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Graham H is back!

Graham H is back!

I’ve never mentioned on here before, but if you like to check out male feet on YouTube, he was your guy. 

In case you weren’t aware of his work, he would approach hot guys just out and about, and get them to show their feet.  No nudity at all, just real guys showing their feet.  I still don’t know exactly how he does it (my suspicion is he tells guys he works for a shoe company, and needs to see the shape of men’s feet to see how the shoes would fit), but it’s a pretty great service. And whatever technique he’s using, he’s got it mastered.

Despite there being no nudity or sexual content at all (other than seeing men’s socks and bare feet), his channel has been flagged a lot.  But at last, he’s decided to create his own webpage.  So give it a visit!

Below are just a few screen caps I took of his vids, so you get an idea of what you’ll see.  Soles are my favorite, so I focused on those, but it should be noted he gets feet from every angle:  feet straight out, ankles crossed, tops, heels, and sitting and standing.  He also spends a good time on the guys in socks, so you sock lovers aren’t left out. Review:  Tyler Rush, Bank Manager Abducted Review: Tyler Rush, Bank Manager Abducted

So not too long ago, my husband got himself a subscription to, and he kindly downloaded a few videos that would interest me.  One of them features a very hot guy I’ve liked, Tyler Rush/Pup Amp.  You may know him and Bolt from their Watt’s the Safeword series on YouTube, but Tyler has quite a porn career of his own.  I chose this particular video because it seems to show off quite a bit of his feet, which I don’t feel I see enough in his other pics.  He usually shows off his very fine ass, which I’m not complaining about… but as a foot guy, I’m always interested in soles.

As a disclaimer, I do not have any sponsorship or affiliation with (though I may one day look into it), so this is just a personal opinion.  Much of the time, a lot of their videos don’t really appeal to me as much as I’d expect, and I can’t really quite say why.  I think much of the time, they use fairly buff men, and I’m more into twinks.  That said, they do have a variety, and with Tyler (and a few others I’ll review later), I feel I do get my twink count in.

I did find myself enjoying this vid, which has the full titled of “Bank Manager Abducted and Edged to his Limit”.  As you can see, he get footworshiped in the first major kink scene, as well as rimmed and blown.  He moans a lot, which I always enjoy hearing.  He later gets tied on all fours (basically the only two major positions in the entire vid, though he does get tied face up and jerked off with a bit of tickling at the very end, but the scene is much shorter).  More rimming and blowing, but also some foot worship and foot tickling (though that part is fairly quick).  He later gets faced fucked with a dildo on a stick at the same time his penetrated with another dildo on a stick… a very humiliating situation that he moans and slobbers loudly about, which surprisingly got me off even more than seeing his feet.  It’s that humiliation aspect, and I’m a sucker when a slave moans, groans, gags, and slobbers.  And he does all that.

tyler01 tyler02 tyler03tyler04 tyler05

I did enjoy this vid quite a bit, but surprisingly for me, it was the dildo spitroast (pictured above) that got me off the most.  But if you’d been wanting to see his feet and soles, this vid is the one for you. Review:  Dakota Wolf, Bound Whore Review: Dakota Wolf, Bound Whore

This vid features one I hadn’t heard of before, Dakota Wolfe.  This super subby twink (I believe only 19 when the vid was made) didn’t have a lot of vids on the site, but he’s now one of my faves.  Love his super young, innocent look, but he also seems to love being a slave whore.  I only got part 2 of the vid with the title, “Bound whore gang fucked like an animal in a packed bar” (such eloquent names they have, lol), but that’s because it’s where all the foot worship activity happens.  And it’s all right at the beginning.  They make him moo often in a tool of humiliation, which I initially found off putting, but he gets so into it and being degraded, it actually became pretty damn hot.

He worships bare feet and boots for quite a while.  The vid then does move more towards traditional cock sucking and a group scene, and ends with many loads on the constantly moaning slave whore.  He really seemed to enjoy his place, and while I’d like to see more of his own feet, it was just as enjoyable watching this young slut get into worshiping other’s feet and being used.

While the foot worshiping segment is short in proportion to the rest of the video, estimating it at about 10 minutes total, that’s still a pretty decent length.  I know I watch it often!

dakota02 dakota03 dakota01

If CastroKinky gives you a shoutout, you blog about it

If CastroKinky gives you a shoutout, you blog about it

The title kinda says it all.  All kinds of awesome to have CastroKinky mention me by name in one of his videos.  And seeing Whisper’s foot being tortured is just icing on the cake.  “Nuff said.


