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Final Days; Geordie Shore Gunge

So reader ccontrol send me a few videos of guys getting some gunge (and a bit of bondage and bare feet on two of them) abuse on their last day on the job.  I hope my last day goes like this.

Also, reader JamesB sent me a few pics of some cute guys–Geordie Shore, to be honest, I’ve never heard of them–but they’re cute, gunged, and barefoot.  So I won’t be complaining.  🙂

Okay, these are the guys and feet I’m ready to lick clean.  Especially the blondie on the right.


I know this isn’t for everybody, but for those who do enjoy this, it’s been a long time coming. WAM stands for Wet And Messy, a type of gunge play.

First, I found this in a local store.

So, I decided to make it quite literal.

(Note:  the ending of the video is chopped up on purpose.  It showed a bit too much of my face, so I did a lot of cuts.  It’s a bit awkward I know, and right at the “good part”, but I do have to play it a bit careful.)
As if that were not enough, I decided to use an old pudding cup I had lying around and throw it into the mix.

Thanks to Restwalker for helping me edit the second video.
I have more gunge stuff coming.  Now, if that’s not your thing, don’t worry… there’s also some new feet & sock videos headed your way as well.

TFG Gunge Feet Video Classics

Ages ago, back before this blog and I only had a Tripod website, I created some various foot videos intended for sale.  I probably would have posted them to Clips4Sale or something like that if I had had that option back then.  Now, I’ll just do it for free.  😉

So these first three videos are ones I created probably about the early 2000’s.  I did them well before I knew anything about gunge or WAM.  I had never even seen anything like it before at the time.  On reflection, I guess it’s pretty cool I discovered this independently.  Even as I filmed them, I sort of thought of them as the hottest things I had filmed at the time.  Hope you agree.

This final vid is more recent, as in a few months ago.

During a recent break, I actually took the time to film a number of videos. Many gunge/feet related, but some just feet. So you’ll have some videos from me to look forward too!

Sunday Silly: Happy Holidays!

First, a few holiday wishes pics from GINES.

Gotta love Fred Schnieder (of the B 52’s, if you didn’t know). Once you get this song in your head, it’s not easy to get it out.  Oh, there are 2 shirtless guys dancing it it, so there is some sexiness too.

On a whole ‘nother level is the… captivating… and certainly unique… song by Wing. She is a real “singer”, made most famous from South Park.

Now, if you’re like anything I was for many years, I didn’t actually have a whole lot of enjoyable plans for the holiday.  So if you fall into that category, feel free to distract yourself with this little simulation game where you try to score some dates.

Enjoy your holiday! Back to perversion tomorrow, and with double posts until 2012!

Tied Feet Videos

I know… I hardly ever post videos here.  I find the embedding for Xtube to be a pain, and YouTube videos tend to get taken down or removed frequently.  Nevertheless, I’m going to try to post a few anyway, because it’s a nice change of pace.

First off is an exclusive video sent to me by de_md2, who is a fairly long time contributor whose work never disappoints.  In fact, you often see it floating around on Tumblr.  I think I can say that they basically started here, at my blog.  Enjoy this vid.

By the way… if you subscribbed to my twitter, you already had a sneak preview of that video.  Lucky you!  So why aren’t you following me?  😉

And now, some other assorted vids I’ve run across.

And how about a trip down memory lane with my friend, fellow blogger, and occasional slave, Restwalker?

So if you’d like to see more, I’ve made a playlist, which you can access by clicking below. There’s nearly 50 videos on the list, and I’m sure there’s more out there.  Hopefully, there aren’t any repeats, but that may happen. If there’s more I need to add, please let me know!

Reader Contribution: jbrau28, Leather.Bondage.Love

jbrau28 has been a great supporter of the blog, and frequently sends me various feet and gunge videos.  Well, today, he sends one of his own that he’d like to be shared.  And I agree!

I also got one more from him… hope you like it.

