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TFG Thoughts: Cyber slaving–it has its uses

So I am one of perhaps one of the few people that almost prefer cyber slaving.  I do understand that for most it’s not nearly as satisfying, and I can totally understand why.  There are very obvious drawbacks.  I guess I’m in a unique situation, where for me it’s nearly ideal.  But even if you snub your nose at it, there is one quite distinct advantage.  Read on.

As for its flaws:  obviously you don’t have the in person contact or interaction, which would leave most unsatisfied.  You also have to find a cyber slave you can trust and has a sense of dedication.  And generally, nearly all cyber slaving will end unfulfilled if that’s all there is the relationship.  Eventually, the cyber slave will loose interest and/or begin to crave a more direct experience.  There’s only so much you can do purely online.  I can’t really disagree with any of these points.

But in a way, these drawbacks are exactly its strength for me.  Since I’m in a happy relationship, I’m not looking for sex.  And there’s no risk of that if it’s only online.  It also lessens the chance of a person you play with to dominate the main relationship… there’s always a safe distance maintained, both emotionally and geographically.

Also, cyber slaving is a great way for beginners to start if they are too intimidated to meet with a real life Master.  They can see if they enjoy the flavor of it.  And for some people, if they are in a remote area with no other nearby Doms, it may be their only option to crave being dominated.

Most importantly for me, one thing that cyber slaving has done is make me push my creativity and growth as a Master.  Generally, in my real life relationship, my BF doesn’t like being humiliated or heavy slave talk.  No name calling (fag, bitch, slut, etc.), nor the more intense forms of humiliation (being spit or pissed upon, being forced to crawl on a floor, licking a toilet clean, etc.).  He’s mainly just a bondage guy.  So I don’t really get any practice.

While I, on the other hand, am discovering I’m enjoying ordering around pathetic slaves quite a bit.  And doing it online means you are forcing the slaves to do it to themselves, which requires quite a bit of ingenuity and intimidation to get into their head that they deserve this sort of treatment. Because of this, I’ve noticed I’ve become more intense as a Dom.

I realized recently, however, one point where perhaps cyber slaving may almost have an advantage, however small.  Thanks to today’s technology, you can have a near 24/7, anywhere, anytime sense of being a slave.

You see, I actually don’t do a lot of my cyber slaving online or in an IM chat.  I got additional phone number for my smart phone (via a free app called Pinger, but there are numerous others that give you a second number for free) and use it exclusively for my kinky contacts.  And cyber slaves.  Now I can text them anywhere, at any time of day, and make a demand.  Usually to send an embarrassing pic of themselves.  Even if they are in public.  I could request they go to the bathroom and quickly stuff their sock in their mouth, and then send me a pic.  So they are in a perpetual state of knowing they are a slave at all times, even in their daily life.  Yet in a safe, controlled way.

It’s been great fun, and I still enjoy doing it.  Will this translate to real life, should I ever get to boss around a slave in person one day?  Haven’t had a chance yet, but I hope to one day on a willing victim.  Any volunteers?

By the way, if anyone is interested in being my cyber slave, contact me.  I’ve actually been Doming SBS_justin for a number of months now, and it’s been quite fun.  And even though I haven’t tried it yet, it should be free for international numbers, provided the sender also has the same app.

One other side note to all this… and I hinted at before, SBS_justin and I made a slave bet of 3 tasks for the Super Bowl.  And I lost.  I’ve been tweeting about it a bit, but the fuller story will be appearing on the blog hopefully next week.  So I’ve now had my share of being a cyber slave… and Dommed and humiliated by a 24 year old twink.

Gotta love the cyber world.  😉

Thoughts of an Online Master: Virtual Tickling

So I was recently on Footguys.net, and a young lad IM’d me, seeking possible tickle play.  Turns out he’s pretty far away from me, but he asked me to describe to him what I’d do to him.