There is a chance there may be more to this… I’ll know by the end of the week.  Check my twitter if any updates happen sooner. Review:  Christian Wilde, Colt Rivers Review: Christian Wilde, Colt Rivers

I’ve always been a big fan of Christian Wilde.  He’s buff, but not too buff.  Masculine, but also very youthful looking, and very sexy eyes.  He’s sort of a blend between muscle and twink that really gets me going.  He subs and Doms, and also loves getting his feet worshiped.  And this video (called “New muscle boy for Mr. Wilde”) shows a lot of foot worship, and his great feet.

Again, I don’t know much about this particular sub, Colt Rivers.  He’s cute, but not quite my type.  Nevertheless, he certainly gets into licking, sucking, and generally being controlled by Christian’s hot feet.  And who wouldn’t?  Lots of great foot shots, and the most foot worship I’ve ever seen in a vid.

Now, there is just as much that is not foot related.  But the foot content that’s there will still make it worth your while.

Best part?  At the end, Colt shoots his load on top of Christain’s foot, and he makes him lick it up.  Like a good foot whore should.

wilde01 wilde01a wilde02 wilde03


Keeping it kinky

Keeping it kinky

First, a small links update… the amazing blog Dudes in Trouble got shut down by google.  But I’m happy to report that he is back at  I’ve updated the link I have to him here.

With the current state of politics, I’ve noticed that a lot of social media (especially twitter) has become highly political.  I totally understand why, and I do have some strong feelings about it myself.  I feel Trump is an abomination for President, and worry a lot about the direction of this country.  He’s done many despicable things, and chosen to surround himself with some highly unqualified people who many do terrible damage to basic human rights and sensibilities.

But that said, I just really don’t want to get into it much here.  To me, this blog and all that goes with it is meant as escapism.  A much needed distraction.  So I choose to stay out of it, aside from my small rant above.

Absolutely nothing wrong to those who do want to share their political views.  I encourage it, and I hope it spreads the word.  These are important issues.  But so are more simple pleasures.

Twitter Find:  Run Smith

Twitter Find: Run Smith

Sometimes you run into a hot twitter account.  One of my favorite foot twitters right now is the amazing Run Smith @N2MaleFeet.  He manages to post clips of many foot fetish vids that I have never run into before.  And they’re hot!  A few of my faves below.  Follow him if you like, and tell him I sent you!


Tumblr Find:  Castro Kinky

Tumblr Find: Castro Kinky

So before getting to the post, I want to update you all that it’s looking very certain we’ll be selling our old queen size dungeon bed (pics at the link).  If you are seriously interested, please contact me.  It’ll be better if you’re local to Los Angeles… the shipping would be very expensive.

UPDATE:  Sadly, tumblr deleted his blog.  But he does still have a twitter, so please follow that.  And at the moment, Whisper does still have his tumblr–see link below

If you’ve been on kinky tumblr at all, you’ve certainly run into pics from CastroKinky.  While I’ve never met him, and barely talked (like 2 messages on tumblr, it hardly counts), he seems to me like he’d be a great Dom.  He’s open to work with a variety of slaves, but does lean towards twinks (much like me, lol).  And I’m totally in love with his blonde twink slave Whisper (and if we see more of his feet, I couldn’t complain, hint hint–but neither he nor any of his subs at the moment have a foot fetish, so they don’t get seen often).  His tumblr is full of great pics, and he’s very open to answering questions, which often is very enlightening and educational.  Go visit!

And if you now have as much of a crush as I do, Whisper has his own tumblr here.

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Footbuddies message board is slowly returning

Footbuddies message board is slowly returning

After many, many moths of essential inactivity, the Footbuddies message board is beginning to get posts again.  While I’m not quite certain I can remember exactly why it diminished in the first place, I had always had the impression that there had become a technical issue that wasn’t allowing pics to post, and the moderator was MIA or unable to fix it. 

Whatever the case was, posting of pics is now beginning again, and their fabulous threads on Different Celebrities and Video Captures are getting new posts, so stop by and visit if you haven’t lately!  The board is free, though I do believe you need to register.