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ll_slavej chokes on his unwashed uniform

ll_slavej chokes on his unwashed uniform

As you may have seen, ll_slavej now has a uniform dedicated to me.  He is to wear it as often as possible, and never wash it without permission.  This was one of our first sessions to use it, and this even includes not one, not two, not three, but four (short) videos!  All posted with his permission.

Beginning the session naked and with my collar on.

First, I wanted to train his mouth some more, so he had to suck, gag, and moan on his own fingers.

Then I ordered him to put the used, unwashed underwear on his head.

I quickly demanded the underwear off his body and into his mouth to chew on.  You can hear how much he enjoyed it. 

After some thorough eating, he had to put them back on his body.

After doing this for a full 5 minutes, he took them back off.

He didn’t stay naked for long. They went right back on his head, skid marks and all.


He ended the session with some series tit torture.  First the suckers, then the clamps.  It was nearly too much to bear for him, but I didn’t really care.  It’s his lot in life to do what I say, and take it like the bitch he was born to be.

Reader Contribution: FootPhanTom1001

So I have been “captivated” lately by a young and up and coming YouTube star, FootPhanTom1001.  And it was even cooler to hear that he’s been a big fan of the blog for a while.  He’s sent me some pics of his bound feet, his artwork, and an exclusive video!

So this video is unlisted, which means it can only be seen if you’re given the link.  But you, dear readers, have been given the link, and you may enjoy to your heart’s content below.  Just know if you try to search for this video on the YouTube site, you won’t find it.  Not even on his own channel.

Hope you enjoy as much as I have.  Pics below, as well as his artwork.

This final Robin pic was an exclusive just for me.  Very, very hot.

Reader Contribution: Kantermejo’s vids

Got a nice email from a guy wanting to share his YouTube vids.  I asked him a bit more about himself, and he replied:

I’m an 18 years old Polish guy and have very comfortable fetish base 😉 I’m pretty much into everything. Feet, adam’s apple, pits, cocks, eye candies, abs, back, hard BDSM (my most favorite brand is Dream Boy Bondage), skate, millitary, straight, bromance, blowjobs, really, everything makes me tick if it’s a Right Guy 😀

In feet I admire high arch which is the most important part I take notice of, but I also like a little calloused skin from wearing athletic shoes, flip flops or going barefoot. 

Sounds good to me!  I’m highlighting 3 of his vids here.  To be honest, I’ve never really heard much about Adam’s Apple fetishes.  But that’s kinda cool.  

I love that he wears these shoes barefoot. I can’t imagine the stench, can you?

Lost Super Bowl Bet, Part 3

So far:  I am still chaste, and I’ve already eaten a few of my toenails.  I’m awaiting my 2nd task of three, but Master Justin has a bit to say to me first…

“It’s amazing and hilarious how fast u slipped from the Master role to the slave role where u really belong…. As for task two I have an idea.  I seem to remember u made me put a piece of bread in my sock and have in there all day and then eat it and film it so I guess what u r gonna do tomorrow slave?”

On a side note… this is in fact a task I made him do.  And he did film it for me, but for privacy reasons, I won’t be posting it.  Nor will I be posting the full video of me doing it.  But there will be some stills.

slave TFG:  “You must be relishing in this revenge, Master.”

“All ready, Master”

 “This feels sick already.  :/”

“Bread bulge in my socks”

“God, this is so embarrassing and disgusting, Master.  You were a very brave and dedicated slave to put yourself through this.  It already feels gross, and the day is just beginning.  It will be horrible to eat this later, Master.”

Master Justin:  “Very good job slave!!! I am impressed…. Can’t wait for you to taste the foot bread.  I remember I didn’t want to eat bread for a long time afterwards but yes I was brave for doing this for you I’m glad u appreciate that”

Well, I went a bit above and beyond when finally eating the bread.  And let’s just say it was very, very humiliating.  I have a video for you below.

Note:  it does have some choppy editing towards the end where a bit too much of my face would show.

 Master Justin:  ” [Saw] the video.  It was disgusting slave but you deserved it, didn’t you?  U have done well with these tasks but I have done so much more for you I will really have to think of the last one.  Don’t think u r fooling me by begging for it slave I know u just want to be free ASAP”

Sadly, real life intervened for the next couple of days (work, school, and minor health issues–you know how that flu is going around), so we had a brief interruption.  But Master Justin wasn’t quite done with me yet…

Lost Super Bowl Bet, Part 2

After losing a bet with my former cyber slave SBS_justin, I now find myself calling him Master Justin, and awaiting my second task after being told to remain chaste…

For his second task, he went more of the humiliation route, and ordered me to do something that he himself had been interested in:  To trim either my or my BF’s toenails and put the clippings on my tongue.  I had to send a pic to him as proof, as I had forced him for over a year.