I’ve said it before that I’m generally not interested in tickling.  But that more being tickled. When it comes to tickling someone else, especially if they’re tied up, I don’t have as much of a problem.  I admit it’s not the first thing that comes to my mind, but I’m only happy to oblige a victim who really gets off on it.  And to be honest, I’ve actually acquired quite a few tickling implements from the 99 Cent Store.  So who wants a turn?  😉

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I did ask this guy repeatedly for permission to post this.  I never heard back.  So I have changed the screen name to something fictitious (at least, as far as I know… if it does match anyone, it’s entirely coincidental), and removed any specific references there may have been.  The result is pretty generic, and I feel poses absolutely no threat to this person’s anonymity.  However, if the original poster feels otherwise, feel free to contact me, and I’ll remove it/change whatever you want.  But it was kinda just too hot not to post.

ticklishslaveboi:  if we did [meet] what would u do to me
TFG:  first, I’d put a collar around your neck
TFG:  then force you to your knees
TFG:  and make you take off my shoes and socks with your mouth
ticklishslaveboi:  and then
TFG:  I’d tie your hands behind your back and have you kiss my feet a bit first
TFG:  i’d push you to the floor, and shove my feet up your shirt
TFG:  with my other foot covering your face
TFG:  while you kiss it
TFG:  you’d beg me to tickle you
ticklishslaveboi:  i would
TFG:  but it’d be hard to hear you with my toes wriggling inside your mouth
TFG:  I’d start by wriggling my toes into your armpits
TFG:  you’d buck and bolt, but you’d be held firmly down by my feet
TFG:  after tormenting you, i’d flip you over onto your stomach and hogtie you
TFG:  I’d remove your shoes, and have your bury your face into them, breathing them in
TFG:  and i’d gently brush against your socks, causing you to shudder and twitch
TFG:  just light touches, at first
TFG:  you’d barely be able to take it
TFG:  you enjoying this so far?
ticklishslaveboi:  yessss
TFG:  i bet that big dick of yours is pretty hard by now
ticklishslaveboi:  now that ur tickling my feet yes
TFG:  i’d run the edge of my fingernail ever so gently against your sock
TFG:  up and down, repeatedly
TFG:  slowly at first
TFG:  then gradually, faster and faster
ticklishslaveboi:  gigglinggg
TFG:  your squirms increase, but you can’t go anywhere against your bonds
TFG:  i cover my hand with your mouth, suppressing your cries
TFG:  then i gently stroke my hands up and down your sides
ticklishslaveboi:  AHHAHAHAH
TFG:  finding every vulnerable spot
TFG:  i run my fingers madly all over your sides, like spiders running of your body
TFG:  you can barely take it, can you?
TFG:  beg me to stop, boi
TFG:  you can beg all you want, boi… but I can tickle you all I want
TFG:  And I’m not done with you, either
TFG:  because now I’m slowly going to remove your socks…
TFG:  peeling them over ever so slowly, and teasing them with my fingertips gingerly… so that the soles of your feet bristle
ticklishslaveboi:  OMG PLEASE NO NOT BARE
ticklishslaveboi:  f***KKKKKK
TFG:  oh, yes, bare
TFG:  those feet are mine
TFG:  aren’t they, boi?
ticklishslaveboi:  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
TFG:  I think I have to gag that mouth of yours with your sock
TFG:  in it goes…
TFG:  now I can do anything i want to your feet
TFG:  and you can’t protest
ticklishslaveboi:  MMMMMMMMM
TFG:  just moan
TFG:  i tentatively run my fingertips all over your soles
TFG:  your feet are already squirming, so i tie your big toes together
TFG:  so they really can’t go anywhere, and they are completely helpless
TFG:  i run my fingers inbetween your toes
TFG:  and each touch is electric, isn’t it?
TFG:  sends shivers down your entire body
TFG:  your dick is about to burst, isn’t it?
ticklishslaveboi:  MMMMMMMMM
TFG:  but it’s about to get worse
TFG:  because then you feel something wet on your soles
ticklishslaveboi:  MMMMMM
TFG:  and you realize it’s my tongue… just the tip
TFG:  teasing
TFG:  darting all over your feet
ticklishslaveboi:  AHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMM
TFG:  your whole body jolts, so i sit on top of you to insure you don’t get away
TFG:  i slowly lean my face into your bound feet
TFG:  i rub my nose into your soles first
TFG:  then i grab your toes, pull them back, and lick between them quickly
TFG:  you just feel sliding wetness all over them, like an eel
TFG:  you can barely contain yourself, and i press that sock into your mouth a bit deeper to silence you
TFG:  and just when you can’t take anymore, i wash my tongue all over your soles
TFG:  every inch
TFG:  slobbering my tongue over every tender piece of foot flesh
TFG:  and my fingers attack the wet, slippery surface without mercy
ticklishslaveboi:  wow im wayyy to ticklish for u to really get my feet
ticklishslaveboi:  ur good

Thoughts of an Online Master: Instant Tasks

Diary of an Online Master

Instant Tasks
A long time ago, I was chatting with one of my online slaves.  As much fun as we were having, we were both starting to get busy with work/school, and it seemed like there was very little time for interaction any more. He desperately wanted to serve me, but just didn’t have the time to commit to it. And as a good Master, I do have to recognize that real life does have to come first, especially in an online situation.

