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Interview with James T. Medak, Part 2

Interview with James T. Medak, Part 2

Enjoy this final installment of the man behind some of the most popular foot fetish books out there.  (If you missed Part 1, it’s here.)  He’s also amazing at having the ability to get straight guys to send him pics of their feet.  The foot in the header image is just one of those straight guys.  But you can see the author himself tied up just like he deserves below.  Looks a bit naked without a foot being shoved in his face, doesn’t he?  I think we should all remedy that..

JTM Tied


Do you consider yourself a foot top, bottom, or versatile?

There are kind of two answers to this. I *can* be versatile if I want to — and a recent hookup in a car in Boston where I was a fuckin’ footdom like you wouldn’t believe to prove it — but even with my occasional poses as a footdom, my fetish is to worship feet, to be owned by them, to be subjugated by their every toe and rule. I’m smart enough to identify how all sides work (and have had enough experience to have been on just about every possible side of the equation as you can imagine), and I like being able to articulate each perspective whether it be in my stories or in my captions on my Tumblr (which, let’s make no mistake, is the reason why I’m even vaguely popular on Tumblr at all), but to be totally honest, it’s not even close: I like seeing boys go crazy over my own too-soft soles, but my raging boner screams to life at the thought of licking, sucking, and serving the glory of bare male feet each and every time, and it’s for that reason it will always win that battle in the most glorious of ways.

What is it about foot fiction that turns you on, as opposed to pics or videos?

Don’t get me wrong: I have massive, extensive files of tickle/foot pics and videos to last for friggin’ years, but there’s a lot of things about fiction I just enjoy better. For one, you have an unlimited budget: any scenario, any story, any conceit you desire is at your fingertips, and you can make that world as much of a reality as you wish. It’s for that reason that I can get to my other favorite thing: writing my real-life friends into it. A majority of my friends are straight guys, and since I love straightboy feet more than life itself, several of them find their way into my many tomes. For one degree, you get a real sense of fantasy fulfillment there, which is just great. On another realm, when the right time strikes, depending on the friend I’m writing about, I might be able to mention to them directly that “oh hey, I wrote you into one of my books,” and suddenly they have all these gears running in their own mind about what that means, and then we can legitimately talk about their feet, my fetish, and whether or not forging ahead with a union of the two would be worthwhile. I’m aware of the long-shot prospects of such actions, much less their overall riskiness, but I fuckin’ LOVE getting guys to talk about their own feet, doubly so when they’re not even conscious about it.

Last but not least, with a photo or a video, you get erotic stimulation, sure, but with a story, you get investment, you get stakes on consequences, and you get a real impetus as to care about the characters and what happens to them. A tickling scene just by itself is fine, but a tickling scene where one someone’s trying to get something: resist spoiling a secret, forcing the other to sexually submit or break under pressure — those are times when there’s an intention to get there, and all the teasing and torture leading up to it carries that “will they or won’t they” weight. A pic is great, but sometimes a description, like “a Birkenstock sandal with sweatblackened sole prints,” send me in a tizzy. That’s partly why my Tumblr is so popular I think: anyone can post a picture, but by adding that caption, by providing that context, it can make it immeasurably hotter.


What’s been your personal favorite story you’ve written?

That is a surprisingly tough question. I love all my stories in one way or another, but if I really had to stretch it out, I’d narrow it down to three: “The Gallery” may well be my favorite, largely ‘cos the subject, Ryan, is one of my favorite all-time IRL foot crushes, and partially because the concept: of being stuck in a gallery where his feet are sticking out of a wall, where guys could fondle and pleasure them as much as he wants while the rest of him is stuck on the other side of the wall — was just too hot a concept for me. “One Finger” doesn’t contain my favorite subjects but I think the intention of it — the young buck running into the old master and getting all his machismo sucked right out of him — was fun (those were both from my latest book). However, for whatever reason, “The Belt”, about a master sending a horny footboy a chastity belt in the mail, watching him put it on via webcam, then cutting off contact before teasing him with feet until he goes 100% footinsane, was also a favorite. That one DOES star my #1 all-time IRL foot crush, but captured that glorious horny desperation better than anything else. Being horny for feet is great: being fuckin’ footdesperate is another world altogether …

Personal favorite kink experience you’ve actually done?  Want to do?