I told him, “It will be my pleasure to taste my toenails.  And very humiliating.  Thank you for making me be your slave, Master!”

Well, he certainly was enjoying his new status.  I got this message back:  “No problem slave.  By the end of it you may be begging to be my slave forever.  And make sure you blog about me getting my revenge and really humiliating you.”

And here we are.  Now, when I was asking him if I could mention that this was SBS_justin doing this to me, he told me, “…do NOT refer to me as sbs Justin it is Master Justin from no in!  Am I a slut bitch slave [which is what the SBS refers to –TFG]?  No you are and as punishment for your mistake u have to kiss your shoes and send a pic.”

“I will humbly and gratefully obey your embarrassing punishment, Master Justin.”

Sent this as soon as I could:  “Here I am enduring my just punishment, Master.  I dug my face deep into each shoe to breathe in all the shoe stink I could.”

Master Justin:  “…You have done well slave!  Can’t wait to see your other pics.”

slave TFG:  “Here you go Master.  As you demanded.  It was gross, but I was turned on because I knew you would be.”

The first two pics are before trimming.

After trimming.

My humiliating punishment.

slave TFG:  “And to make up for my tardiness, I even videoed myself swallowing them.  I couldn’t do the big toenails, but I did all the other 8.”

Master Justin:  “Omg slave how humiliating!!! A 24 year old just made you swallow your own toenails hahahahahahahahaha!  This revenge is awesome.  I’m hard right now from that pic and can’t wait to shoot a load watching the video hahaha!!!”

slave TFG:  “Thank you for putting me in my place, Master!  I’m even more embarrassed now that you put it that way, but it’s what a pathetic slave like me deserves!  I hope Master has shot a cream load of his God-like cum while watching his pitiful slaves’ video.  It would be my honor to see your Master juice splattered all over yourself while I suffer in chastity.”

Master Justin:  “Oh u will salve when I am ready for you too.  I am kinda reconsidering chastity being a task.  Shouldn’t it go without saying that a slave should be chaste??  U forced me to be for weeks and weeks and I saw u had just cummed prior to our bet on twitter.”

slave TFG:  “You are extremely cruel, Master.  I had no idea you were checking my twitter.  🙁  But I do deserve to be monitored.  And yes, I agree, chastity is the norm for a slave, not a task.  Therefore I humbly await your second task, Master Justin.”

Seems like this story will be going on a bit longer…

Getting Gagged

To me, actually seeing the process of the gagging is nearly as hot as the gag itself.

And… I rarely post videos here… but this is one of my all time faves.  I’ve had it for so long, I really couldn’t tell you what or where it’s from.  In fact, if anyone does have any info on it, it’d be appreciated.


So it’s been a while, hasn’t it?  Thanks for your patience.  To make up for it, he’s a post with a bit of everything.  These pics don’t really have any sort of theme aside from being hot in their own way.

First up, some bondage in Flip Flops.  There needs to be more of this.

Okay, there are women in this pic.  But damn, look at the guy in the table.  Awesome humiliation.

Love the way the arm is connected to the foot.  Very hot position.

Super hot suspended mummy.  And super hot feet to abuse and worship, too.

Hellooooo, footjbob

Hot art.

So I do kiss his socks or smell his shoes first?

Oh, to be that exercise equipment.

This is the best kind of cowboy.

Pretty funny and hot.

Final Days; Geordie Shore Gunge

So reader ccontrol send me a few videos of guys getting some gunge (and a bit of bondage and bare feet on two of them) abuse on their last day on the job.  I hope my last day goes like this.

Also, reader JamesB sent me a few pics of some cute guys–Geordie Shore, to be honest, I’ve never heard of them–but they’re cute, gunged, and barefoot.  So I won’t be complaining.  🙂

Okay, these are the guys and feet I’m ready to lick clean.  Especially the blondie on the right.


I know this isn’t for everybody, but for those who do enjoy this, it’s been a long time coming. WAM stands for Wet And Messy, a type of gunge play.

First, I found this in a local store.

So, I decided to make it quite literal.

(Note:  the ending of the video is chopped up on purpose.  It showed a bit too much of my face, so I did a lot of cuts.  It’s a bit awkward I know, and right at the “good part”, but I do have to play it a bit careful.)
As if that were not enough, I decided to use an old pudding cup I had lying around and throw it into the mix.

Thanks to Restwalker for helping me edit the second video.
I have more gunge stuff coming.  Now, if that’s not your thing, don’t worry… there’s also some new feet & sock videos headed your way as well.