When asked, he did tell me he had an iPhone. I first asked him if I could text him. There is a free texting app called Text Free that I use, and I thought that would be a good way to do quick chats and check-ins with him. Unfortunately, he didn’t feel safe with that, as he said he had many friends constantly check and use his phone. He didn’t want them accidentally running in to one of our conversations.

However, he did say his emails were more discrete, and easier to “hide” from his friends. He would be able to see those about as easily as a text. But he couldn’t guarantee me a reply if he were at work or school.  Still, knowing that he could see an email from me at any time was enough to get my brain going. I recalled a story he told me where he was on his hands and knees, sneaking a sniff to a friend’s shoe that was on the ground, and got caught.  He immediately pretended to be looking for a lost contact lens… and got away with it.  The friend even helped him look for it, and my slave told me he even went as far as to pretend to be squinting for a long while after the fact, just to keep up the ruse.

On the spot, I came up with the idea of Instant Tasks, or IT. I could now be emailing him short tasks that can be done in public and look innocent on the surface, but will still humiliate him. For instance, I could write, “Lick your lips like the slut you are, imagining you’re getting ready to suck my cock”, and he would have to do it then and there, regardless of where he was (although a few tasks do allow for being done at later or specific times). The actual task is innocuous enough, but in his mind, it’ll be loaded with reminders of his servitude.  Some are not quite as innocuous, but could be made to look that way if he can think fast and create a cover, as he did with the shoe sniffing.

These IT’s can come at any time.  I may send a lot in a short span of time, or completely ignore him for extended periods, making him more and more anxious for the next task. The longer I wait, the more humiliating the task may be.

I’ve now spent the better part of the night coming up with more of these IT’s, and I have to admit, I’m quite proud of my list.  Now, seeing as potential slaves may be reading my blog, I don’t want them to know what I have planned.  So I’ve put the possible tasks in a Spoiler-type box.  Just highlight the box below to see some of the spontaneous and public mini-tasks I have in store for him to completely humiliate him.

  • Pinch nipple 3 times over your shirt
  • Put your hand down pants and secretly fondle yourself
  • Drop something, and fall to your knees when you pick it up. Thank me under your breath. 
  • Crawl, as if looking for a contact lens. Be sure people see you do it. 
  • Put a rubber band around your wrist, and snap it at least five times quickly in a row. Repeat again later in the day. 
  • Lift shirt up to nipple
  • Stick finger in mouth and lick it
  • Give yourself wedgie
  • Cover your mouth, and imagine yourself handgagged. Keep it there for as long as you can. 
  • Sniff your armpit
  • Lick finger(s)and rub wet finger(s) on face
  • “Accidentally” drool on yourself
  • Take off your shoe (as if looking for a rock inside it).  Wipe the bottom of the shoe with your finger(s), and then sniff your finger(s)
  • Chew a piece of gum, and have it fall out of your mouth
  • Wear your shoes on the wrong feet (switch them if necessary)
  • Walk around with your fly down until someone catches you
  • Drop a small piece of food into the back of your underwear, and leave it there. When you’re alone later, take it out and eat it. If it falls out, start over the next time you eat until successful. 
  • Same with front of underwear. 
  • Wear your shirt inside-out 
  • Put your hands behind your back, wrists crossed as if tied up, for as long as you possibly can. If you must move your arms/hands, return them to behind your back as soon as possible. 
  • Next time in a public bathroom pissing, miss onto your own shoes for just one moment
  • Take off your shoe as if looking for a rock stuck in it, but hold it close enough to your face to get a whiff
  • Do not wear underwear for a day
  • In class: tie your shoelaces together. 
  • In class: tear off a corner from a sheet of paper and eat it
  • In class: write “I am TFG’s slave” at least 10 times on a separate sheet of paper in between other notes. If not a lecture, then write it 100 times. 

This does take some trust on the past of the slave. For most of them, there probably won’t be much proof that the task was actually done. But then again, I know and trust my slaves (and now that I think of this, Restwalker would also be a good candidate for much of this as well), and they know it’s in their best interest to serve me. If I didn’t trust them enough to do this, then they weren’t the right slaves for me in the first place.

