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Short Break

Okay, I know I’ve said this before, but this time I mean it.  Due to some personal issues (not bad ones, fortunately, but ones that will keep me very busy while I sort them out), I will be taking this week off.  I plan to return sometime during next week (May 19), but I’m not exactly sure which day yet.

But don’t worry, I will be back.  And I when I do return, I have some amazing, exclusive content coming up, including more about my new cyber slave (so far here and here), pics from a recent play session, and an interview with a fellow internet “sole”-ebrity.

If you are feeling like you’re missing out, feel free to check out my archives.  The last month of April in particular had some very hot postings, and chances are you may have missed a few here or there.  Or go a few years back, if you like!  This blog started back in 2005 (click here and scroll down a bit to read about how this all started), with daily posting kicking in around 2010.  My how the time flies!

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No Safe Word podcast

I’m a guy that enjoys listening to podcasts, but usually in short bursts.  My commute to work isn’t too far, so I usually listen in 20 minute chunks.  If I have longer podcasts, I tend to save them for longer trips.

Well, finally, I had enough long trips to get in a number of episodes from No Safe Word.  And if you haven’t listened already, please do so!

Full disclosure, Sparky has been a big supporter of both of my blogs, as I to his.  But usually just read his blog, and I admittedly hadn’t lisented to a lot of the podcasts until recently.

First of all, they are informative, and hit a wide variety of topics.  Including a few guys I look up to, namely Metalbond and Loki, who were recently guests.  And in fact, I was quite surprised to hear my Captured Heroes blog (located here for now, but it will be moving soon) got a small mention on Metalbond’s episode!

Secondly, and most importantly to me, they demonstrate a sense of humor and humanity to kink.  Yes, looking at kinky pics is very hot.  As are the videos.  But what’s so hard to convey in a blog, be it pic or video, or even a written blog to a certain degree, is that there is a regular guy behind it all.  They have to work a day job like the rest of us, have regular problems, and while kink is very hard wired in to them, it’s not 24/7.  Sessions and playtimes are just a one aspect of a life that has a lot more behind it.

Thirdly, I just have to admire people that put so much time and effort into giving back and educating the community.  And I know how much work it is just to do a blog, so I really can’t even imagine what it takes to do weekly hour long podcasts.  It’s clear they really are enjoying what they do, and it’s important to support that.  Give give them a listen and tell them I sent them your their way!


Intermittant Posting

So just wanted to give you all a heads up that both my work and personal life are going to be quite busy for the next week.  It’s not bad, just busy.  I will try to keep up posts, but if days or even a week go by, please be patient.  I will resume, I assure you.

Fortunately, I do have some time the week of Thanksgiving, so I can certainly catch up then if not sooner.

I’ve been a little tied up lately…

I’ve been a little tied up lately…

…although sadly, not the kind we all know and love.  Life and work have been keeping me busier than I realized.  Plus, I just discovered I need to be going out of town starting tomorrow through Monday.

I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to post anything for another week, but I was able to “cut and paste” draft blog posts that I had set up from the old blog (but not yet published) over to here.  So that means the posts are new, but are in the old Blogger format, so they won’t look as polished as future posts will be.  But I figure better that than nothing, right?

I do have one new treat for you, though.  Long time readers of the blog will recall one of my favorite and most dear cyber slaves, SBS_justin.  He and I shared some good times for a while.  Then he dropped out of site.  Well, I am please to announced he and I have been in contact again.  He does choose to remain a bit more private now, but he doesn’t mind me sharing a story he experienced with a Master he got to meet up with.  So I’ll be posting Part 1 of that adventure tomorrow.  He didn’t want any pics from the session posted, so it’s text only, but it was a hot time.  Well, there is one pic, and it is him wearing a series of collars.  You’ll see tomorrow.

So I’m going to run off now, get some old/new blogger drafts scheduled, come back from my trip, and prep some newer posts.  It’ll be quite hot, I assure you.

Oh, and now that I have a new blog, I guess I don’t have any reason to wait to start posting more pics from the sets that you see in my new header.  There’s more where they came from, you know.  But maybe I should all make you beg for them, like the slave you are.  Right, bois?

Welcome to the new blog!

Welcome to the new blog!