I have had so many IRL foot, tickle, and edging experiences that it is so friggin’ hard (ha) to pick just one). I did like being a naughty boy when I came back into the country recently, had my flight in Boston get delayed and then cancelled, and being picked up by a Boston resident who just so happened to be one of my first-ever internet foot friends, key figure for when the fetish was developing, and pulled over on the side of a rainy Boston road around 1am, teased the living fuck out of his footbrain right there in the passenger seat, eventually smothering his face with my feet while getting him to chant “I am a footpig” over and over again while he jacked off. I then got to pig out on his own feet, and when he swung his fresh-out-of-shoes socked feet over to my lap, I could FEEL the warmth off them, and it was incredible. Right next to it if not above it was my entire junior year of college, where I manipulated my alpha straight male roommate into a guy that enjoyed tickling me and teasing me with his feet. Plus, licking his drunken passed-out soles while he slept was and always will remain one of my favorite foothorny memories.

In terms of want to do, it’s never as much about the action as it is about the person. There are guys in particular who I would practically kill for in order to play with their soles and toes. I write them into my stories as wish fulfillment (and, for the record, they are all straight), but man, if some of them knew, they’d fucking control me with a single toe-flick, and I would fuckin’ love it. Some of them are ticklish too …

How smelly do you like feet?  How smelly do your own feet get?  Any particular kind of foot get you off:  smooth, rough, hairy, hairless, smelly, clean, dirty, etc.?  Any advice on how to best get smelly feet?

I think my favorite kind of foot order is where it’s “smelly” but hasn’t crossed over into the realm of “rank” yet. Any footpig worth their snout knows that there is a fine and discernible difference, but that perfect amount of pungent beauty is nothing short of transcendent. Fortunately, I’m now in a position where people just send me socks to sniff … and it is friggin’ glorious.
My own feet don’t get that smelly. When I was at a massage spa in London, there was a lady who was taking are of my feet and noted that they were in fact the softest and least calloused she had ever seen ever. “Whatever you’re doing, keep it up!” she said. I don’t really do anything crazy aside from wear socks pretty often and shower every day, so I can’t tell you what secrets I’m doing in terms of foot care. Perhaps this is why my own feet don’t get all that smelly, nor do I have many “tricks” to enhance that (although, from watching Dug Gaines’ appearance on that NatGeo show Taboo, he takes a bag of socks, sprays a spurt of water in the plastic bag, tosses it in the microwave for 15 seconds, and when he pulls it out … that glorious foot odor is restored …) [TFG–I saw that special as well, and tried his advice, and it does work pretty well.]
There are tons of styles of feet I like, and it’s funny how it changes. At times I’m really into hairy toes, at times tan tops, at times soles where there’s a pinkish/reddish hue to the toebase/heel, and, as of me writing this, the tops of toes. I am fucking going bonkers of the tops of toes right now, and it is glorious.
My longest-standing fave kind of feet, however, are those of my IRL friends. I don’t really have celebrity crushes because my mind never really liked the idea of obsessing over something that could in no way actually happen. It had much more fun conceiving of numerous scenarios of real-life friends. They, in short, are my celebrity crushes, but in a more local sense, which is why so many of them wind up in my stories as full-fledged characters. That, to me, is way hotter than anything else (although I will admit I do have a *bit* of a crush on Nicholas Hoult ‘cos … c’mon).

What advice would you give for guys who don’t know how to bring up their fetish to other guys?

I used to be so paranoid and close-lipped about my own foot fetish that I’d almost never do anything about it. However, as time goes on, I’ve began gradually better at letting other people know about my foot fetish. There isn’t a “technique” to it, but the biggest thing is just making sure the person I’m speaking is someone I can trust. Every once in a while I might take one I *think* I can trust, but for the most part, most of those guys will hear about it and not care five minutes later. A lot of times we think this is SUCH a big deal to tell someone to, but it’s just, really, a very small aspect of your life (although I know all too well how sometimes it can feel like so much more). Tell who you want to tell, but in truth, if you don’t make too big a deal out of it, the other person won’t either. No one wants to be known as “the foot guy” around the office — there’s many unique and interesting things about your own life that people love as well. It’s a quirky thing about you, but not who you are all the way through. Just make sure you trust who you’re telling it to and don’t make it a life-or-death thing (which, I should not, I have done before), and the world will probably be OK 🙂


Hope you got to learn a little something!  He’s a great guy, and I highly recommend his books.  As some of you know, I’m even quoted on the back cover on one of his bo!