Now, to be honest, I have yet to employ a lot of these items yet.  I’m still waiting for the right slave to use these with.  Hopefully, one will come along soon.  There are a few options out there…

But hey, did this list inspire you?  Do have some other ideas?  Send them to me, or comment below!

Doming my BF

Getting in touch with my dom side.  The following is a true account.

When “married”, sometimes you don’t have time for full play.  My BF needed to cum quickly, and didn’t even have time to be bound.

He was standing up, wearing only boxer briefs.  I had him put his hands behind his back, and tweaked his nipples.  (This really gets both of us off–his nips are wired to his cock.)  Batted and swatted at his cock and balls.

Ordered him to put his hands behind his head.  Went behind him, and tweaked his nipples more from behind.  Twisting and pinching.  Handgagged him (which always makes him moan), fondled and abused his balls.  Reached inside his boxer briefs and stroked him a bit while handgagged.  Tweaked his nipples harder, mercilessly.

Told him he had to get his underwear off without using his hands.  He began rubbing his ass against me, trying to pull them down.  After much difficulty, he was eventually able to shimmy out of his boxer briefs*.

I then pushed him onto the bed.  I threw his underwear over his face, shoving the crotch into his mouth as a gag.  I knelt between his legs, spreading them wide with my own knees and tweaked his nips even harder, pinching them between the knuckles of my first and middle fingers, rubbing, twisting and tugging on them until he came, shooting up to his nipples.

*     *    *

On a side note… my work schedule is really kicking into high gear.  There may be times in the future where I don’t get around to posting for a day or two, possibly longer.  Please don’t panic, I’m not shutting down the blog or anything.  Just busy.  I will get to posting as soon as I get a chance, okay?  And you can always check my twitter for updates.

*Sexy mood spoiler alert:  In all honesty, I had to allow him to use one hand to get it started.  But once he got it over his hips, he just had to shimmy after that.  Even with that small advantage, he still had trouble.  But of course, it was hot to watch him squirm.

How my BF ties me

I recently got a very nice email from someone who said he was a fan of the ropework I present here in my original content.  He was even interested in meeting with us to learn more… that was pretty cool!  That’s really a compliment for my boyfriend Sam, who does basically all the ropework you see me in here.  But Sam is a very private person, so I don’t think he’ll be leading a class anytime soon.  But it did prompt me to ask him how he does his ropework, and I learned some interesting things from him!

  1. He enjoys symmetry.
  2. He basically improvises, and goes off his instinct.  
  3. He ties in ways that would turn him on to see.
  4. He believes in “less is more” bondage.  Using a minimum of rope to achieve maximum bondage.

I think #3 is the most interesting one to me.  It really simplifies things, and it actually parallels how I work with slaves.  Sometime ago I discussed how I come up with tasks for slaves.  I responded by saying I order what I’d like to see done to me, for the most part.  Odd how we have very similar approaches. 

And while I do certainly enjoy having rope everywhere, I do agree that there’s something to be said about the less is more technique.  I still remember years later a post in TieGuyUK where he bound a guy, thumbs to big toes in a similated hogtie, using two small cable ties.  And that was it.  Very immobilizing with maybe 8 inches total of restraint equipment?  Hot!

I’m posting a pic where I used the same approach.  My victim is sitting in a chair with wrist and ankle restraints on.  I used one 6 foot rope, and fed it through each of the restraints and tied it off to a support of the chair.  He told me it was quite effective.  And I have to admit, thinking of point #1, there’s a nice symmetry here.

It was something we had never discussed before, and it was fun for me, his partner of over 5 years, to learn something new about him!

SBS_justin update & Self-reflection, Best Male Blogs and shamless plugs

So before you get scared with the length of this post, let me please first mention that I’d love it if you can vote for one or both of my blogs at Best Male Blogs.  Last time I checked, if you search under the “Fetish, BDSM, Kink” and sort by “Popularity”, this blog is in the Top 10.  But I’d love to see it recognized even more, especially with ratings   Being on the home page would be awesome!

I asked for a similar request just yesterday on my other blog, Captured Heroes, and look what happened!

That’s right–Top 5!  With Gaydemon being #1, I’m pretty proud.

Now, this blog gets twice as many viewers as Captured Heroes.  So I know a lot of you visit and enjoy.  Take a moment to support and vote now.

