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A bit of everything + Blog Update

The pics in this post are not related to each other in any way.  But I do find them all hot.

Normally, I’d post pics like this in my tumblr… but let’s face it, I spend most of my time here.

I do love the hotel aspects of this.  Treat  ’em like baggage…

What should a slave put in his mouth first?  The feet, toes, or used condom?

I love seeing a slave suffer under his own humiliation.  I also remember taping my own foot to my face plenty of times.

Interesting idea to be cuffed to the chastity…

There’s no bondage here, but there is definitely a sense of domination.   And the guys and feet are very sexy.

Uhhrrrgh…. this is one of my favorite fantasies.  To be bound (love mummification), and to be forced to service feet.

Generally not too into cowboys.  But if they’re young, and they have their boots off after a long day at work, I could be quite intrigued.
*     *     *

Oh, and a blog update.  I’ve been traveling a lot recently (and will be again), busy, and sick.  So I haven’t really done a lot of work on a new one yet.  However, I am finally working on getting the domain name transferred very soon, which means I can really start working on it.

I do have posts planned for most (though not all) days this week.  However, if some strange technical glitch occurs, I may not be around to fix it until next week at the earliest, since I’m leaving for another trip for the entire last half of the week.  Although with some luck, I may get to meet and tie up a person or two.  Cross your toes…