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An Update to the Update: I ain’t dead yet!

So the latest news, in short:  my emails (both and are back up and running again.  They were down for about 5-7 days once the domain name transfer happened.  I totally forgot that those emails were connected to my old server, so it took me a while to figure that out!  So if you wrote me in the last week and I never responded or it got bounced back to you, please try again.

And as you can see, my blog is back!  Now, this is still the old blog.  Nothing has changed yet, except the location of the domain name.  It’s currently on the new server.  For you, the reader, it appears as if nothing’s happened.  But there’s been much work and effort behind the scenes, believe me.  This allows me to now begin creating a new blog that will be entirely self-hosted on the new server, giving more more freedom that I could get on blogger.

Of course, I’m also super busy at work, so to be honest, it may be a while before a new blog goes up.  There were a post or two that did go up while the domain name was down, so feel free to catch up with those.  And I’ll still try to post a bit off and on in the meantime to keep you entertained.  I have been promising new original pics of tied twinks for a while, so perhaps I’ll tease you with a few to keep you entertained.

In the meantime, you can now see why it’ll be good to keep tabs on my twitter in case the site goes down again.  I was posting updates there, so my followers were aware of what was happening to the blog.  I also want to thank Google Blogger Closes Gay Blogs, who posted about me when I wrote them and alerted them to my situation.  Just to clarify, google did not shut me down (yet, anyway).  The site was down while my domain name was transferred, and it just took a while (a really long while, if you ask me) for the DNS to redirect.

The process may be slow, but I am working on it!  Glad to be back!

Even more news

I was starting to doubt it’d ever happen, but it seems has returned!  And yes, there is a free option, it’s just a bit buried. When you sign up and see the payment window at the end, look for the small text that says “No thanks”, and you’ll get the free version.

Go make a profile, cross you toes, and let’s see what happens…

UPDATE:  After little more than 48 hours being live, the site already has over 200 members.  Who knows, this may actually work.

Should I Sell? Competitions & Prizes?

So believe it or not, but I have quite a stockpile of worn, used shoes and socks.  And I think I may be willing to sell them.

But… and I always wonder this when I do see guys saying the same… what’s the best way to collect the money?  That’s always been a dilemma.  I suppose there’s PayPal, but 1) they frown on adult content, and 2) it may be too connected to some of my personal information.  I have thought of eBay… but again, they connect to PayPal.  So I’m not sure what other alternate methods of payment are available that still protect privacy.  If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.

Even if an option comes along, I probably won’t have the time to sell until the summer.  But if I start thinking about it now, I could maybe be ready to sell by then.

I will say that I have some really rancid, crusty, smelly pairs of socks.  But I can also have cleaner ones, too, if that’s what floats your boat.  At the moment, most of the shoes are not as smelly anymore, but come the summertime, I can rewear them again barefooted and raise some stink for you.  If that’s what you want.  And if you’re visiting this blog, chances are you do.  😉  Really, I would do what I can to accommodate requests.

Also, I’m even open to the idea of sending some off as prizes for some competitions of sorts.  Such as writing a hot story, voting on the hottest reader submissions, coming up with humiliating tasks for some of my online slaves (or maybe even me!), etc.  Anyone interested in such events later on?  Submit your ideas to me!

*     *     *

Speaking of consumer items, did you see the new Mr. S. Leather Leg Sack?  So very hot!  Anyone wanna buy it for me?

My only minor issue.. I wish the feet were detachable, so you could have access to them if desired.  But still, pretty damn hot.

Formspring question from before

Sorry that got cut off last time.
I recently got some very gnarly blisters from walking too long in old boots. I have gotten rid of the blisters but the area where they were is still missing a layer of skin and it’s healing back very very very slowly. I wonder if you have any advice how I can speed up the healing. Thanx a ton,
P.S. I check your blog daily. It’s the first site I go to when I need to rub one out.

First off, thanks for the daily visits.  I love making you guys hard.  😉  

I’m not much of a medical expert, though, so I don’t know if I can offer any real advice, unfortunately.  Although I have had my share of blisters (a few quite large, almost the size of a quarter), and it is frustrating to have a giant “hole” of skin.  It did seem to take a while to heal.  I can say that I waited a bit until that skin underneath the blister toughened a bit, and then I used a pumice stone to sort of help smooth out the skin.  To be honest, though, I’m not even sure that really did all that much.

If anyone does have any ideas or tips, please share them.  I’d be curious to know, too.

I do love answering questions about nearly anything, so please ask!

if someone was unattractive but had amazing sexy feet would that put you off there feet?

At first I thought this question was a bit shallow… and I sort of think it still is… but at the same time, it’s kinda is a valid one.

For example, I can say that while I love my BF and think he’s the cutest thing in the world, his feet aren’t actually all that attractive to me. They’re not particularly meaty, nor are they skinny. The biggest problem is they can be very dry and flaky, and usually are completely odor free. Hence why I often use his (or my) shoes and socks instead.

So granted this is the opposite of the question you asked… sexy guy, not as sexy feet. And I make it work. So I’d think it could go the other way, too. But it’d have to be some pretty amazing feet. 😉

Ask me anything

Describe your feet type – wide, thick, long, slender, skinny etc etc

You know, I’m pretty open with this. My ideal foot does not have to be large. I actually prefer small feet. I like meaty, thick, smooth, and smelly.

But… I am also turned on by skinny feet. Especially with skinny toes. I can get into all sorts of toe lengths. To me, it’s more about proportion.

Rough, dirty, and especially hairy feet are the turn offs for me.

What fun questions! That was quite a series of asks. But I enjoy this sort of thing, so feel free to keep ’em coming!

Ask me anything