Lastly in the shameless plug category, don’t forget to do your holiday shopping via the links on my blog!  Even better, Mr. S Leather is having free shipping until December 18.  Take advantage of it now, even I think I’m going to buy a few things for myself!  And I’ve just added JT’s Stockroom, which was recently featured on an episode of American Horror Story.  I’ve been in that same location personally a few times!  It’s another great way to support what I do.

*     *     *

Okay, now for the big post.  For those who don’t know, I had an amazing online slave for a while I named SBS_justin.  We had an online Master/Slave relationship that was somewhat intense for a couple of months, with highlights documented here on the blog.  Everything was going along well, until he encountered some personal problems in September (completely unrelated to me or anything we were doing), and I basically haven’t heard from him since. I would give him a very short “equal” email every 3-4 weeks, just to check in and wish him well.  He wrote once or twice in October, saying he’d write more soon, but nothing’s happened since. Well, just recently, I basically got word he’s no longer interested in any further communication.  No real explanation, it was quite abrupt.  While I’m quite surprised by the suddenness of it, I don’t have any hard feelings towards him.  I’m disappointed, but I do wish him the best.  Guess it just wasn’t meant to be, at least not for now.

This basically leaves me slaveless.  While I still do communicate with Restwalker, he’s busy on his own… and besides, he already has a great Master, so I’ve sort of relegated myself to being more of a friend.  While I miss slave play with him too (and perhaps we’ll resume occasional tasks in the future), in a way, it seems a bit more appropriate in the long run.

Part of me would love to have another one.  Part of me says I should just be more content with my boyfriend Sam.  It’s a bit strange, because I truly am extremely happy with him, and have no serious complaints.  We get along great not only on a fetish level, but also on the more vital personal, day to day life level.  We both have some very “geeky” non-fetish interests we both enjoy.  It’s a pretty rare match that I definitely love and appreciate.

But there’s one aspect that bothers me, which I’ve discussed a bit with him… outside of each other, we really don’t have a lot of close gay friends.  Let alone fetish community friends.  One big reason is time–we’re both so busy.  And some of it is just not being able to find guys we’d like to be friends with, particularly guys in our age range that still have our interests (fetish and/or otherwise).  So it puts me in the rather odd position of being very happy and content in a long term relationship, but also terribly lonely for outside connections and friendships.  Does that make any sense?

I suppose that’s what an online slave brings to me.  Sam sometimes scolds me, because I do have a habit of going overboard when I do meet up with someone.  I can get clingy and needy, and try too hard.  Perhaps that’s what happened with SBS_justin.  I think I’ve scared off a few people that way.  Ask Restwalker, I’d say I even went through it with him.  (Fortunately, he hung through, and I’m over it now.  Thanks for your patience, Dylann.)  And anyone remember me obsessing about Josh?  Not exactly a proud moment now, but it was true enough at the time.

What I envy with so many other people/profiles I run across–especially in the fetish/kink circles–is they all seem to know each other, and they have a great sense of openness and community.  And I’m sort of off here on an island, alone with my terrific partner.  While he is great, it’d be sometimes nice to get off the island once in a while, and speak with the natives.  Except in my case, the natives aren’t to be found.  At least, not yet.

One thing I should mention, before it begins to sound too grim.  All of you who do comment and email me… you really help make a difference, and I mean it when I say I appreciate it.  Maybe now you have a better understanding of why.  I guess it also explains my occasional bitchiness when I don’t get blog comments and/or feedback.

I did start this blog for myself, because I find all the things I post about hot.  But at this point… with nearly1,000 hits per day on average… there’s got to be a few of you out there I can communicate with.  Right?  And who knows, maybe there’s another twink online slave for me out there.  Hit me up if interested.  😉

The blog break is already helping my sex life

In the midst of discussing my blog stoppage with my BF, we brought up what does and does not turn us on.  Being virtually married, we sometimes have an unfortunate “task/chore” approach to sex sometimes.  You married guys probably know what I mean.  You know how it goes:  “Wanna tonight?”  “Okay, but it has to be fast… I have a big meeting tomorrow.”  Or:  “Are you kidding?  You know I have to get ready for that presentation!”  You get the idea.

So we both decided that maybe we should tie each other up sometimes with out “consulting” each other, and maybe not necessarily cuming each time.  Just some bondage for bondage sake.  For instance, I said it could be hot for me to watch TV, have him come in and bind my hands and gag me, and then leave me to continue watching.  Now we do have some safety words… if we really can’t or don’t want to, we’ll say “Red”.  If we can, but only for a short time, we’ll say “Yellow” followed by the number of minutes it’d be okay to remain in bondage, such as “Yellow–30”.  Not saying anything means you are consenting to it as long as the other partner has in mind, essentially.