Also, I made a request of bound feet pics to one of my favorite tumblr bloggers, Leather.Bondage.Love, whose pics are some of the hottest I’ve seen in a while.  And awesome ropework, too.  Can I play with him, please?  😉


I got a fun little contribution from TieMyFeet, and just wanted to share.  -TFG

so you’re tied up on the floor and can not get up (you’re barefoot, of course) – if you can get out of the room, you could escape- but the door is closed. You try to open the door with your bare feet (easier if the door pushes out)- not so easy (and this was a small knob). Gets more difficult as your feet get sweaty-

slave competition poll; further SBS_justin punishments

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve actually had SBS_justin performing a number of tasks for me.  One of which was the same as Restwalker:  to drink from sock washed water.  I include the videos from both here… you let me know which slave did a better job in the poll below.

Here’s the Sock Water video from SBS_justin:

And here it is from Restwalker:

Who drank their sock water better?
 Restwalker free polls

I do find it a bit amusing that, though I did not instruct them to do so, they both performed this task shirtless.  One of the bonuses of having slaves willing to please you, I suppose!

I also got an email from SBS_justin, after his main debut here on the blog.  I thought I’d share it with you (with his permission), so you can hear how he serves me.

Thank You for humiliating me on your blog Sir. i liked how the pictures turned out and i hope the blog readers are jealous of you for having two slaves to serve You. i just finished my first sock washing task Sir. i have to say this was worse than the bread* because the water tasted so bad i almost coughed it all back up. at the end of the video i was going to thank You but i thought if i opened my mouth to talk i would lose it so i will thank You here for letting me drink nasty sock water. i am sure if was with You as your slave i would eat and drink nothing but food smashed by feet and dirty sock water, but i would love it since i am such a slave. i also slept the whole night with my feet cuffed together which really limited my movement and kept me up for a while.

*One of the tasks I made him do, after both of us being inspired by Restwalker’s Oatmeal socks video, was to have him put a slice of bread in each of his socks, wear them for 8 hours while he was at work, and then eat them from his dog bowl.   The bread had been in his socks for so long, you could see the impression of the fabric in the bread.  It was hard and crusty, but he ate it up like a good slave.  There is a video of this, but it does show his face, so it will have to remain between me and him…

As he mentions, I forced him to spend the night with his feet cuffed together.  Below are the pics from that.  Hope you are starting to see why I enjoy tormenting him so much…

Regardless of who wins the poll, tomorrow is a special exclusive feature from Restwalker.  And next week, we’ll be humiliating SBS_justin by publicly posting our first online slave session.  So everyone wins.  🙂  Especially with so much exclusive content around here lately!

Slave Restwalker’s Week Long Clothespins Torture – The Video

Slave “Labor” Weekend!

You saw the preview pics earlier… now, here’s the completed video on my task for slave dylann…


Update:  he posted an unedited version of the 10 minute task, as it was the most painful and humiliating one.  See it here.

For those of you who don’t remember the task, there are more details here. And for those too lazy to click the link, the basic directions are below.

“On the first day, you will use 2 clothespins, and leave them on your body for 2 minutes.
On the second day, you will use 4 for 4 minutes.  Third day:  8 for 8.  Fourth:  10 for 10.  Fifth:  14 for 14.  Sixth:  18 for 18.  Last day:  21 for 21.

I require as many different and unique body parts as possible.  Clip your nipples, chest, ears, your face, lips, tongue, your inner thighs, the back of your knees, your ass, the back of your hand, fingers, armpit, sides, feet, toes, soles, arms, etc.  But they are for you to decide.
During these clip times, you are not allowed to do anything else.  No watching videos, no computer, no messenger, no listening to music, no distractions (aside from taking pics and setting up videos).  Just you coming to terms with your own agony and servitude.  You are also to be stripped to your underwear, to reiterate you vulnerability.  For videoing the longer times, you may record putting the clips on, and then the last half of the task.  You are allowed to moan if the pain is great, and thank your Master as you see fit.  In fact, you’ll need to thank your Master every minute you endure the clips.  Use a timer as necessary, I don’t want a minute to go by without being thanked.  Also record take all the clips off… sometimes, that’s the best part.  Be sure to massage the spots where the clips were once removed.”

Do you think he was up to the task?  Pity we didn’t get to hear him thank me… maybe I should make him do it all over again…

Stay tuned for more my of my slaves tomorrow.