog.  Can you believe it?  In a way, the first four and half years don’t count for as much.  I rarely posted, and it was typically either unkinky life stories (although if you dig a bit, you can find the posts where I first met and fell in love with my current wonderful boyfriend–as well as read about some of the mixed dates I had before then) or a teaser update to my site (which is now defunct… this blog sort of took it over) rather than pics.  It’s only been since about 2009/2010 that I’ve been posting mostly pics daily, and it really took off to where it is now.  I’ve sort of even settled into a bit of a schedule, if you haven’t noticed:

  • Sundays are usually life stories, news, or kinky observations
  • Monday-Fridays are assorted kinky pic posts with different themes each day, often with feet being highlighted on Fridays (although not always–gotta change it up sometimes)
  • Saturdays are typically original posts from me or original reader contributions

I vary it occasionally (like this week, in fact, which will be nearly all reader contributions), but that’s the gist of it.  If you want to read more about the history of this blog, visit my About TFG page and scroll down.

This blog has sort of taken over my life.  I spend quite a bit of time sitting in front of my computer, gathering pics and prepping posts.  It can take hours, and it can get grueling, tiring, and a bit like a job sometimes–except I don’t get paid.  And it’s on top of my regular day job.  But I really have to admit… I get a lot of satisfaction from it, too.  Especially when hearing from fans, getting questions, and meeting various people (such as Attloki and TheUAJock).  I really look forward to that, so feel free to write me anytime.  I love hearing from you guys, and it gives me the motivation to continue.

It also helps me if you click the links at the left or on my Shopping page and buy stuff.  It doesn’t cost you any extra, but a portion of your purchase will be donated back to me.  So buy much and buy often, lol.  I’d use the money to purchase more items, gear, and equipment to use for here.  Broke or can’t afford to buy anything?  Then take just a quick minute and vote for my blog.  You don’t need to sign up, and it’s fast and free.  Although hopefully only 4 or 5 stars only, please.  😉

In honor of the occasion, I thought I’d post some pics that represent a little bit of each of my current fetishes.  Feet, shoes, socks, bondage, abuse, twinks, chastity, worship, gunge, and gags.

Now this is a party…

I think I love seeing the act of a guy getting tie up as much as the finished product.

Sockgagged, tied, and gunged?  I’ll clean it off…

Happy Birthday to the Blog, indeed!

And a bit of nerdy statistical trivia, if this sort of thing interests you… at last check (which was a few days ago), according to the site Alexa, my blog is the #554,415 top website in the world.  For being a gay fetish blog, which is a pretty niche market, I think that’s pretty damn good.  In the US, I’m in the top 250,000.  Other interesting news from Canada… you make up nearly 60% of my views, and I’m currently the top 22,000 top sites in all of Canada.  For a while, I was the top 1,100 site in Vancouver.  Damn, are you guys kinky there or what?  Big shout out to Canada!  Not quite sure what I’m doing so right over there, but I’m glad!  Anyone want to sponsor a trip for me to visit there sometime?  😉