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Outdoor Bondage & Burial

Outdoor Bondage & Burial

Not sure why, but it seems my outdoor bondage posts get some of the most hits to the blog.  I think that’s because not only are they sexy, but they also tap into a bit of exhibitionism.

To me, burial (safely done, of course) it a pretty hot idea.  In old movies, I always got turned on by quicksand.  When I was a kid, the movie The Neverending Story aroused my attention for then unknown reasons in the Swamp of Sadness scene.  When I was a bit older, the Sci-fi adventure film Krull has a quicksand scene as well, and the remake of King’s Solomon’s Mines (1985, with a pretty sexy Richard Chamberlin and a before she was famous Sharon Stone) has one as well towards the end.

In any case, since I enjoy sleepsacks, I think it all goes back to encasement.  And quicksand also adds a gunge element to it, which is also something sexy to me.

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As a small bonus, here’s a clip of the twink DJ Martin Garrix buried up to his neck for an ALS challenge.  It’s played more for laughs, but I wouldn’t mind being right next to him.  Or shoving my feet in his face.