With this in mind, I wanted to share 2 sexy times we recently had.  To be honest, two points.  1)  The incident I discuss actually happened before our talk, but was partly inspired by Restwalk’s constant craving for humiliation.  Now, my BF isn’t as into humiliation, but this was pretty close for us.  2)  My BF really didn’t want me to share this second story, because he felt it’d enable me to not want to stop my blog (he feels I need a break, too).  I see where he’s coming from, but I felt it was too hot not to post, and besides, it makes a fairly nice sign off story.

Without any further ado:

Me doming him
NOTE:  My BF is very private, and does not like pictures taken of himself.  Hence, there are no pics of him for this first story.  Actually, the pic is of me, from a future set to be posted at Captured Heroes eventually… but it’s a very similar position.

He wanted to try the new workout bench again.  This time, we kept it low and level.  He basically kneeled in front of it, bent his upper body over it, and I tied his torso down to it, with his hands tied behind him.  (Unlike the pic, where my hands are in front.  Also, it was low enough so that he could be kneeling.  But same general idea.)  Once in that position, I had him fondle my dick and balls as I stood behind him.  Then I moved in front of him.  I laid down on the floor, and put my legs up on the bench, on either side of his body.  I then pushed up my arms to lift my crotch into his face (imagine a crab walk, but with my legs and crotch up).  I then had him suck my bikini brief underwear until they were nice and wet.  Once done, I took off my underwear and put it over his head.  His eyes peeked through either side of the pouch, which covered his mouth, not unlike a surgical mask.  I then had him suck me as best he could through underwear covering his face.  He tried to get his tongue around it, but I (gently) slapped his head and told him no.  After a bit of this, his back started to feel a bit strained from the position, so I moved him to the bed, hands still tied behind him.  I gagged him with my underwear, sat on his face, put clothespins on his nipples, and jerked him until he came.

Him doming me

Just after I announced I was going to take a nap, my BF went out and got his iron shackles.  He cuffed me in them, locked me in, and left me to sleep.  Believe it or not, but I actually did mange to fall asleep.  When I awoke, I watched a bit of TV, and then went to work on the computer.  To be brutally honest, I was also engaged in a chat with Restwalker.  As I was doing this, my BF came by and put a collar around my neck and locked me in that as well.  I continued about my business.  (And let me note that working on a computer while shackled wasn’t as difficult as I imagined.  It actually lent itself to some interesting metaphors.)  Later, he came by and briefly unlocked my shackles so that I could take off my shirt.  Once shirtless, he put them back on.  He then went on an errand, and left me bound, collared, and shirtless for about 45 minutes (he did ask it if I would be comfortable in doing so) to work and chat on the computer.  I teased Restwalker with some pics of how I looked, which tormented him greatly because at the time, his Master had not let him touch himself in 17 days, so it didn’t take much to get him hard.

When my BF did return home, he ordered me to finish my chat in 5 minutes.  About 10 minutes after I said my goodbye to Restwalker, he told me to remove my pants and socks, led me to his office, and had me sit in a chair facing his computer.  Shortly thereafter, I looked like this:

Now, at first, I did not have the hood on.  He did that for my identity for the pictures.  Rest assured I was gagged with a leather plug gag under that hood, and for my entire time in this bondage.  If you look carefully in the last pic, you can see a hint of the iron shackles from before that he put back on again.  And yes, even though it’s blurred, my balls are tied.  And my collar is tied to the top of the chair, preventing me from looking around too much.

Here’s where things got very interesting.  But first, you need a short lesson about the layout of his room.  I was tied to a chair facing his computer.  Behind me is his TV.  And to my left is his couch.  Well, as you can imagine, as I’m facing his computer with the gigantic monitor, he turns on his webcam, so I can see myself bound and gagged.  He they lays down on his couch to watch me struggle.  He turns on a Bound Gods movie on his TV that he had prepared earlier, and starts stroking himself.  I can even see some of it via the webcam.  Eventually, he puts it on his own computer for me to enjoy a bit directly, as he tapes one of his socks over my face.