Interview with James T. Medak, Part 1

Interview with James T. Medak, Part 1

So I told you big things were coming after my break.  First of all, if you didn’t see it at my other blog yesterday (Captured Heroes Blog), I posted an exclusive set from TheUAJock that includes what is I’m sure a very smelly pair of socks.

But now I have a very special treat for all of you. I am fortunate to have a great friend and supporter with James T. Medak. If you don’t know him, he has authored many foot fetish books which are available at Amazon and other sources, both print and digital copies. (For the record, I receive absolutely no monetary compensation from these links.  Just in case you think I’m pushing it for that.  Not true, I just genuinely like them and want to spread the word.)  He tends to write about foot worship, bondage, tickling, and often includes Master/slave dynamics.  He also has a pretty hot tumblr if you are into feet.  The pics with this post are pics of the feet of some of his straight friends that he’s lusted after for you to enjoy as well.  We’ve been writing back and forth for a while, and I thought he’d be a great person to interview.  So I hope you enjoy getting to know this footslavepig a little bit more.

IRL SToner

How did you get started writing your stories?

I actually got into writing very surreptitiously. The big thing for me was then when I was a young teenager type, there were people on Forums who were able to, every day, post a pic of their own feet or a tickle drawing or a video or whatever — given the ever-evolving nature of fetishes the way that they are, I just couldn’t help but hungrily consume all of this whenever the opportunity presented itself. Those online Forums and sites like Grafmiller’s and RopeJock were all very important and very informative during those years. But, being a guy who was very worried about showing my own face, coupled with the fact that I couldn’t draw a good picture to save my life, the only thing I really had to contribute was my writing. I fancied myself a decent writer, and I got frustrated seeing the same ol’ things in story sections time and time again: material that was either terrible celebrity fanfic or rudimentary 2nd grade horny articulations of scenes we’ve seen time and time again (perhaps worst of all is the cardinal sin of any tickle story, wherein someone says “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” and that makes up for a lot of the dialogue. I knew what laughter sounded like — CAPS LOCK never made for a good reading device in those situations.

Thus, after I was stoned and horny and housesitting one night (‘cos I was responsible/didn’t have access to my usual porn), I decided to take a stab at a story that was ludicrously horny, mixing my male foot fetish and my tickling fetish as best as I could given my mindset. The following morning, sober, I read it, made some changes (and make sure the characters names stopped changing around), and then posted it on a Forum. I got a pretty positive response to it, which was humbling and reassuring, given how much time I always try to spend on making characters feel “real” before sending them off onto their horny adventures. Before long, I wrote another story, started to get commissions for other people’s stories and adaptations, and the rest, they say, is history.


About how many stories have you written?

Of my “officially published” ones, I have from what it seems like 26 stories. Include some of the ones I’ve written for various Forums or just haven’t released to the public for various reasons, then that pushes past 40 quite easily.


How much of your stories are based on true events or people?

In truth, I am a 100% terrible person. While I used to write a lot of fictional characters that were original creations or stand-ins or whatever, over time I just began writing people into my books wholesale, sometimes without even changing their first name (although that’s the only name that’s ever used in any given story). It’s all very much speculative/imaginative, but I find it way way easier and hotter to write about the things you’d like to do to a real life person more than anything else. In truth, there’s even a bit of an ulterior motive to even that: by writing my straight friends INTO my stories, I’m able to then, when I’m comfortable enough with them, actually start a dialogue not just about my fetish, but how they play into it. Now, obviously, I make sure I am standing on a firm bed of trust before I tell any of said friends about this, but I’m basically planting seeds for future conversation whenever I can. True to his form, my very best friend, who is very straight, I should note, I have written into every single one of my books thus far. He reads ’em as a way of supporting me, but casually skips over the chapters he knows are about him. It’s still great to have those dialogue points every now and then, and admonished me for having both “Barefoot” and “Flip-Flop” wines at my place, but it’s great/strange/weird to have these real life people eventually get into discussions where they’re talking about their feet. I call` that a victory on any front.

