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Mr. S Sneaks Shirt; Barefoot Soap Stars

Mr. S Sneaks Shirt; Barefoot Soap Stars

I posted a survey a little while ago asking if there was a good day to post more original content, since I seem to have more than I can currently post.  By more than half, you said Wednesday.  Which was a great relief, because I was thinking the same thing!

So here’s the first original post.  It’s a very short one today, but most of the time, today will compose of either my original cyber slave work, thoughts, tips, or further webfinds.  In any case, if you haven’t seen already, Mr. S has debuted some shirts that spell out your kinks.  For all the sneaker guys, enjoy this.


Get it at the link here.  In the meantime, I hope they work on one for feet!  In the meantime, they also have Locked and Gear, among others (which also include Bitch, Daddy, Sucker, etc.)

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On a side note, a long time reader of this blog wanted to let me know about a tumblr he’s started, feet-turing the bare feet of soap stars. I think that’s a great idea, those guys tend to be pretty damn sexy! Find it at Barefoot Soap Actors.

More fun stuff from Fort Troff

More fun stuff from Fort Troff

I say, they are really tapping into to my feet kinks.  Love these pics for some new socks.

sox_2 sox_1 tumblr_nvga2xJydf1sigxz0o1_400

Plus, I love the functionality of this hood.  I’m a big fan of hoods with a blindfold included (if you’ve never used a regular spandex hood before, you can actually see right through the fabric), but having a wider opening for the mouth and nose means I can really have a slave under my control, but still able to lick, taste, and smell every inch of my foot.  Seems like a win-win, I think I may have to get this one myself!

grunt_hood_2 grunt_hood_1

And a few more pics I liked from their site, for obvious reasons.  Go support them!

60776_22 60776_50 g

If you need to purchase new gear…

If you need to purchase new gear…

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Kinky Black Friday Sales

Kinky Black Friday Sales

Kinky people need sales, too!  Take a look at the big sale at The Stockroom.  There are a lot of great deals, and they only last until December 1!

Black Friday Sale at The Stockroom

Is spanking and whipping more your thing?  They’re also having a sale on whips, crops, canes, paddles, and anything else you can spank with!

Spanksgiving Sale at The Stockroom

They include an item I personally own, The Lolly Crop.  While I’m not fond of the name, I had to admit it’s an apt description.  And it’s a great tool for beating, without getting too intense.  Fantastic for bastinado.  Although if you like it that intense, they have a steel version as well!




Support Baring My Sole

Support Baring My Sole

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Speaking of which, Fort Troff just announced their new Flip FucR, with the help of Tenga.  I’ve been a big Tenga fan, so this looks pretty amazing, and I may get one myself.  One of it’s novelties is that is has two holes, so you can enjoy two different sensations.  Or have two guys fucking it from both ends at the same time.  Sounds pretty hot, eh?  Get it here!

Social Media Banner X 851x315 cam Robbie#1 copy

And you all know you should be ordering soon so you can get your order in time for the holidays!  I know, it pains me to say that as well.  But it’s the world we live in now.

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Fist Poweder TECH:  Possible gunge?

Fist Poweder TECH: Possible gunge?

Ran across this from my Fort Troff newsletter.  To be honest, I’m not into fisting.  But I am interested in gunge.  And this substance looks quite amazing for that.  Their description is below.

.53046_8786 53046_9720

Fist Powder TECH
$32.90 Product #: 53046
For those of you who like J-Lube, but hate that it’s really used for birthin’ cattle… we’re proud to offer Fist Powder TECH. This is the SECOND version of Fist Powder, and it’s been reformulated to give you the THICK feel that so many of you fuckers asked for.

Made in France, this EXTREME fisting lube is leagues better ‘cuz it’s SLICKER ‘n LESS STRINGY. Plus…clean-up is a breeze! Just use soap and water. PERIOD. No more running to the kitchen… leavin’ a slug-trail of slime drippin’ out your behind… just to retrieve the SALT to clean up the damn J-Lube. Screw THAT.

Fist Powder is AMAZING. Just add a couple spoonfuls to a regular sized water bottle and SHAKE. The more you use… the thicker it gets…If you prefer it thinner…USE LESS. It’s that simple. There’s enuFF Fist Powder in each bottle to give you AMPLE opportunities to open that hole of yours WIDE. You get 2.3 ounces which creates a WHOPPING 20 water-bottles full of THICK n’ SLICK lube. That’s less than 2 BUCKS a bottle!

If you don’t agree that FIST POWDER is better than J-Lube after the first use, just let us know and we’ll hook you up with a credit. Seriously, there’s NO need to have a COW.


Mainly, just… damn.  I can’t get that image of that goop covered fist out of my head.  And thinking my face and body could be covered in that.  It reminds of me of a product I hear about called Body Slime (from Xur).  But while the site for that is up, I’m not sure it’s still really available for purchase.  This may be messier, but could be just as entertaining.  Any gunge guys have thoughts on this?

You can find the product for yourself at Fort Troff, although I don’t believe I can link to the product directly, so enter “Fist Powder” into their search engine, and it should come up quickly.