Quite a change, isn’t it? I hope you find it worth the wait! Hopefully if you are reading this, then everything (or nearly everything) worked, and my tech skills are improving.  If pics aren’t showing up or there are other glitches… well, then my skills may not be so great.  But if there are problems, rest assured I’d be working on them.  Just give me some time.

Much of the content is the same but all updated and improved, especially Links and my own TFG Gallery.  And one of my new favorite features is the new Contact Me page… you can now upload up to five images to send to me.  Also improved is the Search box on the top right & sidebar.  It works much better here than before, so as posts grow, you should be able to find things much more easily.  And another improvement will be Categories and Tags, which will allow me to get more specific in finding specific content on posts.  Categories are broad, such as Bondage, Feet, and Eye Candy.  Tags can be much more detailed.  So if you’re into piss or pits, I’ll mark those posts with a tag, and you should be able to find them more easily.  There’s not many yet, but they will get added to over time.

All the pics in the header are either of me or my work.  As you can see, I’ve been a busy guy.  And don’t worry, the posts those pics came from will be posted here in time.

The funny part is, I’ve been so busy putting the blog together, I didn’t get to create many new posts yet!  So it’ll be a couple of more days (maybe even a week) before I get to consistent posts.

I did have a few set up from the old one at blogger, which I may “cheat” and just cut and paste them over here… which does mean they weren’t specifically formatted for this blog, and the images will be smaller.  You will know when you get to the new posts, because they will have a photo header (as this one does), the pics will be much larger, and will all open up in their own lightbox.

Speaking of the old blog, I have imported about 98% of it.  There were about 20 posts out of over 1700(!) that didn’t carry over–I have no idea why, nor which posts they were, but if it means that much to you, search for them yourself.  I will keep the original blog up at tiedfeetguy.blogspot.com for archival purposes, in case you miss it.

But as they said in the movie Hellraiser 2 (it is the month of Halloween, after all)… feel free to explore.  We have eternity to know your soul.



Stay tuned… new blog is on it’s way!

So my new self-hosted version of this blog is nearly ready to debut.  I currently have it at a fake domain name, so basically all I have to do is transfer it to this domain name, and I’m good to go!  But that may take a bit of time, and the site may go down or not be fully functional for a short period–could be a day, could be a week, depending on my tech skills (which are not great) and my free time (also not great).

I do plan on trying to import everything from this blog to there.  That doesn’t happen instantly, though, so in the meantime, I do intend to keep this blog up as an archive.  The address is tiedfeetguy.blogspot.com.  If anything does go wrong, get updates there or at my twitter.  Twitter is probably your best bet.

I’m keeping this post up all week to make sure everyone gets the message.  Plan on the new blog going up sometime during the weekend of October 19-20.

See you then!  Can’t wait to show you guys!

Things are actually happening! And WTF about FootGuys, anyway?

So I am having a total blast designing the new blog.  Really, the template is basically done, but there are a lot of final touches I want to add: links to update, formatting, galleries, etc.  I think I want this to look pretty done when I debut it.  I’m hoping for later this month.  But you will not be disappointed when it does happen, believe me.

I also have to say I have the greatest fans ever.  Not quite sure why now, but I’m getting some very kink praise from a few of you, not to mention a few gifts.  First off, can I say that I now have a copy of this fantastic book in my possession?  And, ahem, take a look at the quote on the back cover.

Did you read this back cover?

I did post about that to my twitter, but I’m still quite proud of it.  Never thought in my wildest dreams I’d ever be a quote on a book cover.  Pretty awesome!  And I also found myself being called an “industry leader” in his intro, which I didn’t know about until I opened up the book.  What a sly guy!

But James T. Medak deserves it.  You can find his book here, in print or Kindle, here.  And no, I do not make one penny from this link.  Just thought you’d be interested.  As I’ve mentioned before, I’m generally not as much of a tickle guy (thought I don’t mind tickling other tied up guys), but there’s still plenty of bondage, foot play, and Dom/slave play to get you off.  Just trust me.

On another note, and one I won’t linger on too much here because it’s more related to my other gear blog Captured Heroes, but I had recently asked if anyone know how I could get my hands on this pair of Robin underwear, which hasn’t been available since 2007.