Also, it’s just really really fucking hot to articulate the feelings I have about my friends’ feet. Some of them are just … stunning …

I often don’t write about real-life experiences I have, as I very much like keeping those private, but there are two times where I creatively broke that rule. Once was in my first book when I wrote “My Ticklish Revenge”, which was based on a true-life event where a friend basically ended a dear friendship ‘cos his psycho girlfriend thought I was trying to get in his pants which lead to a big domestic whatever. So incensed I was by it (and his behavior after)< I channeled all of that into a fetish revenge story, and it reads a bit more “raw nerve.” The other one was from MWTFYH, called “The Roommate”, as it addresses the real life story of how, over a good stretch of time, I psychologically manipulated my junior-year college roommate into becoming an alpha dom tickle monster and occasional footmaster. I took some creative liberties with the story version, but in real life, I was AMAZED by what I turned him into. It was delicious and devious all the same …


How did you get your first book published?  How has been the response?

For those stories I was posting on the Forum back in the “early days”, there was one person who just put in there a little thought atone point saying “man, you should get these published into a book!” I kind of laughed off such wonderful flattery at the time, but then the idea took hold. One of my New York tickle hookups (and really my oldest fetish friend, whom I’ve known since I was friggin’ 16), actually had a Christopher Trevor book when I visited him. Using that as a basis, I wound up looking up his publisher, they wound up having a bit of an open submission process, I got a hold of ’em, they were interested, and after much waiting and signing of contracts and drafts and whathaveyou … I became a published author. They published my first two books, but I put out my third one on my own imprint I set up, which I plan on using for any published material going forward.

While I do like to think that my Tumblr and Forum works are pretty darn cool/vaguely popular, the truth is that books — be they digital or physical — actually reach a completely different contingent of people than those even remotely connected to online fetish realms. I flipped my lid with excitement when I found out someone purchased my first book at a local Chicago store that, at the time, I had no idea about. I’ve only been publishing my stuff for a few years and I’ve only had my stupidly-popular Tumblr for just a little over a year. However, I keep getting messages from guys who say that I’ve influenced them or helped them realize that having a male foot or tickle fetish is actually OK and helped them towards acceptance. I’m still unsure of how to answer those notes, ‘cos I really don’t feel like I’m doing much: I’m just very out there with what I do, and I embrace these fetishes that have brought me so much goddamn happiness. If me being out there and being fucking proud over my deviously horny obsessions helps people, well fuck, I can’t think of a better motivation to keep doing it 😉

Is there anything that turns you on that you haven’t yet written about?  Are you still discovering new kinks about yourself, or your readers?

Oh I absolutely believe that sexuality is something that evolves over time. As much as some people want to deny it, your sexual interests never stay completely static. There’s always new edges and contours to explore, and sometimes entirely new interests that move along. I fucking LOVE a good cut cock, and really my love of all things edging has come out of years of tying guys down and tickling them senseless. Now, I have some straight-boy regulars that come to my place simply to be tied up and edged. That wasn’t something that was always there, but once I had this guy tied up and I saw his throbbing cock twitch and strain after a single featherstroke, I could actually feel those synapses in my brain just light up, saying “Oh … oh I like this.” I’ve thus become more obsessed with cock edging than I ever have before. My tickling fetish has dulled just a bit over time, my foot fetish has gone into fucking overdrive in the last few years, and, well, I got a special someone in my life who is a genius at finding new ways to get me rather hard rather quickly.

A lot of these changes manifest themselves in my writing (I do love how the median age of the characters tends to match my own over time), and if it’s good for the readers, then great. If not, well, I don’t write for them — which sounds weird, I know. However, my muse is singular, and I don’t want to write the same thing twice, so I just continue to write about what interests me and turns me on the most, and if people like it, then great! Judging by the responses I’ve been getting though, a lot of people share my own interests in numbers that I honestly never thought would be imaginable …


This is just part one!  Interesting so far, no?  But I wasn’t done yet.  See you next week to learn more about this awesome foot guy, at Part 2 here.