After a while, he puts the webcam back on, so I’m looking at myself again, and he starts to stroke me.  I don’t cum soon enough, so he pours some cold water over my cock and balls, shocking me a bit.  He continues in this manner, counting me down to cum, and that if I don’t cum, he pours more cold water over my cock.  For the record, the screen is big enough for me to see my face and my cock.  He tells me to look at myself and he strokes me again and tells me to be a cumslut, and I finally shoot a load that goes almost up to my shoulder.  Which is quite impressive for me, since I don’t tend to be a distance shooter.

To think… this may not have happened if I hadn’t discussed my blog stoppage with him.  There’s some nice benefits already to this.  😉

Thoughts of an Online Master: Why do I enjoy dominating guys?

An Online Master’s Diary

I actually wrote Restwalker nearly daily for months before he became my slave.  I had considered him more of a friend and fellow blogger for a long time, and when he did suddenly ask me to be a Master, I almost wasn’t sure I was in a place with him to do so.  It actually took me a few days to come around to the idea.  Which may be surprising, because he is nearly everything I’d ask for in a slave… young, cute, willing to do just about anything to humiliate himself, and loves feet, bondage, and gunge.  A total win, right?  But to me, it felt a bit like asking your best friend to be your boyfriend… there could be a change in dynamic, and possibly not for the better.  Fortunately, so far, overall things have been great (thanks I think largely to the fact that we can still communicate as Equals).  But as we were starting a new stage of our relationship, he asked me a very simple question:  Why do I enjoy dominating guys?

This lead me to reply to him in an email as follows (edited a tiny bit–and forgive me as I quote myself):

…generally speaking, I actually consider myself way more submissive.  Look at all the times I’m tied up in my blog.  In terms of my BF, I am sub nearly 90% of the time.  When I do top him, I’m surprisingly quiet.  While we both enjoy bondage, I don’t feel a big sub/dom dynamic, not like a slave sort of way, and not like I do online.  I’m not sure we entirely could, we just don’t really seem to work that way.

I can say one thing for sure… I only feel dom with younger guys.  If there was someone my age or near my age, I probably wouldn’t feel a slave dynamic (which, now that I think about it, may be a factor with my BF and I).  There’s something about having a young guy, who is eager to please and willing to learn, at your beck and call.  And you know, now that I mention it, I think I take back one point:  I think I could dom someone close to my age if they were a novice to slave or bondage play.  They would have that same nervous anticipation.  I also want to do to someone else what I wish was done to me at that age.  It’s a bit of envy I have when people your age are so secure in what turns them on, when it took me well past college to figure it all out.  So I can relive a bit of what I never had when I’m doming.  There’s the obvious sense of having power and control.  But here’s the strange, philosophical point for me:  being a good dom ultimately means I’m being submissive to the slave.

I know that doesn’t seem to make any sense, and it’s hard for me to explain.  But to me, a good dom has to fit the needs, desires, and limits of the slave, or else the slave isn’t really getting anything out of it.  Even if it’s not the dom’s own personal desires.  Therefore, the dom’s will is bent towards the slave, and all his demands, commands, and tasks, are shaped to the slave.  The dom’s entire universe become about that slave, and how to force him to serve in a way this satisfies both.  It’s a tricky dance, but I also enjoy that sort of challenge.

You didn’t ask, but I’m going to mention it anyway… I like it online best since I’m in a real life relationship, and one I genuinely care for.  If there’s some distance between me and the slave, there’s less chance of any actual disruption to my real life relationship.  There is also more security and self-esteem for me to it being online.  In person, I’m not nearly as dominating, and I’m not self-confident enough to know if I’d be as good of a Master in person.  But online, I can be a different person, and maybe the one I wish (or hope) to be one day.

Some of you may be surprised by that last part, but it’s true.  In real life, I’ve never been in a true slave relationship, either as a slave or master.  I have fantasized about it personally, and here via this blog.  And while my relationship (and sex) with my BF is great, and I love him greatly, I wouldn’t call it a Master/Slave relationship.  And aside from these online experiences, I never have had one.

I suppose that begs the question:  would I like to have a real life slave one day?  I guess I’d be lying if I said no, but I also realize that talking my BF into that is probably not easily achieved… as I’ve mentioned before, he is a very private person, and would not want a stranger to come into our lives like that.  And I don’t know if it’s something I’d want to out without him.  So realistically, it’s most likely never going to happen.  But I suppose if the right guy came along, and I had a long time to prep my BF, there’s a very outside chance one day.