Well, guess what?  Not only did a reader have them, but he sent them to me, along with the matching Batman outfit.  He didn’t want to be thanked publicly by name, but believe me, I do appreciate it.  Sadly I don’t have time to model them right away, but I hope to eventually.  The only thing I do have to say is that the fabric is way more sheer than it appears.  So, ah, if it shows a bit too much of myself, I may have to keep the pics private.  But in any case, thanks to my amazing readers!

I also was hunting for the pair below, and still no leads yet, so if anyone know one that still exists, I’d love to know.  I can wear either small or medium.  I’d prefer the prisoner pair, but the Master pair would be pretty great too.

*     *     *

The only other matter I’d like to mention is the passing of the FootGuys.net social site.  Boy, it sure seems to be tough to get a foot social network going, isn’t it?  First was Feet.tv, now this.  Fortunately MaleFeetLover is still around, but I’ve never really cared for it’s format (also, my virus protection program often warns me that it may be a malicious site… does anyone else get that warning?).

There doesn’t seem to be any lack of customers.  But I think it’s also the victim of it’s own success.  So many people want to join, the costs of running it skyrocket.  So not unlike GearFetish, they had a free and subscriber version.  If you ask me, the difference between the two wasn’t very significant, so IMO, there wasn’t much incentive to be a subscriber (I believe the biggest difference is that videos were only available to subscribers, and you were able to upload more pics, right?).

Apparently, there weren’t enough subscribers to cover costs, so it was shut down.  In the webmaster’s defense, that’s a fair point.  Losing money every month combined with working to make the site happen is not a fun idea, so I can’t blame them.

What I am upset about is that we free users were given absolutely no notice about this, or even a hint there was trouble.  Perhaps if they had mentioned this in a gentle way, maybe more people could have subscribed, and this wouldn’t have to happen.  Unlikely, to be realistic, but they should have tried.  Also, I personally feel if they really wanted subscribers, they should have been a bit more limiting with the free profiles.  And I say that as a free profile participant.  They could have limited the number of friends, pics you could view, or number of profiles you could view a day.  Similar to GearFetish or Recon.  The trick is to create a free version that lets you explore enough to see, but also enough to see how much better it could be if you subscribed.  Neither feet.tv nor FootGuys got that right.

I don’t know if I could do any better, and right now, I wouldn’t have the time to do any better anyway.  But if anyone else out there is willing to try–and I hope there is–it’s something to consider.

TFG Update: New blog is actually happening!

So I’ve finally been hard at work on a new blog template.  I’m really liking it a lot, even though it’s quite a different color scheme.  But it looks very updated and modern, and I can’t wait to show it off.

But in creating it, I’m realizing there’s a lot of work to be done in reformatting, updating links, and just general tweeks.  I think if we’re lucky, it could be up sometime in mid to late October, possibly sooner.

The wild card here is my personal life.  Work and other family commitments may be taking up a big chunk of my free time, and thus give me less time to work on getting the new blog finalized.

One thing I can say… while I plan in importing all the old posts to the new blog, I do still intend to keep this blog open as an archive under its original name, tiedfeetguy.blogspot.com.  So you may want to bookmark that link in case you ever want to find any old posts, or I have any problems while the domain name changes.

I’m quite pleased with the progress so far.  In fact, I maybe 80% done.  But that final 20% is going to be much more detailed and time consuming.  But do prepare for a new look in the next few weeks!

Finally working on a new format!

So I have been talking about getting a new blog for quite a while.  I am finally many steps closer.

The biggest delay I was having was twofold.  One, I didn’t have much time.  In a way, that hasn’t changed, so it’s still going to be a fairly slow process.  But two, I was having some tech issues.  You see, I absolutely suck at (what is for many of you) simple things like Domain Name transfers, DNS, setting up accounts, and other such installations.  And it was taking me forever to get through the learning curve.

But I am now at a point where I have a fully functioning text blog up and running via WordPress.  It’s still in a beta stage, so now it’s all about getting the look and content I want… which I am much better about.  So I expect things to move more quickly now.

So this brings me to the point… since I am rebuilding a new blog, are the any particular features you’d like to see?  Or have removed?  Let me know!  Email or comment below.  I can’t promise anything, but I will do what I can.