Thoughts of an Online Master: Tasks & Safety Words

An Online Master’s Diary

While I’m eagerly awaiting to post more from both Restwalker and SBS_justin, realize it may be a bit… not only are they both preparing to start college soon, one is also in the pathway of the current hurricane Irene.  (Let’s hope for his, and everyone’s, safety.)  So there may be a bit of a pause as we continue to gather material during challenging times.

But in the meanwhile, I thought it would be interesting to post some thoughts about being an online Master.  Like I’ve said before, it wasn’t something I was originally trying to strive for, it sort of happened by accident during a more congenial chat with Brett.  But I’ve since discovered I’ve sort of enjoyed it.

How do I do it?  Well, it mainly has to do with finding willing slaves to do your bidding that you can connect with.  I assign various tasks for them to do.  The first tasks I give are generally fairly easy:  smell their shoe, gag themselves with their sock, tie up their feet, spank themselves, etc.  Depending on how they (and I) respond, I gradually up the ante with more difficult and complicated tasks.  Such as what I gave Restwalker with adding daily clothespins to his body for longer and longer periods of time.  I generally do require some sort of proof in the form of a video or picture to prove they have accomplished their task.

How do I think of tasks?  Well, the slaves I have are pretty much into the same sort of stuff I am, so I basically think:  what would turn me on?  After having this blog for so long, and seeing so many hot pics and videos, it’s given me a few ideas.  Not to mention the fact I like to get creative.  I also occasionally let the slave expand or make some creative choices on their own tasks or punishments.  For instance, again with Restwalker as an example, I told him to put on the clothespins on his body… but I did not specify where, that was left for his own choosing.  And I have usually been pleasantly surprised that slaves often pick the most horrible, demeaning, and painful choices to themselves, because they want to prove their loyalty and be a good slave (at least the slaves I have do).  For another example, early on with SBS_justin, when I had him putting clips on various parts of his body, I told him he should be thankful I did not ask them to put them on his lips and tongue, but that I would be a kind Master.  I really had meant it more as a threat than an actual task.  But he quickly responded that he would do it anyway, and a few minutes later, I received a video of him drooling and begging with a clip covered mouth.  I was totally surprised!  And more than a bit turned on.

To complete their humiliation, I even dictate how they write me in chat or email.  Any reference to me is capitalized (Master, Sir, You), and any reference to themselves is lower case (i, me, slave) to further emphasize who’s in charge.  If not, and I catch it, they are punished with further unpleasant tasks.  And once I have a slave I feel I will work with long term, I require them to buy a collar for themselves, which must be worn when they do their tasks.  And you will find out later what happened the one time SBS_justin neglected to wear his collar during a task of mine…

One big point I’d like to make is safety words.  We all should know about them in real life sessions.  Now, the practical side of me says that there should be some form of them with an online slave, but how to do it?  In person, you can get a sense and feel of how the other person is reacting to things.  Not necessarily so online.  I believe I came up with the best possible solution that I’m actually fairly proud of.  While I did mention to my slaves to write “Yellow” for a task they were unsure or had personal reservations for, and “Red” for a task they simply cannot do for safety or personal reasons, what’s really come in the most handy is using the word “Equal” when they needed to speak to me on an equal level to discuss details of any tasks they may have, but cannot ask in a slave capacity.  And writing “slave” puts them back into the slave role.  It’s been an excellent tool to still be able to order them around, but allows the slave to express their thoughts on the matter without appearing to overstep their bounds.

An excellent example of this would again be with Restwalker.  His first painting of my initials on his body displeased me.  As a punishment, I told him I wanted him to paint the inside of his mouth.  But then, just a few sentences later, as Equals, I stated to only do so if the paint were non-toxic and safe… and if it wasn’t, to let me know so that I could come up with an alternate punishment.  That’s not something that could easily have been said in a Master/Slave conversation without losing the feel of being dominant, but was easy as equals.  (BTW… after triple-checking with him, the paint was indeed non-toxic, and he one-upped me again… he swilled the paint around in his mouth for one minute.  You can see it on his blog here.)

Being an online Master is a new experience for me, but a very fulfilling one so far.  I’ll be sharing some various thoughts on it as time goes on.  If anyone else has other experiences to share, or something you’d like to ask me, please comment!

Oh… and in case anyone is thinking about asking, I’d probably have to say that I’m too busy to pick up any more full time online slaves.  I think I’ll make a post in the future if you are interested in slaving for me one day, and what my requirements would be.